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Featured speakers

David Darmanin – CEO & Founder, Hotjar

David is the CEO and founder of Hotjar. Before founding Hotjar, he spent a decade generating hundreds of millions of dollars in growth consulting some of the web’s most sophisticated companies. He was a recent guest on The SaaS Revolution Show, sharing his lessons from bootstrapping Hotjar to $25M ARR. 

April Dunford – Founder, Ambient Strategy

April Dunford is a globally recognized expert in Positioning and Market strategy. Previously April has run marketing and sales teams at a series of successful technology startups and has launched 16 products into market.  She is also a board member, investor, and advisor to dozens of high-growth businesses and is the author of the bestselling book Obviously Awesome.

Tricia Gellman – CMO, Drift

Tricia Gellman is CMO at Drift. Prior to joining Drift in November 2019, she was CMO at Checkr, where she built out the marketing leadership team, created the operations foundation and rebranded the company. Before Checkr, she was at Salesforce for 9 years.

David Heinemeier Hansson – Co-founder & CTO, Basecamp

David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) is CTO and co-founder of Basecamp, creator of Ruby on Rails, and co-author of best-selling books including REMOTE, REWORK, and It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work.

Bill Macaitis – Advisor & Board Member, Macaitis Advisory

Bill Macaitis has led marketing and growth for the three of the fastest ever growing SaaS companies: Slack, Zendesk and Salesforce. Currently Bill serves as board advisor and independent board member to aspiring unicorns and decacorns. 

Amir Orad – CEO, Sisense

Amir Orad is CEO at Sisense. He has been leading Sisense since 2015, turning it into one of the fastest-growing companies in the analytics and BI space. He is a successful CEO, entrepreneur, and big data technology thought leader.

Giles Palmer – CEO, Brandwatch

Giles Palmer is the founder and CEO of Brandwatch – a digital consumer intelligence company devised to help organisations find and engage with online conversations that matter. Formerly of BSkyB, Giles started Brandwatch in 2007. It has grown to become one of the world’s leading social media analytics and listening companies.

Promise Phelon – CEO & Founder, The Growth Warrior

Promise Phelon is a serial CEO, tech investor, and founder of Growth Warrior Capital. She spent the majority of her career in the Valley as a venture-backed CEO. Through The Growth Warrior and Growth Warrior Capital, she works with entrepreneurs to gain funding, transform markets, and create profitable opportunities, while providing the resources and tools for them to accelerate their business and achieve benchmarks beyond their wildest dreams.

Jaleh Rezaei – CEO & Co-founder, Mutiny

Jaleh is the Co-founder and CEO of Mutiny, a YC-backed company focused on helping SaaS companies personalize their website for each visitor. Prior to Mutiny, Jaleh was employee 12 and head of marketing and business development at Gusto, and grew the company from 500 to 50,000 customers over 4 years.

Mark Roberge – MD, Stage 2 Capital

Mark Roberge is a leading authority on modern revenue generation, with proven success in building businesses from the ground up. The former (and founding) chief revenue officer at HubSpot, he’s now MD at Stage 2 Capital, the go-to-market venture capital fund that invests in and helps companies scale sustainable revenue and healthy ARR. 

Aaron Ross – Co-CEO, Predictable Revenue

Aaron Ross is the author of From Impossible To Inevitable and Predictable Revenue (called “The Sales Bible of Silicon Valley”). He is married, with 9 children, loves motorcycles, and keeps a 25-hour workweek.  He’s Co-CEO of Predictable Revenue Inc.

Hiten Shah – CEO & Co-founder, FYI

Hiten Shah is CEO and co-founder at FYI. Before that, he started three SaaS companies: Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics and Quick Sprout. He’s an active advisor and investor in startups.

David Skok – General Partner, Matrix Partners

David is a serial entrepreneur. In 2001, he joined Matrix Partners as a VC investor. Successful exits as a VC include: HubSpot, JBoss, AppIQ, Tabblo, and many more. David writes a blog for entrepreneurs and startups on topics such as viral marketing, SaaS metrics, building a sales and marketing machine, techniques for lowering cost of customer acquisition.

Des Traynor – Co-founder, Intercom

Des Traynor is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Intercom. He is a renowned speaker, blogger, and author on product strategy, and frequently represents Intercom through speaking at international conferences. 

Tomasz Tunguz – Managing Director, Redpoint Ventures

Tomasz is a managing director at Redpoint Ventures, and co-author of Winning with Data. He is an active blogger at tomtunguz.com and is widely viewed as required reading for any SaaS founder.

Elizabeth Yin – Co-founder & General Partner, Hustle Fund

Elizabeth Yin is a co-founder and General Partner at Hustle Fund, a pre-seed fund for software entrepreneurs. Previously she was a partner at 500 Startups where she invested in seed stage companies and ran the Mountain View accelerator.

Confirmed speakers

Max Altschuler – VP of Marketing, Outreach

Max Altschuler is the founder and CEO of Sales Hacker, the leading community for the next generation of sales professionals.  He’s the author of Hacking Sales, Sales Engagement, and Career Hacking For Millennials.


Derek Andersen – CEO & Co-founder, Bevy

Derek Andersen is the co-founder and CEO of Bevy, a SaaS product that helps companies build community in real life. He co-founded Startup Grind, a community of over 600 Chapters in 120 countries designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. Since 2012 Startup Grind has hosted 7,000 events for more than 250,000 people.


Patrick Arippol – Founding Partner, Alexia Ventures

Patrick Arippol kickstarted his professional path with an engineering degree, followed by an MBA from Stanford. He founded several businesses in diverse sectors, including tech, healthcare, and finance. In 2010, he joined DGF Investimentos, one of the top VC firms in Brazil. He is the founding partner of Alexia Ventures.


Julia Averbuck – VP of Product & Growth, Kazsek Ventures

Julia Averbuck is VP of Product and Growth at Kazsek Ventures, helping entrepreneurs focus on what matters. Kaszek Ventures partners with exceptional entrepreneurs to build lasting, high-impact companies in Latin America.


Rajiv Ayyangar – CEO & Co-founder, Tandem

Rajiv Ayyangar is the CEO and co-founder of Tandem, a virtual office for remote teams, backed by Y Combinator. Previously he was a data scientist at Aviate (acquired by Yahoo) and a product manager at Delectable (acquired by Vinous).


Pietro Bezza – Co-founder & GP, Connect Ventures

Pietro is a tech founder turned early-stage venture capitalist. In 2011 he co-founded Connect Ventures, an early stage, Internet focused venture firm based in London and investing throughout Europe. Investments Pietro led include Citymapper, Typeform, Soldo, TrueLayer, Side and Forest.


Philippe Botteri – Partner, Accel

Philippe Botteri joined Accel in 2011 after working in the technology industry for more than 15 years, including ten years in Silicon Valley. He focuses on cloud applications, security, and online marketplaces. He led Accel’s investments in DocuSign, Algolia, UIPath, Snyk and more.


Johnny Boufarhat – CEO & Founder, Hopin

Johnny Boufarhat is CEO and founder of Hopin, a live online events platform that allows organisers to create captivating and engaging online events.


AJ Bruno – CEO & Co-founder, QuotaPath

AJ Bruno is CEO and co-founder at QuotaPath. He has founded, built, and run the GTM methodology for sales, lead gen, and account management teams from 0-$20 million ARR. He previously founded TrendKite (acquired by Cision).


Wes Bush – Principal, Product-Led Institute

Wes Bush is the host of Product-Led Summit and the Product-Led Podcast, as well as the bestselling author of “Product-Led Growth: How To Build a Product That Sells Itself.”


Andy Byrne – CEO, Clari

Andy Byrne is the CEO of Clari. He brings over 19 years of experience in sales, marketing, business development and management to his position as CEO of Clari. Prior to Clari, he was part of the founding executive team at Clearwell Systems which he helped grow from pre-revenue to $100 million run rate until its acquisition by Symantec.


Patrick Campbell – CEO & Founder, Profitwell

Patrick Campbell is the CEO of ProfitWell, the software for helping subscription companies with their monetization and retention strategies. Prior to ProfitWell, Patrick lead Strategic Initiatives for Boston based Gemvara and was an Economist at Google and the US Intelligence community.


Hannah Chaplin – Director of Product Management, Pendo

Hannah Chaplin is Director of Product Management at Pendo, a product cloud that helps digital product teams and application owners deliver software experiences that users love. She previously served as co-founder and CEO of Receptive, acquired by Pendo in 2019.


Edward Chiu – CEO & Co-founder, Catalyst Software

Edward Chiu is CEO and co-founder at Catalyst, the world’s most intuitive Customer Success Platform. Before founding Catalyst, he was Director of Customer Success & Sales at DigitalOcean.


Maddy Cross – Talent Director, Notion Capital

Maddy is Talent Director at Notion, a VC fund that focuses on early stage B2B SaaS businesses founded in Europe, where she helps Founders with organisational structure, hiring best practice and compensation advisory.


Stephen Cummins – Founder, AppSelekt

Stephen Cummins is founder of AppSelekt, and host of the 14 Minutes Of SaaS podcast, where he interviews some of the most successful SaaS founders in the world. He has 17 years of experience in SaaS, including 10 at Salesforce.com.


Ravinder Dhaliwal – Partner, Crane Venture Partners

Ravinder Dhaliwal is a Partner at Crane Venture Partners, backing the next generation of ambitious Intelligent Computing founders in Europe. Before joining Crane, he was Head of Customer Success (EMEA) at Slack where he was the first London employee and helped found their Global Customer Success team.


Steli Efti – CEO, Close

Steli Efti is CEO of Close, the sales communication platform of the future. He’s Silicon Valley’s most prominent sales master, a YC alumni, and advisor to several startups and entrepreneurs.


Alex Ferrara – Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners

Alex Ferrara is Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners. He joined Bessemer in 2005, and led Shopify’s Series A in 2010. Today he primarily invests in enterprise SaaS, SMB software, and cybersecurity throughout the U.S. and Europe. 


Jesper Frederiksen – VP & General Manager, EMEA, Okta

Jesper Frederiksen is VP and General Manager, EMEA, at Okta, responsible for driving Okta’s growth in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He has more than 25 years of sales, technology and leadership experience, including leadership roles at DocuSign, Parallels, Symantec, Google and NetIQ.


Corey Haines – Head of Growth, Baremetrics

Corey Haines is Head of Growth at Baremetrics, helping SaaS & subscription companies with metrics, retention, and growth. He also created HeyMarketers, a jobs board to help marketers find their next great career opportunity in tech, SaaS, and e-commerce.


Bridget Harris – CEO, youcanbookme

Bridget Harris is the CEO of YouCanBook.Me, a SaaS product that helps you schedule meetings. The product was launched in 2011 and today serves tens of thousands of users and handles almost half a million bookings each month. 


Cayetana Hurtado – VC, Balderton Capital

Cayetana Hurtado is a VC at Balderton Capital. Before joining Balderton, she was an associate in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications group (M&A division) of Goldman Sachs in London, where she worked on several tech IPOs, private placements, and M&A deals with companies including Rocket Internet, HelloFresh, Global Fashion Group, Xero, and Truecaller.


Tony Jamous – CEO, Oyster

Tony Jamous is a tech entrepreneur and angel investor. He is currently building the future of work at Oyster, a distributed talent enablement platform that allows growing companies to tap into the global talent pool and offer their remote workers around the world a great employment experience. Priori to Oyster, Tony co-founded and led Nexmo, acquired by Vonage in 2016.


Christoph Janz – Managing Partner, Point Nine Capital

Christoph has invested in more than 20 SaaS startups and lives and breathes SaaS. He co-founded Point Nine Capital in 2011. Before that, he co-founded two Internet startups (DealPilot.com in 1997 and Pageflakes in 2005). In 2008 he became an angel investor and discovered Zendesk, Clio, FreeAgent – and his love for SaaS.


Oren Kaniel – CEO & Co-founder, AppsFlyer

Oren Kaniel is the CEO & co-founder of AppsFlyer. He founded AppsFlyer to solve one of the biggest problems facing  mobile apps marketers – mobile campaign analytics and user attribution. Before founding AppsFlyer, he worked at Stage2 Ventures and held management and engineering positions at Veraz, Avaya and Intel. 


Andrey Khusid – CEO & Founder, Miro

Andrey Khusid is the founder of Miro, the world’s most popular whiteboarding platform for cross-functional teams collaboration. Miro has over 4 million users worldwide, from product managers, designers, developers, and more. Prior to Miro, Andrey was the Founder of Vitamin Group


Jeff Kofman – CEO & Founder, Trint

Jeff Kofman is an Emmy-winning reporter, foreign correspondent and war correspondent. He founded Trint in 2014, to automate transcription of audio and video content, and provide the world’s most innovative and collaborative platform for searching, editing and getting the most out of that content.


Michiel Kotting – General Partner, Northzone

Michiel is a General Partner at Northzone, focusing on SaaS, marketplaces, healthcare and AI. He leads Northzone’s investments in Personio, Spacemaker, Kahoot!, Medwing, Disperse, Catawiki, FreightHub, and Aidence. Prior to joining Northzone, he was an investor at Accel.


Aaron Krall – CEO, Aaron Krall

Aaron Krall helps SaaS companies with a trial to paid model get focused, accelerate growth and scale predictably. His battle-tested systems and frameworks have added hundreds of thousands in revenue to his client’s ARR.


Ariel Kramer – Chief Communications Officer, CELLINK

Ariel Kramer is the Chief Communications Officer of CELLINK and founder of Klover Communications. She’s a columnist at Business Insider, and has previously written for HuffPost and The Wall Street Journal. 


Nathan Latka – CEO & Founder, Get Latka

Nathan Latka is founder of SaaS database GetLatka.com and host of the B2B SaaS CEO podcast ‘The Top Entrepreneurs’. He has interviewed over 1,000 private B2B SaaS CEOs on his mission to identify the next SaaS unicorn – and made all that data available on GetLatka.com.


Georgiana Laudi – Co-founder, Forget the Funnel

Georgiana Laudi is co-founder of Forget the Funnel, helping SaaS marketing & growth leaders get out of the weeds, build airtight customer-led strategies, & build revenue-generating outcomes. She’s worked with SaaS teams like Sprout Social, Appcues and dozens more to take customer insights and turn them into revenue-generating outcomes.


Andy Leaver – Executive-in-Residence, Notion Capital

Andy Leaver is Executive-in-Residence at Notion Capital. Before joining Notion, he was a senior executive at 5 B2B software unicorns (Ariba, SuccessFactors, Bazaarvoice, Workday & Hortonworks). He has also advised, supported and invested in several high-profile European start-ups.


Joaquim Lecha – CEO, Typeform

Joaquim Lecha is CEO at Typeform. He previously served as COO at Typeform, and before joining Typeform he was CFO and COO at Social Point. 


Amy Lewin – Deputy Editor, Sifted

Amy Lewin is Deputy Editor at Sifted, the FT-backed site covering European startups and tech. Sifted’s mission is to bring a fresh voice to the global tech debate, dive deep into the issues that matter most to European startups and innovators, and become the platform for discovery, connecting entrepreneurs across the region. 


Michael Litt – CEO & Co-founder, Vidyard

Michael Litt is the co-founder and CEO of Vidyard, the leading video marketing platform that helps businesses expand their use of video content and turn viewers into customers. He is a passionate entrepreneur, avid surfer and skier, and has been recognized as Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year, Marketing Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30, and Canada’s Top 40 Under 40.


Marcelo Lombardo – CEO & Founder, Omie

Marcelo Lombardo founded Omie in 2013, and today it’s the number 1 SME management platform in Brazil. Omie is a Brazilian startup that provides businesses with AI-powered business management software to help entrepreneurs and accountants to be more efficient. In 2019 Omie closed a $20 million Series B round with San Francisco-based VC firm Riverwood Capital.


Peter Loving – Founder, UserActive

Peter Loving is founder of UserActive, helping SaaS businesses make product improvements that drive growth. He writes regularly at peterloving.com, manages ‘SaaS Founders and Execs’ Facebook Group and hosts regular SaaStock events in Barcelona. 


Paul Lynch – CEO, Chargify

Paul Lynch is CEO of Chargify. He is widely recognised as one of the leading SaaS CEOs: he previously led Assembla to 200% growth over a three year period, before a successful exit in 2018. He took charge of Chargify in 2019.


Liam Martin – CMO & Co-founder, TimeDoctor, Staff.com, Running Remote

Liam is the co-founder and CMO of TimeDoctor.com and Staff.com. He is also co-organiser of Running Remote, the world’s largest conference on building & scaling remote teams.


Jon Miller – CEO & Founder, Engagio

Jon is the CEO and co-founder of Engagio, a B2B marketing engagement platform that empowers revenue teams to combine the best of lead- and account-based marketing to win new business and drive account growth. Previously, Jon was a co-founder at Marketo, acquired by Adobe for $4.8 billion.


SC Moatti – Managing Partner, Mighty Capital

SC Moatti is a technology visionary and investor. She is the founding partner of Mighty Capital, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm, and Products That Count, one of the largest and certainly the most influential network of product managers in the world. An award-winning bestselling author, she’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, and on NPR.


Bob Moore – CEO & Co-founder, Crossbeam

Bob Moore is the CEO and Co-Founder of Crossbeam. He was previously co-founder of RJMetrics (acquired by Adobe via Magento) and Stitch Data (acquired by Talend). His writing about technology, startups, and data has appeared in The New York Times, Forbes, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and more.


Guillaume Moubeche – CEO & Co-founder, lemlist

Guillaume Moubeche is CEO and co-founder at lemlist. In their first year, lemlist grew from 0 to 8000+ customers worldwide. Guillaume is an international keynote speaker at events including SaaStock Local, Touch Digital Summit, and SaaS Nation.


Coral Movasseli – Managing Director, Girls in Tech

Coral Movasseli is the Managing Director of Girls in Tech Dublin (GITD), a dedicated platform for women-in-tech and entrepreneurs. A techie problem solver at heart, Coral co-founded a mobile transit app for Toronto’s transportation system to make it easier for users to get to their destinations on time. 


Alyssa Newcomb – Technology Contributor, NBC News & Today.com

Alyssa Newcomb is a technology/business reporter and event moderator based in New York City. She’s a daily contributor to NBC News and Today.com, and also hosts panels at conferences and corporate events around the world exploring technology and business topics. 


Rory O’Driscoll – Partner, Scale Venture Partners

Rory O’Driscoll has been investing in enterprise software for the past 25 years. An active investor in the rise of SaaS and the wider transition of enterprise computing to the cloud, he led investments in Box, DocuSign and ExactTarget, among others. 


Carrie Osman – CEO & Founder, Cruxy & Company

Carrie Osman is the CEO and founder at Cruxy & Company. She has been featured on the likes of BBC Business News & Sky News. Carrie sits on the Advisory Board of a SV AI platform, is a gold-member and judge at FinTech Circle and mentors at Angel Academy, Cocoon-networks.


Christian Owens – CEO & Founder, Paddle

Christian Owens is CEO and founder of Paddle. In 2016, Christian was named one of Forbes’ “30 under 30” and as a Thiel Fellow by the Thiel Foundation, which supports those who learn by doing rather than by following conventional paths like college. He’s also a regular speaker on podcasts and conferences such as SaaStock, The Europas and MoneyX.


Sujan Patel – Co-founder, Mailshake & VoilaNorbert

Sujan Patel is a veteran SaaS marketing leader with 15+ years’ experience. He is the managing partner at Ramp Ventures which are the makers of Mailshake, VoilaNorbert.com, RIghtinbox.com and more sales & marketing SaaS companies.


Vasco Pedro – CEO & Co-founder, Unbabel

Vasco Pedro is CEO and co-founder of Unbabel (Y Combinator 2014), a leading enterprise SaaS translation company that combines state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence with 100,000+ human translators to break down business communication barriers in customer service. Unbabel is helping companies such as Microsoft, easyJet, Booking.com and Rovio “understand and be understood” by their customers.


Guy Podjarny – Founder, Snyk

Guy Podjarny co-founded Snyk in 2015 with Danny Grander and Assaf Hefetz, and served as CEO until July 2019. Over the years, he has helped to create various companies and contributed to the growth of organisations like Brand.ai, Akamai Technologies, and many more.


Niklas Raberg – Investment Manager, Capnamic Ventures

Niklas joined Capnamic in 2019. Prior to that, he worked as Investment Manager at High-Tech Gruenderfonds with a focus on B2B software start-ups. Niklas started his career as consultant at Accenture where he mostly worked on digital and customer-focused topics, before he served as Assistant to the Board at SolarWorld.


Lisa Reeves – SVP Product, Zenefits

Lisa is SVP of Product at Zenefits, where she is responsible for the development, management and execution of the product vision. Before joining Zenefits, Lisa was VP of corporate strategy at Workday, and before that she was co-founder and CEO of GridCraft, a data analytics company acquired by Workday in 2015.


Hanno Renner – CEO, Personio

Hanno Renner is the CEO and co-founder of Personio, a company that provides software for recruiting and HR management. Since 2015 Hanno preoccupies himself with digitizing the HR departments of small and medium enterprises by developing the HR Operating System Personio together with his team in Munich. Having sailed around the world as a professional skipper, Hanno is more than used to assume responsibility for challenging endeavors.


Tara Robertson – Head of Customer Marketing, Sprout Social

Tara Robertson is Head of Customer Marketing at Sprout Social. With over 15 years of experience, she has consulted for hundreds of companies on marketing strategy and execution. Prior to Sprout Social, Tara was VP of Marketing at Hotjar and VP of Marketing & Creative Services at TSL Marketing, a digital marketing agency. 


Amir Salihefendic – CEO & Founder, Doist

Amir Salihefendic is the CEO of Doist, the remote-first company behind Todoist, and Twist. He believes that a product stands a better chance of resonating with a global workforce when it’s created by people around the world. For him, working remotely is the way of the future.


Meena Sandhu – SVP Growth, Beanworks

Meena Sandhu is SVP Growth at Beanworks. She is a SaaS marketing leader passionate about B2B technology companies, with 15+ years experience driving customer acquisition and revenue growth. She is a regular speaker at conferences including SAAS NORTH, TalkDesk’s Opentalk, SaaStock, UnmarketingConf and Futurecamp.


Eric Santos – CEO, RD Station

Eric Santos is co-founder and CEO of Resultados Digitais, company creator of RD Station, the leading marketing automation platform in emerging markets, with over 13,000 customers. RD is one of the fastest growing companies in Brazil: the company has now over 700 employees and has raised over U$35.5 million in funding from top tier VCs in Brazil and the US.


Eric Siu – CEO, Clickflow

Eric Siu is CEO of Clickflow. He co-hosts the Marketing School podcast alongside Neil Patel. He also runs Single Grain, a digital marketing agency focused on driving scalable and predictable revenue growth using Facebook advertising, Google AdWords, YouTube advertising, SEO, video production and content marketing.


Thomas Smale – Founder, FE International

Thomas Smale is founder of FE International. With experience dating back to the early 2000s, he offers invaluable technical, diligence and negotiation advice to early stage and seasoned business owners alike, which has resulted in over 800 successful exits.


Tae Hea Nahm – Co-founding MD, Storm Ventures

Tae Hea is co-founding Managing Director of Storm Ventures and co-author of Survival To Thrival. Survival to Thrival is a mind-meld of a 3x entrepreneur (Bob Tinker) and a VC/board member (Tae Hea Nahm), which demystifies building enterprise startups. He was the founding CEO of Airespace, later sold to Cisco for $450m.


Geraldo Thomaz – Co-CEO & Founder, VTEX

Geraldo Thomaz is the founder and co-CEO of VTEX. VTEX provides an end-to-end e-commerce service covering things like order and inventory management, front-end customer experience and customer service. In 2019 VTEX raised $140 million in funding, led by Softbank’s Latin America fund.


Alex Theuma – CEO, SaaStock

Alex Theuma is the CEO and founder of SaaStock and host of The SaaS Revolution Show. Before SaaStock, he started the SaaScribe blog and built a strong network across the SaaS founder and investor community, which led to meetups in London, Dublin and Berlin – and then, ultimately, SaaStock.


Mikael Thuneberg – CEO & Founder, Supermetrics

Mikael Thuneberg is CEO and founder of Supermetrics. He founded Supermetrics in 2010, and since then has built it into a fast-growing, profitable company with thousands of clients around the world –  including BBC and Google. He recently joined The SaaS Revolution Show to share how Supermetrics has grown from $10M to $20M ARR in just 12 months.


Jeffrey Tiong – CEO & Founder, Patsnap

Jeffrey Tiong is CEO and founder of Patsnap, one of the fastest growing Innovation big data SaaS companies with offices in Singapore, US, China and London. In 2019 Jeffrey was named EY Entrepreneur of the Year.


Jacco vanderKooij – CEO & Founder, Winning by Design

Jacco vanderKooij is the founder of Winning By Design and author of Blueprints of a Sales SaaS Organization. He is a Sales Mentor across several VC firms such as Notion Capital, Reach Capital, Astella and Storm Ventures where he helped accelerate the development of sales teams across their portfolio. 


Jos White – General Partner, Notion Capital

Jos White is an entrepreneur turned investor. In 2000 he co-founded MessageLabs (acquired by Symantec in 2008). He’s General Partner at Notion Capital, a venture capital firm focused on B2B SaaS/Cloud.