Grab your appetite for networking – SaaStock is just around the corner! That’s right, it’s time to leverage some elbow grease, get out there and turn strangers into super-connections.

Networking is one of the key benefits of attending this stellar event. Surrounded by thousands of SaaS enthusiasts in one place, opportunities abound to grow your connections faster than your revenue chart. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, make it your mission to spark value-driving relationships. Imagine the partnerships, career growth and business deals hiding in the untapped potential of each conversation. Dreams take flight through the people we meet and SaaStock is your dream chance to catapult your goals by expanding your network 10x. 

How will you harness the networking power of SaaStock? Through these 5 keys ways to work the room like a boss:


1. Use the Networking App

SaaStock provides an event app with built-in networking features. Last year there were over 8,900 meeting requests sent through the app, with a 41% meeting acceptance rate (7% above industry average). You can browse attendee profiles, send in-app messages, and schedule meetups. The app makes it easy to identify and connect with people relevant to your goals, like potential partners or investors. Leverage the app to set up meetings and coordinate your schedule.

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2. Walk the Expo Floor

The expo floor is full of exciting companies and sponsors. Stop by booths of the next up-and-coming SaaS startups, as well as the well-established giants you look up to, that interest you to learn about new solutions and chat with representatives. Share your QR code and make connections you can follow up with after the event. Talk to other attendees exploring the floor to uncover shared interests and opportunities to collaborate.

Check out our list of partners, sponsors and startups.


3. Spark conversation at the Fringe Events

Fringe events like SaaS.City, Investock, and Startup Day put a spotlight on specific SaaS topics and communities. Look for fringe events aligned with your niche to meet like-minded professionals. Introduce yourself to the people sitting nearby or speaking on panels relevant to your work. Exchange ideas and build relationships within your sector.

Accelerate your SaaS skills at SaaS.City

A one-day bootcamp featuring 7 topic-led sessions hosted across Dublin. This intensive training day allows you to build expertise across key SaaS domains, including marketing, sales, product-led growth, and more through focused bootcamps. Each bootcamp session will feature leading SaaS experts diving deep into strategies and tactics to level up your execution.

Whether you’re a founder, CMO, head of sales or other SaaS leader, SaaS.City offers a fast-paced learning environment to sharpen your skillset. With bootcamps centralized in one city, you can make connections with other attendees focused on scaling up their SaaS.

Walk away with new knowledge, techniques and contacts to bring back to your company and make an immediate impact. SaaS.City provides hands-on learning and networking in one of Europe’s top SaaS hubs.

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Investock brings together top SaaS investors for exclusive networking and insights

This investor-only event assembles international funds and VCs to connect, discuss trends, and share knowledge. Attendees will enjoy roundtable discussions diving into the state of SaaS investing today and predictions for the future. The opening keynote will be given by Justina Chung, Vice President of Bessemer Venture Partners, on the State of the Cloud 2023.

We’ll also hear from Folake Shasanya, Head of Venture Capital Relationship Coordination – Innovation Economy, and Sidarth Punshi, Head of VC & Growth Equity Coverage – EMEA at J.P. Morgan, delivering a keynote on The State of European SaaS – Trends in Funding & Exits.

Whether you’re an angel investor, VC, private equity firm or other funding partner, Investock offers an invaluable opportunity to meet other influential investors in SaaS. Exchange ideas and build relationships through fireside chats, cocktail receptions and more.

As the premier investor networking event held during SaaStock, Investock provides a focused day to engage with the SaaS investment community. Expand your network and gain actionable intelligence to enhance your deal flow and portfolio returns.

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Launch your early-stage SaaS startup at the Startup Program

Calling all disruptive early-stage SaaS startups! Get ready to ignite your business at the SaaStock Startup Program. The Startup Program provides entrepreneurs with unmatched visibility and access to leading VCs and angel investors focused on high-growth SaaS companies. 

You gain access to keynotes from the top minds in SaaS, and can participate in structured networking to get quality time with investors looking for their next addition. Learn key strategies through dedicated workshops on pitching, raising a seed round and more with Intercom, AppSumo, ProductLed, and CMS. 

Whether you are pre-seed, seed stage or Series A, this is your opportunity to get on investors’ radar. The program culminates in the Global Pitch Competition, where you can showcase your SaaS in front of a panel of leading VCs and get in for a chance to win big – €200,000 to be precise!

If you have an innovative SaaS startup, join the Startup Program to accelerate your business with knowledge, connections and funding.

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Check out more details on all fringe events here.


4. Mix and Mingle at Parties

The opening night welcome party and other evening events offer a festive, social environment to connect. Grab a drink, be open-minded, and see where conversations lead. Party-hop to meet as many fellow attendees as possible. Follow up with new contacts during the conference to solidify bonds. The opportunities are endless.

Check out our list of evening events taking place.


5. Join VIP Networking Meals & Speaker Dinners

Sign up for an intimate VIP networking lunch for CMOs or CFOs, a VIP dinner with international funds, or a meal with the greatest SaaS legends who’ll be speaking on stage. Sitting down for a meal with influencers and decision-makers in your field makes networking feel natural, not forced. Use the relaxed atmosphere to get to know important individuals in the SaaS space, pick their brains, and form strong networking ties.

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Attending SaaStock is about more than absorbing information in sessions. Dedicate time and effort to networking—it could lead to game-changing relationships that propel your SaaS career forward. Use these 5 tips to maximise your networking opportunities at the conference.

The clock is ticking – SaaStock is less than two weeks away! This is your chance for a networking bonanza that could change the trajectory of your career in ways you can’t even imagine yet. Grab your tickets now and start planning who you’ll connect with at the sessions, parties and expo floor. Download the event app and get ready to scan and collect attendees’ badges to grow your network. Rev up those conversation skills and get ready to build relationships that will reap rewards for years to come. 

When that timer goes off ending a session, pounce into the hallway buzzing with your people. This is your time to shine. Turn small talk into big opportunities. See you there, network warrior!