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When Northzone first made a bet on Spotify in October 2008, the risk was pretty high. Despite stellar user acquisition in Sweden achieved through minimal marketing effort and spend, it was still a bet whether that would replicate in the rest of the world.

Ten years later, we all know the answer. It’s easy in retrospect but how did it look like back then. On the latest episode of the SaaS Revolution Show, we host Marta Sjögren, Partner at Northzone, one of Europe’s oldest VC companies.

Having been around for a few decades, Northzone have had a chance to put bets on many companies that are now bright tech superstars. Many of them are SaaS. Trustpilot, StepStone and HappyOrNot are just a few notable examples.

Marta has been with Northzone for almost 6 years. In that time she has grown from Associate to Partner. In the conversation, Marta covers a lot of the valuable lessons that lay in Spotify’s story that can be applied to B2B companies, from fundraising, to pricing, packaging and scaling. A true citizen of the world, Marta has resided in 8 countries and currently lives in Stockholm with her family.

Listen on to hear:

  • What it means to be a “Born Global” company and how the home market should be used
  • Key lessons from Spotify’s pricing and packaging
  • The secret to scaling successfully as Spotify

At SaaStock on Tour Helsinki, Marta will host a fireside chat with the CEO of HappyOrNot, one of her portfolio companies. They will talk about the fascinating story in building a Hardware-first SaaS company. On the day, she will be joined by a roster of exciting speakers such as David Cancel, CEO of Drift, Joyce Liu, Principal at Dawn Capital and Steli Efti, CEO of among others. Join them on May 23rd.