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Latin America’s most actionable conference for B2B SaaS founders, executives, and investors is back. We’re excited to announce that SaaStock LatAm 20 is returning to Sao Paulo on May 11th-13th 2020.

We’ll bring 600+ SaaS founders, executives, and investors together for three days of intensive knowledge and networking, all in the name of traction, growth, and scale.

SaaStock LatAm is a place for the best and brightest minds in SaaS to get together. Meet exceptional people, and leave with actionable new ideas to build and scale your business.

What’s New

Our 2020 conference will serve up a mix of actionable and inspirational content. Whether you’re starting or scaling your SaaS business, our agenda will cover the triumphs, failures and struggles of the journey, with our speakers sparing no details of what it takes to build a company.

Most of all, SaaStock is honest: it’s from-the-trenches insights and original stories. If you’re sick of self-congratulatory hustle porn, and ready for something real, this is the conference for you.

All-new Content Themes

We’ve worked closely with the SaaS leaders across Latin America to identify the key trends driving the ecosystem in the region. These conversations have helped us create an agenda that will inspire, educate and challenge you in equal measure.

We’ve broken down this agenda into specific themes that align with the key trends. These themes will help you navigate the content sessions with ease and allow you to plan your time at SaaStock based on your interests, function and industry.

At SaaStock LatAm, we’ll be exploring:

  • Product-led Growth: We’ll dive into practical ways to transition into, and maximize on product-led growth strategies. Learn how to architect a product roadmap, introduce new features and manage inter-department priorities, to ensure your company is aligned with your overall business goals. 
  • Scaling up with real SaaS metrics: Building accurate SaaS growth metrics is key to delivering a business that runs efficiently and delivers value towards your customer. From ARR/MRR and churn, the ratio of R&D over revenue, cash burn, employee satisfaction, and sales metrics, you’ll explore which levers are worth further investigation and investment.
  • Going global: For local SaaS startups looking to expand into the US or EU, or foreign companies looking to localize, a whole range of factors need to be considered when capturing international opportunities. We’ll dig into complex questions surrounding go-to-market, human capital, understanding a different customer profile, and managing a global organizational structure. You’ll learn how to navigate new regulatory landscapes, the steps to localize your product and messaging, and how to tackle go-to-market blunders from the get-go.
  • Customer Success: Customer success is not only key to reducing customer acquisitions costs and churn, but improving the overall customer experience – ultimately helping you to grow faster than your peers. We’ll look at how to justify investing in a customer success team, key metrics to measure the efficiency and growth, and how to build an organizational compensation/structure that work for your business.
  • Sales: Implementing robust sales processes that deliver high quality leads is key to generating revenue and selling fast. We’ll break down the playbook you need to create dependable and scalable ways to reach customers through various sales channels, ensuring you grow your customer base to the max. Calculate your sales efficiency and identify nuances in outbound and inbound sales strategies in order to strengthen your sales machine for the long-run.
  • Fundraising & exits: As more and more investors look into LatAm’s SaaS industry than ever before, what are the steps you need to go through in order to cash in on your next round? We’ll dive into alternative methods of financing from seed, Series A and beyond. Experts also share real-life lessons on the key components needed to analyse and accept an M&A, and navigate scaling as a bootstrapped startup.
  • Talent & culture: Developing the leaders, culture and people needed to scale is fundamental to a fast-growing business. What does best practice look like when you scale from 50 to 500 people? We’ll bring culture experts to show you how to manage human capital, management and organizational issues in order to grow cohesively. We’ll also tackle mental resilience and health so you’re able to thrive both personally and professionally.

Introducing SaaStock Ascent

Are you a company with $3million ARR or more? Then read on, because SaaStock are unveiling a new event just for you!

This year at SaaStock LatAm we’re launching our first-ever SaaStock Ascent, an exclusive forum for scaling SaaS founders of over $3m ARR. It provides a much-needed space to discuss and debate, completely off the record.

We’ll provide intimate peer-driven roundtables, focused fireside chats and exclusive AMAs with industry leaders, all centered on the issues that matter to CEOs. We know that the issues that matter can’t always be talked about in the public stage. From dealing with difficult board members to managing mental health, navigating the overwhelm, and letting go of your top executives, no topic is off the table.

SaaStock Ascent offers you the opportunity to meet and connect with your peers and build an entrepreneurs’ network that will last long beyond the event days. This event is invite-only so if you’re an enterprise SaaS/Cloud CEO with an ARR of over $3m, make sure you apply here.

What’s in Store

SaaS.City, the one day pre-event accelerator for your SaaS, with hands-on workshops for Sales, Marketing, Product & CEOs led by the best in the industry!

Startup Program Day, filled with dedicated workshops, investor matchmaking and support from partners to amplify your exposure.

SaaStock Ascent, an exclusive by-application-only forum for 40 selected scaling SaaS founders and CEOs, with learnings highly tailored to your business.

SaaStock Unplugged, our behind-the-scenes stage hosting intimate conversations in problem-solving roundtables and honest fireside chats discussing the sensitive side of running a SaaS business.

Our two-day main conference with content based on company stage and topics of interest, an exhibition hall showcasing the latest and greatest, local and international SaaS products.

Meet Our Speakers

We’re on a mission to bring you the brightest minds in SaaS. Here’s just a sample of the speakers we have signed up already: 

Marcelo Lombardo, CEO & Founder, Omie 

Marcelo Lombardo founded Omie in 2013, and today it’s the number 1 SME management platform in Brazil. Omie is a Brazilian startup that provides businesses with AI-powered business management software to help entrepreneurs and accountants to be more efficient. In 2019 Omie closed a $20 million Series B round with San Francisco-based VC firm Riverwood Capital.

Geraldo Thomaz, Founder & Co-CEO, VTEX 

Geraldo Thomaz is the founder and co-CEO of VTEX. VTEX provides an end-to-end e-commerce service covering things like order and inventory management, front-end customer experience and customer service. In 2019 VTEX raised $140 million in funding, led by Softbank’s Latin America fund.

Cristiano Mendes, Country Manager, Brazil, Shopify

Cristiano Mendes is the Country Manager for Shopify in Brazil With over 15 years of experience in companies such as GoDaddy, KingHost, BlackBerry and Dell, he is an expert in topics related to the technology and e-commerce market having developed large-scale businesses throughout Latin America.

Maíra Gracini, Senior Marketing Director, Latin America, Zendesk

Maíra Gracini loves all things marketing. She has over 15 years of experience in Marketing, Communication and Sales Development. Since 2017 she has been leading Marketing at Zendesk for Latin America. Maira is a passionate promoter of the entrepreneurship and diversity ecosystem in Brazil.

Diego Gomes, CEO & Co-Founder, Rock Content

Diego Gomes co-founded Rock Content in 2011 – now the top provider of content marketing solutions in Latin America. He served as the CMO of the company for seven years and became its CEO in 2018. He is also an angel investor and a prominent SaaS evangelist, and takes part in market research and crowdsourced data with Brazilian Startups’ Dealbook.

Patrick Arippol, Founding Partner, Alexia Ventures

Patrick Arippol kickstarted his professional path with an engineering degree, followed by an MBA from Stanford. He founded several businesses in diverse sectors, including tech, healthcare, and finance. In 2010, he joined DGF Investimentos, one of the top VC firms in Brazil. He is leading DGF Investimentos’ specialized early-stage investment group – DGF Inova. Its focus is on businesses in Big Data, mobile, and SaaS. Patrick also sits on the Board of Directors of a number of portfolio companies.

Renata Centurión, Partner & LatAm Director, Winning by Design

Renata Centurión joined Winning By Design in 2017 as Latin America Director. In 2018, she also became a Partner at the company. She says her mission is to help customers better grasp their processes and improve them. Renata’s take on sales is different: it’s all about solving problems for people.

Joaquim Lima, MD, Riverwood Capital 

Joaquim Lima is a Managing Director at Riverwood Capital, where he focuses on Latin America. Prior to joining Riverwood in 2011, Joaquim was an Investment Officer with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private investment arm of the World Bank Group, where he focused in the technology industry and other sectors in Latin America, based in Washington DC and São Paulo.

Alcyr Araujo, Founder & CEO, Mosyle

Alcyr Araujo is the founder and CEO of Mosyle, the new standard in Apple management. Mosyle provides mobile device management software solutions in Education and Enterprise. Their mission is to streamline IT management of iPads, iPhones, Macs, Apple TVs, and other Apple devices. In 2019 it raised $16 million in a series A financing round led by Peak Ventures and Elephant.

Alonso Bustamante, Special Projects, CloudFlare

Alonso Bustamante is part of the Special Projects team at Cloudflare, focusing on strategy, M&A, and partnerships. Previously, he was part of the Global Strategy Group at Samsung, and a founding member at IGNIA, a venture capital firm that invests in high growth enterprises targeting the emerging middle class of Mexico. Alonso has also held former roles at Atomico, a global technology venture capital fund, Google, and Vitro, an industrial glass manufacturer.

Are You Joining Us?

SaaStock LatAm is the most actionable conference in Latin America for B2B SaaS founders, executives, and investors. There’s a reason we’ve been referred to as the “Disneyland for SaaS companies”… We live and breathe SaaS, and make it our business to ensure that every part of the SaaStock experience adds value to our attendees. 

Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of it! We know our audience, and we know how to serve up an experience that will help you take your SaaS to the next level. If you’re excited to join us in São Paulo in May, you can find out more or register to attend here.
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