Latin America’s most actionable conference for B2B SaaS founders, executives, and investors is back! We’re excited to announce that SaaStock LatAm is coming back for 2020 in an all-new, fully-online format.

Our mission is to make a real difference to the lives and businesses of the SaaS community, and while we can’t get together in-person right now, we believe it’s so important that we come together, keep learning, inspire one another and continue building our companies. 

So on August 31-September 1 we’re bringing together 600+ SaaS founders, executives, and investors for an online conference dedicated to intensive knowledge and networking, all in the name of traction, growth, and scale.

Bring the SaaStock experience to wherever you are. Connect with the SaaS community of Latin America that will help you to take your business to the next level. Register now!

What's in store at SaaStock LatAm Online?

We know how valuable it is to learn from the best and brightest speakers in the industry. But we also know that one of the most valuable parts of attending conferences is having the opportunity to meet and learn from other founders going through similar experiences to you.

Which is why SaaStock LatAm Online will include:

Workshops and Roundtables Stage: an intimate stage focussed on peer-driven insights. This is your chance to get up close and personal with your SaaS heroes in 
an interactive setting. Bring your curiosity and inquisitive spirit and join the debate!

The SaaStock Startup Program, filled with dedicated workshops, investor matchmaking and support from partners to amplify your exposure.

Online speed-networking: Having the opportunity to meet new people is one of the most important parts of an event. SaaStock LatAm Online has got a fun speed-networking area where you’ll be matched at random with other attendees for ten-minute video conversations. It’s a great way to meet other SaaS founders and execs, from your own home!

Sessions Stage: Vulnerability is seldom present on the stages of SaaS conferences. SaaStock Sessions welcomes raw stories told 
with authenticity. We’ll host honest conversations designed to challenge and inspire with SaaS leaders who have seen it all.

An online exhibition hall showcasing the latest and greatest, local and international SaaS products.

New content themes at SaaStock LatAm Online

We’ve worked closely with the leaders across the industry to identify the key trends, obstacles, and innovations in the SaaS ecosystem right now. At SaaStock LatAm online we’re bringing a combination of the SaaStock content you know and love, plus an exploration of how the current global situation is transforming our industry, and how the SaaS community can learn and respond.

We’ve broken down our agenda into specific themes that align with the key trends. These themes will help you navigate the content sessions with ease and clarity:

Solidify your sales strategy

In the new landscape, companies are increasingly cautious to acquire new or renew SaaS products. So, how do you reverse the tide of buyer decision-making and smash your targets? From mastering empathetic messaging to accelerating MQL conversion, we’ll show you what it takes to sell in the new normal. You’ll leave equipped with first-hand insights from sales leaders, so you’re ready to remodel your team and refocus your targets. Expect to uncover unconventional strategies to generate new leads, retain your key customers and motivate your team.

Marketing in the new normal

The pressure’s on to reach more customers with less cash. But, with tightened budgets and higher stakes, how can you continue to capture your customer’s attention? To cut through the noise and connect, you need to stay relevant, meaningful and authentic. As the marketing mix is being rebuilt, what are the channels you need to capitalize on in order to maximise ROI and meet market expectations? We’ll share first-hand insights from expert marketers to help you master your market(s) without breaking the bank. You’ll learn how to grow a marketing machine which delivers predictable revenue and prioritises customer experience.

Re-examining unit economics

As Latin American SaaS businesses look to the future, there remains a great deal of economic uncertainty. It’s time for the C-Level to rip up traditional paradigms and dive into the data to find the parts of the business that deliver. We’ll take you beyond vanity metrics to examine which unit economics are really business critical in the new normal. Should your business model evolve in light of increased pressures from COVID-19, and how can you harness the metrics that matter? You’ll learn how to accurately model, measure, and communicate revised metrics to key stakeholders.

Protect your people

As the world moves online, the workplace is being fundamentally transformed. So, how can you prepare your team for a remote, or hybrid, future? As LatAm starts to see economic engines whirring again, we examine best practices in hiring in the new normal, and how to position your business to attract top talent from across the globe. We’ll uncover practical practices and processes for promoting productivity internally; from minding your team’s mental health to crafting a resilient company culture. Whether you’re tightening your team or hiring new talent, you’ll learn how to lead with empathy, vision and clarity. 

Double down on product levers

Despite the current climate, product-led growth strategies are still critical and when implemented correctly they can provide clarity on company focus. As customer needs change, adopting a data-driven product roadmap can help you sharpen your focus on where to invest depleted resources. As the Latin American SaaS landscape adapts to the economic challenges of COVID-19, PLG could be the silver bullet for customer acquisition, retention, and cost reduction across all facets of the business. We’ll explore how to create a product that delivers seamless UX, and creates low-cost customer advocacy to ensure your business is equipped for long term sustainable growth. 

Capital in the time of Coronavirus

As the market begins to realise the impact of COVID-19 across industry verticals, SaaStock provides you with a holistic view of the LatAm investment landscape. Are VCs still doubling down on existing portfolio businesses, or can cash-strapped startups begin to seek new capital injections? Have foreign investment pools have really dried up, and should LatAm be looking inwards to its burgeoning VC sector to facilitate its growth? We’ll uncover which investors are still bullish, and you’ll hear home-grown SaaS unicorns discuss the potential of the as-a-service business model to drive economic recovery post-pandemic.

Internationalisation vs localisation

Not that long ago, having a “Land and Expand” strategy was seen to be the cornerstone of any scalable SaaS business. Latin America was looked to as a shining example of how to make “Land and Expand” work intra-regionally and across geographic borders. But in light of the current climate, many SaaS CEOs are looking to grow and scale their business on home turf. We’ll be bringing different voices to the stage to tear down internationalisation strategies, and examine if a localised approach can deliver predictable, sustainable revenue and provide a springboard for future growth.

Focus on the customer

In the current climate, customers are your greatest asset. But, if you’re not leading with ‘how can we help’, then you’re probably getting it wrong. You need to put your customers’ voice at the heart and forefront of everything you do. Listening to customer feedback is imperative across all facets of the business, and if implemented correctly, customer centricity can help you understand where to invest in product development, resource, and capital. From developing a customer success function, to building a team that lives and breathes customer centricity, to embedding customer feedback mechanisms across the business; we’ll provide the playbook for keeping customers close. 

The end of predictable revenue?

In order to survive in a downturn, you must be able to prove your value, and quickly. As the economic impacts of COVID-19 begin to crystallize, SaaS businesses predict a sharp decline in subscription services alongside a significant change to SaaS payment terms. Recurring business models typically enable a high degree of predictability, but subscription models are anathema to margin-focussed CEOs looking to cut overheads. The durability of the subscription model is being tested, we’ll examine concrete strategies for rebuilding your revenue, and how to price and position your products for the long term.

Meet our speakers

We’re putting together a line-up of game-changing SaaS speakers – here’s a handful of the speakers we’ve already got confirmed:

Marcelo Lombardo, CEO & Founder, Omie 

Marcelo Lombardo founded Omie in 2013, and today it’s the number 1 SME management platform in Brazil. Omie is a Brazilian startup that provides businesses with AI-powered business management software to help entrepreneurs and accountants to be more efficient. In 2019 Omie closed a $20 million Series B round with San Francisco-based VC firm Riverwood Capital.

Patrick Arippol, Founding Partner, Alexia Ventures

Patrick Arippol kickstarted his professional path with an engineering degree, followed by an MBA from Stanford. He founded several businesses in diverse sectors, including tech, healthcare, and finance. In 2010, he joined DGF Investimentos, one of the top VC firms in Brazil. He is leading DGF Investimentos’ specialized early-stage investment group – DGF Inova. Its focus is on businesses in Big Data, mobile, and SaaS. Patrick also sits on the Board of Directors of a number of portfolio companies.

Maíra Gracini, Senior Marketing Director, Latin America, Zendesk

Maíra Gracini loves all things marketing. She has over 15 years of experience in Marketing, Communication and Sales Development. Since 2017 she has been leading Marketing at Zendesk for Latin America. Maira is a passionate promoter of the entrepreneurship and diversity ecosystem in Brazil.

Diego Gomes, CEO & Co-Founder, Rock Content

Diego Gomes co-founded Rock Content in 2011 – now the top provider of content marketing solutions in Latin America. He served as the CMO of the company for seven years and became its CEO in 2018. He is also an angel investor and a prominent SaaS evangelist, and takes part in market research and crowdsourced data with Brazilian Startups’ Dealbook.

Nathan Latka – CEO & Founder, Get Latka

Nathan Latka is founder of SaaS database and host of the B2B SaaS CEO podcast ‘The Top Entrepreneurs’. He has interviewed over 1,000 private B2B SaaS CEOs on his mission to identify the next SaaS unicorn – and made all that data available on

Join us at SaaStock LatAm Online

SaaStock LatAm Online is the most actionable conference in Latin America for B2B SaaS founders, executives, and investors. We live and breathe SaaS, and make it our business to ensure that every part of the SaaStock experience adds value to our attendees. 

While we can’t get together in-person, SaaStock LatAm Online is all about bringing together the SaaS community to learn from each other and help your business gain traction, growth and scale. Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of it! Get your tickets now.

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