We’re very excited to be bringing back SaaStock LatAm for 2020 in a new, fully-online format. Check out some of the incredible speakers who will be taking to our online stage on August 31 – September 1. They’ll be sharing practical, actionable tips to help your SaaS company gain traction, grow, and scale.

Read on to learn more about some of the hottest local and international speakers, including exclusive videos, podcasts and a glimpse at the transformation of SaaStock through the years 🗓

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Patrick Arippol, Founding Partner at Alexia Ventures

Patrick Arippol kickstarted his professional path with an engineering degree, followed by an MBA from Stanford. He founded several businesses in diverse sectors, including tech, healthcare, and finance. He is the founding partner of Alexia Ventures.

Prior to founding Alexia Ventures, he was Director at DGF Investimentos, one of the top VC firms in Brazil. At DGF he led acquisition sourcing, negotiation, and portfolio management activities for DGF’s Venture Practice.

Patrick was one of the founders of Brazil SaaS Forum, an exclusive event bringing together the top SaaS CEOs in Brazil. After an incredible 2018 event, Brazil SaaS Forum became part of SaaStock LatAm. Continuing with the tradition set by the Brazil SaaS Forum since 2014, SaaStock LatAm brings together the CEOs and Founders of the TOP SaaS companies from the region, for interactive, deep discussions about the most critical topics, alongside the top thought leaders and speakers from around the world.

We’re so excited to be welcoming Patrick back to our online stage for the first ever fully-online SaaStock LatAm on 31 August – 1 September.

Rui Brandão, CEO & Co-Founder at Zenklub

Rui Brandão is the CEO and co-founder at Zenklub, a startup transforming the provision of mental health support in Brazil. He previously worked as a qualified medical doctor, and is now working to champion mental and emotional health in Brazil and Latin America.

Rui joined SaaStock CEO Alex Theuma on The SaaS Revolution Show in March 2020 to talk about the importance of mental and emotional health for startup teams – for startup founders and employees alike. Watch the video of their conversation:

In the same month, Zenklub launched Zencast, a podcast on emotional health. Every Tuesday they host a variety of guests – from experts and mental health specialists, to media personalities – to discuss emotional health from many different experiences and viewpoints.

Listen and follow the Zencast podcast on Spotify.

Maíra Gracini, Senior Marketing Director, Latin America at Zendesk

Maíra Gracini is Senior Marketing Director (Latin America) at Zendesk. She has over 10 years of experience in marketing, communications, sales enablement and market intelligence, with a focus on the B2B market, and a passion for IT and SaaS.

Maíra took part in one of our favourite panels from SaaStock LatAm 2019: Best Practices of Hiring for Culture Creation. She was joined by Valeria Porto (PayPal), Gabriela Viana (Adobe) and Raju Vegesna (Zoho), to discuss how their respective organizations are rethinking their recruitment process. What they share clearly proves how hiring with diversity in mind, shortens recruitment cycles and creates tangible benefits to both company culture and the bottom line.

Listen back to this incredibly popular session from SaaStock LatAm 2019:

Nathan Latka, Founder & CEO, SaaS Database at GetLatka.com

Nathan Latka is founder of SaaS database GetLatka.com and host of the B2B SaaS CEO podcast ‘The Top Entrepreneurs’. He has interviewed over 1,000 private B2B SaaS CEOs on his mission to identify the next SaaS unicorn – and made all that data available on GetLatka.com.

Nathan regularly speaks at SaaStock events, including earlier this year at SaaStock Remote. He is a tour-de-force of data, and in this session he shares 9 tactics for customers, cash, and growth  that he’s picked up by interviewing 100 SaaS CEO’s during COVID-19. With all-new insights and hard metrics, this is a must-watch session from SaaStock Remote – and a little taste of what could be coming your way at SaaStock LatAm:

He also publishes LATKA magazine, a must-have subscription for anyone looking to keep up to date with what’s going on in the SaaS industry. It’s packed with data and is a great companion to his Top Entrepreneurs podcast.

Take a look at the upcoming issue of LATKA magazine, or listen to the latest episodes of Top Entrepreneurs.

Aaron Ross, Co-CEO at Predictable Revenue

Aaron Ross is the author of From Impossible To Inevitable and Predictable Revenue (called “The Sales Bible of Silicon Valley”). He is married, with 9 children, loves motorcycles, and keeps a 25-hour workweek. He’s Co-CEO of Predictable Revenue Inc.

He was one of the earliest guests on The SaaS Revolution Show podcast, and you can listen to that conversation below (I hope you enjoy the throwback branding too!)

Andres Snitcofsky, CEO & Founder at Cliengo

Andres Snitcofsky is CEO and founder at Cliengo, a chatbot that improves conversions by using augmented conversations. He is also a co-founder of Leadaki, a company that helps businesses acquire clients using digital tools such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and programmatic advertising.

In 2019, Cliengo was named one of Latin America’s Most Innovative Companies according to Fast Company. More recently, In July 2020, Cliengo was selected as one of the 12 Latin American startups that will be part of the Google for Startups Accelerator LATAM 2020.

Alejandro Vazquez, Co-Founder & COO at Nuvemshop | Tiendanube

Alejandro Vazquez is the co-founder and COO at Nuvemshop | Tiendanube. He is a tech entrepreneur focused on developing the largest commerce as a service ecosystem in Latin America, to help entrepreneurs, SMBs and large brands succeed in their business.

Earlier this year, Tiendanube published their 2020 annual e-commerce report, providing an overview of international e-commerce, main online sales strategies in 2019, and the outlook for 2020. If you’re in the e-commerce space, get your copy here.

Plus, they’ve put together a helpful guide to making the most of Hot Sale, coming up in Argentina later this month. Hot Sale is an online event in Argentina where the brands that sell online offer super attractive promotions and discounts during the 3 days of the Hot Sale. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Hot Sale is taking place on July 27, 28 and 29 – so there’s still time to read their guide!

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