On this week’s episode of the SaaS Revolution Show, we speak with Diane Adams, Chief Culture and Talent Officer at Sprinklr and author of the book It Takes More than Casual Fridays and Free Coffee about how to build company culture right.

Diane has devoted her career to building and studying the role of culture in a company’s success. As the Chief Culture and Talent Officer at Sprinklr, Diane and her team are charting the course for building a high-performing and inclusive culture. No wonder then that the word her colleagues would use to describe her is obsessive in relation to figuring the puzzle that is company culture.

When asked what company culture is, Diane says it’s the consistent set of behaviors displayed inside an organization, rather than the words, the culture decks or the free coffees. Actual culture starts by understanding what people truly care about.

When she first joined Sprinklr over a year ago, she found a situation often observed in high-growth companies. The company culture had been great until it wasn’t anymore. Diane rolled her sleeves and began fixing that. One of the first things that was born out of that was the Employee delight Assurance Program

After they implemented that seemingly simple program, the results were incredible both in terms of engagement and attrition. Diane attributes that to the feedback mechanisms that showcases clearly what works and what doesn’t. As a result, the company is showing a great deal of self-awareness.

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