SaaStock18 is coming up in a month, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. As we have said this many times before, none of this would be possible without the kind support of our partners who are not simply joining us to showcase their incredible products and solutions but also firmly believe in bringing the incredible community of SaaS trailblazers to learn, connect and bond with each other.

While we are fortunate to have many returning partners, we are also fortunate to welcome for the first time many new ones. They have subscribed to our mission and are working closely with us to make SaaStock happen and be the best conference. Below is a list of 18 of them.

Gold partners


Since its founding in 2009 in Texas, Chargify has been of help to thousands of companies around the world. It presents to them an easy-to-use and efficient subscription billing software. With its help, businesses can handle millions of customer offers with less hassle and improved speed. Chargify assists businesses in creating long-lasting relationships with their customers, rather than simply managing subscriptions. It’s a flexible platform that has multiple billing models and pricing, so it is able to cater to a large variety of business needs.


In 2018, Cleverbridge was named as a European IT and Software Excellence Awards Finalist, and for a good reason. The e-commerce and subscription management solutions that the company offers make recurring billing for software, SaaS, and digital goods easier and smoother. It’s suitable for both B2B and B2C companies aiming to increase website conversions and scale globally. The headquarters of Cleverbridge are in Cologne, Germany, but it has grown internationally, with offices in Chicago, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Taipei.

Insight Venture Partners

Since its creation in 1995, Insight Venture Partners has turned into the fastest-developing VC company that focuses on investing in growth-stage software and internet businesses. The firm has raised $7.6 billion since then, investing them in top companies around the globe from its headquarters in New York. It has more than $20 billion under management, and has invested in more than 300 businesses. The team at Insight consists of tech investors and growth experts who help its portfolio companies scale and succeed.  


Mailjet is a French company founded in 2010, which has grown to serve 26,000 customers across the globe today. It’s superpower? Successfully sending one billion emails every month. Mailjet is an email service provider that guarantees that marketing and transactional emails reach their destination. It provides companies with analytics tools that optimize the creation and dispatch of emails. Mailjet is suitable both for large-volume senders and for agencies. It has been trusted by the likes of Product Hunt, MIT, Avis, and Microsoft.


Deploying physical infrastructure at a global scale becomes easier for development companies with the help of Packet. It refers to itself as “a bare metal cloud built for developers,” as it aims to deliver what the cloud offers, but to physical infrastructure. Its team is on a mission to Build a Better Internet™. It is currently handling tens of thousands of physical servers across the globe, created by diverse manufacturers. Packet works across three architectures and more than 20 facilities internationally.


It’s no wonder that Deloitte UK Fast 50 has named Paddle as the fastest growing software company in the UK. Paddle offers a single platform that unifies the entire process of selling software so that companies can pour their energy into creating products rather than selling technicalities. It presents businesses with powerful functionalities such as checkout, subscriptions, taxes and licensing, as well as analytics and marketing tools. Paddle’s revenue has grown by more than 3,000% within the last three years.

RD Station

RD Station was founded in Brazil in 2011 with the goal of helping companies of all sizes to understand and take advantage of the benefits of Digital Marketing. To do so, it educated the market. RD Station has numerous useful features such as lead tracking, landing page creation, content distribution, social media monitoring, and more. The best part: it’s all accessible from a single dashboard. The RD website also provides a rich list of educational materials that help companies ace their marketing efforts. RD Station is already being used by more than 10,000 clients around the world.


The Brussels-based Voxbone provides hyper-local voice and messaging services for global businesses. Voxbone offers on-demand virtual numbers, as well as text messaging services. Companies can communicate with more than 60 countries across 9,000 area codes without using PSTN lines. Customers can easily add new countries in their communication lists via Voxbone’s own our numbers and global VoIP infrastructure. Some of its current customers include Skype, Zoom, Deutsche Telekom, and many more companies – from startups to enterprises.

Silver Partners


Botify is the faithful companion for any successful enterprise SEO strategy. It offers a unified suite of applications that help out during all steps of technical SEO, content, keyword analysis, and ranking. Botify tops what Google Search Console can offer, providing data, tools and diagnostics all in one place. Companies from all industries are making use of its great tools, including e-travel, e-commerce, media, marketplace, and digital agencies, including Zalando, Clarins, and Expedia. With the help of Botify, businesses can influence the organic search process at all of its stages.


Fivetran is tailored for the modern-day data analyst. It offers online data analysis services integrations. Its automated connectors synchronize business data from various places such as cloud apps, databases, and event logs and store them into the company’s data warehouse quickly and seamlessly. Data analysts can search and combine data sources in order to gain a 360-degree view of company performance. Fivetran’s use cases are wide, ranging from marketing and sales to support, engineering, and operations.


By using Pendo, software product teams can craft software that users would enjoy using. It offers a product experience platform that puts together product analytics and qualitative feedback. In this way, it gives insights from usage patterns and user sentiment, which informs software creators how to create better products. Pendo can provide information about feature preferences, how users experience certain features, and how to prioritize enhancements. With the help of the rich collected data, product teams can also craft guides for users, as well as communicate with them via in-app messages, so that the problematic features and workflows are addressed.


productboard is a product excellence system, assisting software product teams to deliver great products to their target markets in record time. The platform helps companies of all sizes to learn what their users need in terms of features so that they can build them with priority. It also allows them to easily share different versions of their product roadmap with diverse stakeholders. Teams can seamlessly monitor their progress, as well as collect internal feedback and foster collaboration. productboard has offices in San Francisco and Prague and has been trusted by companies like Zendesk, InVision, and Avast.


SmartLook is a tool that helps companies understand how their customers use their websites. The visitor recording tool collects data about mouse movement, clicks, and pages. SmartLook offers qualitative analytics through always-on visitor recordings, heatmaps, event tracking, and conversion funnels. By analyzing the collected data, businesses can spot UX problems and easily resolve them to improve how users interact with their website. In this way, they can work on improving ROI and decreasing users’ churn. More than 200,000 customers have already used SmartLook.  


Founded in 2004 in Paris, talkspirit is an enterprise software for B2B companies whose mission is to enable more effective internal communication. Team members can form and manage both open and private groups and use instant messaging. The communication solution integrates with a list of other tools and platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, RSS, Trello, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Onedrive. The branded enterprise social network helps large teams communicate, collaborate and connect, thus allowing also company culture to grow and flourish.

VC Partners

Battery Ventures

Battery Ventures was founded in 1983 and today has offices in Boston, Silicon Valley, London, and Israel. Battery finances companies at all stages of development – from seed to growth, as well as private equity. Its industry focus is on IT infrastructure, consumer internet, mobile services, applications, and industrial tech. The experts at Battery have knowledge in diverse areas, including HR and recruiting, communications, digital marketing, IT infrastructure, and business development, with which they support portfolio companies. The VC seeks to invest in businesses that show promise for redefining their markets.

Draper Esprit

Draper Esprit is a Pan-European VC which focuses its investments on high growth tech businesses with the potential to disrupt their markets. The firm provides early and late stage funding. It went public in 2016, thus changing the standard model for venture capital companies. This gives Draper a higher level of flexibility and frees it from the usual five-year funding rounds, as anyone can invest in it. Some of the outstanding businesses which Draper has backed include Revolut, Trustpilot, Graze, Ledger, Transferwise, and Graphcore.

Index Ventures

Founded in 1996, Index Ventures is a well-established multi-stage global VC firm. It has offices in San Francisco, Geneva, and London, bridging the Old Continent and the U.S. The team at Index works with the clear idea that entrepreneurs come first, so they provide portfolio businesses with a full set of support. They are experts in diverse areas, possessing experience from living around the globe and investing in all sorts of industries. Among the companies that Index has backed are Dropbox, Etsy, SoundCloud, BlaBlaCar, Squarespace, and Funding Circle, as well as many more entrepreneurs in 160 companies from 24 countries worldwide.  

OpenView Ventures

OpenView Ventures has more than 12 years of experience investing in expansion stage companies. It has backed companies like Kareo, Datadog, and Expensify, helping them grow into leaders on the market. OpenView is focusing solely on expansion, which means it can provide tailored support for businesses at this stage. It can help companies launch new products, ensure customer success, and get better at corporate development. OpenView runs the Expansion Platform which allows entrepreneurs to find their top teams, enlarge their customer base, and create lasting and important partnerships. With its help, companies get the capital, network, and expertise they need in order to grow.

BONUS: European Commission

There’s barely any need to introduce the European Commission, one of the most important bodies of the European Union. They have just launched a new pilot program with €2.7 billion in funding for SMEs of all growth stages. The main idea behind the program is to allow high risk and high potential companies to start, grow and remain in Europe. The European Commission’s support means a lot for the SaaS world — and we’re happy to welcome them onboard.

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