SaaStock would never have been possible without the generous support of our partners and sponsors. Many of them have had our back since day one, and have given us their support and contributions for SaaStock18 as well.

So, without further ado, we would like to present to you the 18 partners that we are so fortunate to welcome back once again. Here is what they do, and what makes them special and important.


With nearly two decades in existence and a business that spans the globe, Salesforce hardly need much introduction. Salesforce are best known for their on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that address every aspect of the operations of small, nonprofit and startup businesses. Their product portfolio covers anything from sales, service, business development, and marketing to community building and data analytics. And AppExchange is their incredible store, filled with incredible add ons to the main CRM.


ProfitWell help recurring revenue businesses make intelligent and informed decisions. Their SaaS solution aggregates financial, usage, and attribution data in one place. The goal is to provide subscription businesses with the most accurate financial metrics possible and help them discover revenue opportunities they have previously missed.

To date, ProfitWell have acquired more than 8,000 clients, and have optimised billions of dollars in recurring revenue. Last year they were literally giving away millions at their stand. We can’t wait to see what they do this year.


G2Crowd is a peer-to-peer, business solutions review platform that has been called the “Yelp for enterprise”. G2Crowd see the current business technology buying process as flawed — leaving business buyers lacking clarity and confidence. Their mission is to empower business buying decisions by highlighting users’ and customers’ voices. They do so through crowd-sourced data and real-time algorithmic ratings shared by a community of over 100,000 users. With over 400,000 independent and authenticated user reviews that are read by over 1.5 million visitors each month, G2 Crowd have changed the B2B buying model.


SalesLoft helps companies transform into modern sales organizations that reach customers faster and more effectively. Their sales engagement platforms is designed to enable teams to perform all of their sales activities in one place. Companies can make use of SalesLoft’s platform in any aspect of their sales activities — from emails and calls to sales meetings or when performing high level data analytics.


TravelPerk is the world’s first entirely free business travel booking and management platform. TravelPerk changes the way in which organisations budget, book and manage their business travel. Through the platform, business travelers can book trips for themselves or colleagues, browsing through the world’s largest bookable inventory. They are our official travel partner and a success story of growth.

Hailing from Cork in Ireland, is a web-based project management, help desk and chat software. What started out as an attempt to manage their own projects, has ended up becoming three distinct products that are used by thousands of customers worldwide. Teamwork’s project management software helps companies track projects from beginning to end and enhances team collaboration. It increases both project control and visibility and helps align all dependent business functions. At last year’s SaaStock they brought a slide, and a good one at that; who knows what they will do this year…


Algolia have created a hosted search API that allows companies to provide their customers with a lightning-fast and highly relevant search and discovery experience. Algolia provides and maintains the infrastructure and engine while companies can offer their users an exceptional and immersive experience on any website or platform. Next time you search through Medium, you are using Algolia’s solution.


Chargebee provide a subscription and recurring billing system that helps companies manage subscriptions at scale, decrease subscription churn and simplify accounting. With them companies can boost their subscription growth and easily manage all aspects of subscription process, including proration, trials, and more. Chargebee is built for global scale and SaaS, subscription eCommerce and membership service enterprises of all sizes.


GoCardless have built a payments platform that is intended to rival credit and debit cards. GoCardless makes collecting Direct Debit payments hassle-free with no setup costs. It works for subscriptions, fees, and invoice payments and can be used by businesses big and small alike. Also they make great swag, we still wear their socks and if you are super lucky they may have a leather jacket for you. #justsayin


Huckletree is more than just a coworking space. It is a diverse community of futurists, innovators, game changers, risk takers, and renegades. It is a community for the curious minds who require an inspiring work environment that makes room for their ideas, and brings them together with others of their kind. Members of Huckletree are carefully curated based on what they can contribute to the community. This year, they will once again offer a cosy and cool space for startupers and other SaaS misfits to meet and have the ll important chats.


Sellsy is an online CRM and sales management platform that provides companies with the tools to close, sign, and retain clients. With Sellsy, teams have access to a large variety of modules and tools that they can pick from depending on the customer touch points and data they need to work with.Sellsy’s lead generation solutions enables companies to easily create landing pages, personalise forms and capture, track and score leads directly through their website.


Receptive’s Product Demand Intelligence solution helps businesses get feedback from their customers, team members, and the market, and turn it into data-driven decisions. With Receptive, companies who need demand intelligence can centralize all their feedback in one place and in a streamlined fashion. Everyone is automatically kept in the loop regarding the product development and trajectory.


Okta’s Identity Cloud service helps companies securely connect to the tools and technologies they need anywhere and from any device. With over 5,000 pre-built deep integrations in Okta, companies can securely connect to IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS tools instantly. Okta’s story is that of recognising a need early on, creating a category and taking it all the way to an IPO.


Looker makes data accessible and comprehensible to organisations and data analysts through business intelligence (BI) software. Looker helps companies define their metrics through LookML, their powerful data modeling language. Once their metrics and data points are defined, businesses have a way of probing and exploring their data that provides them with clear answers.


Gartner’s main services are to provide independent, objective, accurate and deeply researched insights as well as strategic advice and consulting for businesses. With over 1,900 analysts, and thanks to close to 400,000 yearly client interactions, they produce cutting-edge analyses and forecasts in a vast number of areas and industries. Their research and problem-solving methodologies also allow Gartner to provide organizations with fact-based and data-driven consulting.


Gainsight have made it their mission to enhance customer success for companies, and have built a whole science around it. They help businesses gain data-driven insights about customer behavior and relationships, and take appropriate actions. Gainsight’s apps and platform enable companies to monitor and engage a variety of customers in personalised ways. It also enables them to have a clear picture of customer health and manage risk precisely and effectively.


With ChartMogul companies that run a subscription business can analyse their subscription data and get clear insights into business performance. ChartMogul’s subscription analytics help companies get a good grasp of their monthly recurring revenue, churn rate, customer lifetime value and more. By tracking the business in real-time and getting the whole team on board, companies can set realistic revenue goals and monitor their progress. ChartMogul were our very first partner three years ago and we can never express our gratitude enough for them ❤️

AWS Marketplace

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace is a business unit within Amazon that offers a sales channel for independent software vendors (ISVs) and Amazon Consulting Partners. It features both open-source software services as well as products from established vendors. Customers of AWS Marketplace can immediately start using the software thanks to the 1-Click deployment feature, paying only for what they use and how long they use it.

We are trying to create one of the biggest SaaS showcases. While we have many more partners, which we will be showcasing in follow up articles, we still have room for more. Get in touch at [email protected] to figure out what is the best option for you.