In this episode of the SaaS Revolution Show our host Alex Theuma is joined by David Klein, Co-founder and Managing Partner at One Peak, who shares his insights on how the SaaS and investing market is changing.


“1% increase in growth, the impact on valuation is the same as a 3% increase in profitability- even today. So growth is just valued at three times profitability, even today. And that number was about 12x in November 2021, so at the height of the bull market. So growth is, in our mind, still really important, and if you want to build a big business, you just have to grow.”


David shares:

  • From resigning on the same day to where One Peak is today; three funds at $300M, $500M, and $1B
  • What lies ahead for the European and American markets
  • The shift from focusing on growth to profitability (and which is more important…)
  • The the return of the series a and the series b, an uptick in consolidations, and shifting goalposts
  • Bridge rounds – are they a necessary evil?

and more!


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