Why is StartUp Growth so Hard on the People? With Tae Hea Nahm and Bob Tinker1 min read


This episode of The SaaS Revolution Show takes us back to SaaStock West Coast in September 2019. This session was delivered by Tae Hea Nahm – Managing Director of Storm Ventures, and 3x entrepreneur Bob Tinker. They discuss how startup founders and employees need to learn and change as their company grows and scales.

For 2020 we’re combining our East and West Coast events into one single event: SaaStock North America on June 22nd-24th. We’ve got some incredible speakers lined up, so find out more and book your tickets today.

Listen on to learn:

  • how the CEO and leadership roles change as startups reach scale.
  • how unlearning is key to succeeding during these transitions.
  • practical tips for CEOs and employees for navigating these transitions.

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