From the SaaStock 2022 Scale Stage: Kieran Flanagan, CMO Zapier and ex-SVP Marketing at Hubspot, shares why HubSpot bet BIG on media.

The only difference between traditional media companies and software companies with media offerings within them, is really how they make money, right? Traditional media – ads and subscriptions, not a great business model. The subscriptions I think some media brands are going to do really well with them. Software and media, they make money through products and subscriptions, and the unit economics are much, much better. It does mean you have to think differently about how you measure this.

No company becomes a success without doing things differently. To win, you need to make big bets and take hard decisions. This presentation goes behind the scenes on why HubSpot bet big on media by purchasing a media company and how that decision got made. We’ll go through the insights and beliefs that drove the decision and our efforts to build a world-class media network.

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