In this episode of the SaaS Revolution Show our host Alex Theuma is joined by Harrison Rose, co-founder & CEO at GoodFit, who shares why founders get outgrown and what to do about it.


“So the obsessive, like, need to get ahead of the company growth in yourself I think is important, but I think it’s probably really important you focus on the right areas. I think generally we could all be more reflective just as people, so I encourage people to work with coaches and mentors to be honest with you, and recognising where you’re both enjoying where you’re spending your time, recognising where you’re weak, recognising where you’re willing and able to let others do work that maybe out of your week out are not enjoying, regardless of title as well sometimes.


Harrison shares:

  • His journey in tech from the age of 17 (including co-founding Paddle with Christian Owens)
  • When (and how) he realised he wanted to take a step back from his role at Paddle
  • His GoodFit journey (including their 100% YoY growth)
  • Why founders stepping back can often get greenwashed
  • The ‘year eight’ phenomenon and the most common reasons founders move on from their roles
  • The importance of recognising that you need to work on yourself as well as your business

and more!


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