18 startups. 14 countries. A dozen verticals.

That just about sums up what is proving to be a truly global and diverse pitch competition with startups joining us from India, Morroco, US and many European countries. We can’t wait to welcome each one of them at SaaStock18 and help them on the way to growth. The way we did TravelPerk last year.

Picking them out from all the applications we received was no easy feat. We wish we could have all of them compete as they certainly deserve it.

The selected 18 startups are preparing their video pitches, which we will publish on our YouTube channel. In the meantime, we wanted to share the pitches they sent us, lightly edited for consistency. Read through them, pick your favourites and come to see them pitch at SaaStock18.


Pay With Bolt / London, UK

Bolt enables any SaaS company to connect to many payment providers. SaaS companies currently need to integrate directly with one or more payment providers, often taking months to do so, resulting in high maintenance and regulatory compliance costs. Conversely, new as well as established payment providers, need to be present in 3rd party software if they are to be successful.

Cumul.io / Belgium and New York, US

Cumul.io is an intuitive platform for data analysis with seamless integration into other SaaS-platforms, apps, intranets, etc. It lowers the time-to-market and the development & maintenance cost of new analytics solutions. Cumul.io answers the increasing demand for easy and accessible data analysis tools and integrations, helps companies that are shifting focus from a ‘product’ to a ‘platform’ perspective to keep their engineering strength at the core of their application while leveraging the integration strength of payment, communication, and other off-the-shelf components.

Vibbio / Oslo, Norway

VIBBIO is a B2B SaaS video creation platform, focused on tailored video automation. It looks at solving the challenge of reaching, attracting and engaging with an audience. The trends in audience engagement and visibility online are strongly in favour of short video episodes, and regular volume-based publishing – but traditional production time and cost match poorly with this demand. Our platform solves this, removing 90% of the cost and time aspect, thereby enabling businesses to utilize video as a daily and essential part of their marketing and communication (also for internal use).

HCM Deck / Krakow, Poland

HCM is an employee development platform with over 100% YoY growth, supporting the success of more than 100,000 employees of companies such as Santander Consumer Bank, Leroy Merlin, Nationale Nederlanden, AXA, Aviva. In a time of a global war to win talent and establish a better position on the employee market, companies spend a lot of money on sourcing and hiring people. Retention and commitment of an employee seem critical. Our mission is to release HR Departments from Excel files and outdated ERP-type systems which do not meet the expectations of a modern-day employee.

Smileback / Germany

SmileBack is a B2B SaaS product in the field of customer satisfaction. Our customers love that they can easily gather feedback after every single support interaction through their help desks. We make it just as easy for them to track trends, respond to customers based on all kinds of triggers, and create deep, meaningful reports. We have 650 really happy customers and it feels like we’re at an inflection point, where we are about to grow like crazy.

LetGamify / India

LetX is a suite of user-first growth SaaS apps that helps businesses, brands & marketers ‘OWN’ attention in this world of ‘RENTED’ attention. At LetX, we are currently focussing upon gamifying the way businesses market through our new platform called LetGamify.


Warm Call / Toronto, Canada

Warm Call provides a simple and efficient way to eliminate cold outreach by matching the right seller to the right buyer using filtering and conversational AI. Warm Call’s buyer bot helps evaluate and filter sellers outside their network without the need for their procurement team spending time on research and having cold sales conversations. For passive buyers, buyer bot can help evaluate sellers and maintain a healthy pipeline of qualified sellers for near future use. For sellers, it eliminates the need for cold sales prospecting and helps them connect with prospective buyers on introductory warm calls in a cost-effective manner.

Blaize / London, UK

Blaize is a B2B SaaS product that helps businesses to migrate from traditional transaction-based sales, to delivering sustained access to services (building recurring revenue). We bind two crucial modules of the digital value chain; Identity and Access. Our customers need to enable Identity-aware access decision to build member communities and offer subscription sales. Blaize is a crucial software component for the subscription economy.

Feedier / Lille, France

Feedier is a feedback software released in April 2018. Built by Alkalab, it helps companies collect amazing and actionable feedback by leveraging a built-in reward programs management and engagement program. The company is focused on helping companies collect better feedback by offering a great user experience, rewarding and engaging the end user.

Standuply / Tomsk, Russia

Standuply is a Digital Scrum Master bot for Slack. It runs asynchronous standup meetings, surveys and tracks team performance. We’re solving the problem of structuring communications in remote teams and running Agile processes. Due to time zone differences, teams have fewer overlapping time. People don’t meet face to face, and thus communications break and process fall apart.

OhMyLead / Casablanca, Morocco

OhMyLead offers you more simplicity and saves you time in the lead management process by unifying every lead sources in one unique place and by automating the qualification process. Maximize your sales process by knowing which sources generate the most and with the guarantee to deliver only highly qualified leads.

OneUp Sales / Birmingham, United Kingdom

Stormburst Studios is the developer behind OneUp Sales, a gamified sales motivation platform. With lively leaderboards, personalised deal celebrations and an industry-leading TV display solution, we’re helping over 30 sales teams around the world to build the sales floor of the future. Boring, loathsome whiteboards and spreadsheets have been used to manage and motivate teams for decades now. Imagine walking into a sales job tomorrow, checking out the latest news on your state-of-the-art mobile to be greeted by tools from the last century.

Veamly / San Francisco, United States and Tunis, Tunisia

We have a dream to empower people by building tools that streamline communication. This is why we created the priority workspace across collaboration tools. Veamly connects to your different tools like slack, Jira, and Zendesk, puts them in one place then aggregates and prioritizes the different conversations into one feed on top of them. While we started with the use case of customer support, our vision is to be across the enterprise.

RELAYTO / London, UK

RELAYTO uses AI to transform millions of customer-facing documents (e.g, publications & presentations) into interactive, mobile-ready and personalized web pages. The Internet transformed media and collaborative files into smarter experiences. Now RELAYTO is transforming customer-facing documents. Starting with 2.5 trillion PDFs. Just as machines are getting smarter & smarter at processing complex information, we, humans, are getting dumber & dumber. Our best ideas are lost, ignored in the information overload. The kind of ideas and insights that change the world are stuck in an outdated and static document format, PDF, that is neither machine-readable nor human-readable. 

Simvoly / Varna, Bulgaria

Simvoly is the easiest way for anyone to create a landing page, funnel or a website in no time and without a single line of code. It is the only tool that provides funnel building in a new simple way that changes how businesses use and interact with their sites.

Aputime / Czech Republic

The dream of every Project Manager is to know in advance if projects are running late. We decided to work against that dream by blending artificial intelligence with project management. ApuTime’s new AI-powered platform allows project managers to coordinate with their teams, be connected with them in real time, have a much clearer idea about the status of projects and become more effective leaders.

Hygger (hygger.io) /  Minsk, Belarus

Hygger is a product and project management tool with built-in prioritization for agile teams. Hygger helps product companies to manage the backlog, prioritize ideas and features, create and share roadmaps, build software using Kanban and Scrum.

Cledara / London, United Kingdom

Cledara helps companies have visibility and control over the SaaS products they are using. With Cledara teams can see all the company’s subscriptions in one place and avoid unused or duplicate SaaS products. $64 million is wasted every day by companies on unused or duplicate SaaS products. 1 in 4 companies already use more than 45 SaaS products and SaaS spending is growing at 20% per year so the problem is only going to get worse.

These 18 startups and many others will be exhibiting during SaaStock18. Make sure you drop by their booths and see the present and future of SaaS.