This overview is part of a series of track spotlights we are doing. You can read up on Rocket Fuel, our brand new track, Growth, and Scale.

When it comes to Dublin and the SaaS industry, they go hand in hand. For many years now, the Irish capital has been a second home to some of the best in SaaS –  Salesforce, Zendesk, HubSpot, Slack, New Relic and many more. Dublin is also the home of Intercom, Phorest, LearnUpon and many other excellent SaaS companies. The existence of both has always been one of the chief reasons why we chose Dublin as the host city for our annual SaaStock conference.

It’s also why since the first year of the conference we established SaaS.City, a pre-event serving as a 1-day SaaS accelerator, bringing the world’s top experts for intimate hands-on sessions that leave participants better equipped to face challenges.

In the first year, we ran one single bootcamp and everyone loved it.

“Bootcamp was awesome btw – best event I’ve EVER been to at a conference.”

Last year we ran 4 bootcamps and they were once again the highlight for many participants. Sitting up close and personal with the likes of Steli Efti, Guillaume Cabane, David Apple, Bill Macaitis was an experience of a lifetime for those lucky enough to get a seat.

“As someone working in growth, it was particularly interesting to see many talks, sessions, and bootcamps focused on the topics of growth.”

This year we are bringing that experience once again with 8 deep-dive bootcamps on some of the most pressing topics for SaaS companies such as Growth Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Pricing. Each bootcamp is limited in capacity and requires individual booking. As always, we bookend the experience with pub crawls and an opening party so participants unwind together.

Read below what each bootcamp is offering and make your pick. You may want to hurry up as the CEO bootcamp is already sold out and ticket prices are increasing on October 1st.

Sales Bootcamp

Join Stan Massueras as he talks about the tactics and strategies that Intercom have developed over the past 7 years on how to generate a large volume of inbound leads, augment your sales team with smart automation and how to cut through the noise when Outbounding in 2018. Stan will be joined by Norm Happ, SVP Sales, Partnerships and Customer Success, Evernote who will talk about how to build the GTM strategy and sales motion from scratch and Steli Efti, who needs no introduction.

Growth Marketing Bootcamp

Vicious competition, saturated media, overwhelmed customers – have you ever felt that winning in your market is like swimming against a very strong current? It doesn’t have to be this way. Join Eric Siu, Kieran Flanagan, Dave Gerhardt, April Dunford and Ryan Bonnici to learn the marketing tactics that have helped some of the best SaaS companies grow at record speed. You’ll learn about making growth tweaks that you typically don’t hear about in the market and how to set your offering in a context that takes advantage of market momentum and helps you avoid unfavourable market drag. Each session will be loaded with tactics curated from some of the best in growth – both from the tech world and the direct response marketing world.

Customer Success Bootcamp

Gainsight Customer Success Bootcamp brings together Gainsight’s Dan Steinman, Deborah Ghayas and Easton Taylor for an actionable bootcamp. It’s perfect for founders, CEOs, Customer Success leaders and executives at companies where Customer Success is still in the formative stages. The bootcamp will take you through:

  • History, Imperative, and Value of Customer Success in the Age of the Customer
  • Customer Success Organisation Models and Metrics
  • Achieving Cross-Functional Alignment
  • Mapping out the Customer Journey
  • Risk Management Frameworks
  • Showing ROI Internally and Delivering ROI to Customers
OpenView Ventures Product-led Growth Bootcamp

Ashley Minogue, Blake Bartlett, Edward Ford, Matt Sornson, and Ruairi Galavan will share their inside stories on how they approach growth from a product perspective. OpenView Ventures will do a deep-dive into product-led strategies, tactics and benchmarks throughout the customer journey: Acquisition, Conversion, and Expansion. The bootcamp will begin by setting the scene of what product-led growth means and will offer benchmarks from 400+ companies on how leveraging it impacts growth, CAC, retention and LTV. Other topics throughout the day are:

  • The role of content marketing and SEO as a demand driver
  • Pricing and packaging
  • Product-led conversion optimization and how to drive adoption and engagement from Day 1.
Exit Planning Bootcamp

Thomas Smale from FE International will guide you through the essentials of exiting. Whatever stage you are at in your business, considering your future exit options and what you will need to put in place to get there is vital. Whether you are thinking about selling now, or not at all, there are things you can start doing to make your business more sellable and attractive to potential buyers. Sometimes, circumstances change and business owners are forced to make a decision about selling. It is best to be proactive rather than reactive in these situations and you will be a step ahead if you have already started planning.

Pricing Bootcamp

Your pricing strategy is the very centre of your business. Everything you do from your sales and marketing to your product and customer support works to either drive someone to a purchasing decision or to justify the price you’re charging. Join Patrick Campbell as he shows you how to price intelligently so that you can impact growth on your business. You will learn how to build a framework for getting your pricing strategy right, what mistakes you’re making with your pricing and how to exploit these opportunities, how to quantify your buyer personas, how to implement a value-based pricing process into your business and how to compound your SaaS revenue growth through a value metric.

Architecting your SaaS for Growth Bootcamp

AWS Solution Architects Andy Powell and Mike Morain will present best practices for optimizing your tech stack using the latest cloud technologies, methodologies and concepts. In the world of SaaS, technology and business are two sides of the same coin, which are equally as important to get right when building a successful SaaS company. The workshop will focus on how to make the most of the technology underpinning your services to deliver timely value-add to your customers. No coding skills are required.

Through these dedicated content streams and smaller sessions, you’ll learn how to let your SaaS products market themselves, figure out how to align customer success with the rest of the organisation and discover how to recruit the best executives. 

Grab your ticket to SaaStock and SaaS.City before October 1st to save €200.