We are uniting the community of SaaS trailblazers in more ways in 20193 min read

With an overwhelmingly successful SaaStock18 that brought together attendees from 45 countries, 133 world class speakers and 300 SaaS investors, it’s time to give a glimpse of some of our ambitious plans for 2019.

Fostering an ambassador program to fuel SaaStock Local events, a full-blown roster of SaaStock conferences on 5 continents and a video-on-demand product are all in the works for the next 12 months when SaaStock19 returns to Dublin on October 14-16, 2019. You can already buy your super early bird tickets for that.

With all these initiatives we are bridging even more gaps in the fragmented industry and building strong face to face relationships within the community.

SaaStock Local

The SaaStock Local initiative aims to provide a platform for small-scale, SaaStock-branded events to be semi-independently organized within local ecosystems. Events will include a variety of content including speaker panels and Q&As, as well as small conference-style events. Each local chapter will aim to run six events a year.

Leading the events will be SaaStock Local Ambassadors – individuals who possess both an expert level of SaaS business knowledge and a high degree of local clout. They will receive foundational support from SaaStock.

On a broader scale, Ambassadors will serve as SaaStock’s primary representative in their local SaaS ecosystem. Through their regularly organized events, they will play a leading role in connecting key SaaS ecosystem stakeholders and facilitating useful dialogue on SaaS industry focused topics.

Applications for ambassadors are now open.

SaaStock on five continents

After three successful flagship conferences in Dublin, SaaStock19 will return to Dublin with 4000+ attendees. Throughout the year, however, we will bring the full-blown event on four more continents. Each conference will carry the signature elements of SaaStock – 1-day conference with multiple tracks, buy viagra in miami expo, and investor meeting zone; SaaS.City, the pre-event day filled with workshops and bootcamps; SaaSociety, the leader’s retreat for founders who have reached $3M+ ARR. One of the events in North America will also include Investock, the investor-only gathering. Dates and locations are as follows:

  • SaaStock LatAm – Brazil, 24th April
  • SaaStock Asia – Hong Kong, 15th May
  • SaaStock West Coast – San Francisco, June 5th
  • SaaStock East Coast – New York, 6th September
  • SaaStock19 – Dublin, 14-16 October. Buy your super early bird tickets
  • SaaStock Oceania – Sydney, 5th December

Each event will provide learnings from local leaders and international experts, which cover all stages of a company’s journey; showcase the best SaaS products to a local and international crowd, and foster many meaningful relationships. More information here

SaaStock on Demand

Even as we aim to reach more places geographically, there will always be reasons for which people will not be able to join. And while there is no way to replicate face to face interactions and having fun together, we have just launched a product to bring the content to people’s homes and devices in real time. The content on all three tracks of SaaStock18 is already being livestreamed as it’s happening so those who are not around can still witness them and partake in the conversations that happen online and the content will then be available to watch on demand for the following 12 months. See more here.

In all these events, we will aim to adhere to the diversity pledge we have taken with our inclusivity partner Zendesk. As part of that, we will be working to meet our goals of diverse representation, both in the roster of speakers as well as in our attendees.


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