We are super excited to announce that SaaStock Asia, taking place in Hong Kong on 14-16th of May, is now open for registration.

Building on the success of three flagship conferences in Dublin, as well as numerous smaller conferences around Europe and US that have brought together thousands of SaaS founders, execs and investors, we’re taking this SaaS show globally, touching down on a total of 5 continents in 2019.

The second stop will be Hong Kong, where 200+ SaaS leaders will gather to connect and share what they’ve learned about conquering their respective local market (Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, just to name a few) and how they have taken their companies global. With a world-class speaker line-up being added to every day, and content devised to maximise return for SaaS businesses, SaaStock Asia is an unmissable opportunity for ambitious founders, execs, and investors interested and operating in the Asian SaaS market.

The SaaS Ecosystem in Asia

It is difficult to speak broadly about the SaaS ecosystem of the entire continent as each market is vastly different in terms of legislation, regulation, culture and ways of doing business. While not lacking the bullishness or hustle of any other part of the world, Asia has its own challenges. Adoption of SaaS in the region is still slow, which is preventing the market from truly flourishing the way Western markets are. There are many reasons behind that, mainly a less than optimal infrastructure, fundamental societal challenges such as corruption and heavy upfront need for localization of products from one country to the next.

That means that most companies, with the exception of the mainland Chinese ones, need to be international first. Many SaaS companies such as Hong Kong’s Talkpush, Singapore’s Near and Philippines’ Lifetrack Medical have done just that but for this to be more ubiquitous a trend, rather than one-off examples, external help and guidance are needed. That starts with honing go-to-market strategies, improving pitches, and offering matchmaking with investors.

What makes the market challenging, makes it also very interesting for international SaaS entrepreneurs to get into. With the ecosystem missing many types of SaaS solutions, it is an exciting opportunity to grab a piece of the pie. Established global SaaS companies have the success stories to prove just how much SaaS has helped companies of all kinds improve their bottom lines by adopting cloud-based subscription. But for this to happen even the most successful companies still need to localize and adapt to complex tax laws, languages, behaviours, and systems.

The Asian SaaS industry itself is still not fragmented enough to cater to localization, nor is it connected enough to cater to the full suite of needs of Southeast Asian consumers and businesses. Bridging that gap is where we believe we can help.

From helping adoption of SaaS products and the subscription model through to convincing more entrepreneurs to begin a SaaS journey and coaching them on how to grab the interest of and start conversations with investors, all the way to helping existing players to improve their go-to-market strategies and selling practices so they can step out of the local market, we believe there is so much we can do to support by bringing knowledge and connection.  

Why did we choose Hong Kong?

As we looked where in Asia to bring SaaStock, Hong Kong made the most sense to us for a variety of reasons. For one it already has an up and coming SaaS scene driven very much by expats, which gives it extra international flavour and willingness to quickly jump beyond Hong Kong’s 300 islands. Some of the companies we are super excited about are Notey Labs, TiENPAY, Easyship, Talkpush and Neoma.

Beyond the local scene, Hong Kong is one of the most accessible cities in this part of Asia with 1100 flights arriving in from 220 destinations worldwide every day. Smack in the middle of Southeast Asia most flights to capital cities in the region take between 2 and 4 hours, making it a very feasible journey for SaaS founders and executives. Granting visa-free entry to visitors from 170 countries, it is the sort of open continental hub we like to lay our footing on.

With English being the official language and the dense city representing a real hodgepodge of nationalities, races, ways of thinking and worldview outlooks, we knew we couldn’t do any better and look forward to exploring it more.

The SaaStock experience

Having spent the last three years bringing the SaaS community in Europe together, and seeing the benefits that this creates for the health of the ecosystem, we know a thing or two about what’s valuable and relevant to SaaS leaders and what’s not. We know what it’s like to be on the fringes of the ecosystem, where it’s that much more difficult to gain traction and grow, where every crossing of a border means new regulations, legal systems and cultural perceptions.

There’s a reason why we’ve been referred to as the “Disneyland for SaaS Companies”. We live and breathe SaaS and make it our business to ensure that every element of the SaaStock experience adds value to our attendees.

The first edition of SaaStock Asia will be no exception, starting with insightful sessions delivered by some of the most successful Asian SaaS entrepreneurs offering local insight, as well as global SaaS leaders from the US and Europe who have an uncanny knowledge of some of the most developed global markets. This combination will ensure that attendees will learn not only how to conquer the local market, but also how to scale their businesses into major global markets.

Our agenda on the main day of the conference is built around the most relevant for the market themes:  

  • go-to-market strategies
  • improving positioning and pricing
  • developing inside sales teams
  • internationalization
  • funding and investment
  • employee branding
  • complying with local regulations and many more.

We are adding speakers all the time, but the ones that are already confirmed are:

  • Peter Coppinger, CEO and Founder of Teamwork.com, who has reached 24,000 customers worldwide from the small city of Cork, Ireland. He was reluctant to establish a sales team for a long time, an experience he has learned tons from, which would be valuable to any Southeast Asian SaaS entrepreneur
  • Bjoern Zinssmeister, CEO and Founder of Templarbit, who has executed a very successful expansion into Japan
  • François Chabaudie, Co-Founder & CEO, Neoma – a pioneer in ibeacon technology, Neoma is one of the most advanced platforms for Proximity Marketing and Analytics in Asia, which François has managed to scale globally.
  • Paul Lugagne Delpon, CEO, Easyship – a born and raised Hong Kong SaaS star that has managed to transition to SaaS successfully.

What else to expect

SaaStock Asia will bear all the hallmarks of our flagship event, with tailored content, meaningful relationships, and actionable takeaways that your business can see the benefit from immediately. It will include:

SaaS.City, the pre-event day filled with hands-on workshops and bootcamps taking place all around Hong Kong

Our one-day conference with multiple content tracks based on company stage and topics of interest

SaaS expo showcasing the latest and greatest, local and international SaaS products

Investor meeting zone with advanced matchmaking to ensure that the no potential opportunity is missed

Startup Program, providing early-stage start-ups with invaluable mentoring and the chance to pitch to relevant investors

SaaSociety, the leader’s retreat for founders who have reached $3M+ ARR.

All of that, combined with the chance to take a break from the grind, socialize with like-minded peers, and enjoy the Hong Kong foodie scene and exciting night-life at a fringe-party or a pub crawl, makes SaaStock Asia an absolute must for SaaS people.

We know our audience, and we know how to serve up an experience that will help you take your SaaS to the next level. If you’re excited to be part of it and join us in Hong Kong in April, you can find out more or register to attend here.