Why 11 companies decided to sponsor SaaStock18 early on

The conversation was short. There was little convincing necessary. The ask went straight to Gold.

That’s the short story of how Voxbone signed up for a SaaStock18 Gold partnership. 13 months in advance, Shachar Radin-Shomrat, Chief Commercial Officer for Voxbone, rocked up to the SaaStock booth and committed to becoming part of the biggest showcase of SaaS companies in 2018.

It had taken Shachar half-a-day among the SaaStock buzz to make the decision.

SaaStock had instantaneously felt right. Shachar thrived in the abundance of informal and serendipitous networking opportunities with like-minded individuals. As an exhibiting partner, she knew she would get a much bigger opportunity to make use of that by:

  • Showcasing the Voxbone brand to thousands of new prospects.
  • Doing face to face business with SaaS decision makers.
  • Catching up with existing customers from around the world, strengthening the relationship and getting valuable feedback.

SaaStock is building a community of trailblazers from around the world, and Shachar wanted to be a part of it sooner rather than later.

Committing early, like Voxbone did, means:

  1. You get the best price. We are offering a 20% discount if you sign up before December 24th.
  2. You get first pick on your ideal booth location.
  3. Opportunity to engage with the community early and extend reach through our community platforms.
  4. Immerse in case studies and work with our Customer Success Manager to get the most out of your sponsorship.
  5. Heed the benefits of a custom package. With time on our side, we can offer bespoke add-ons to make up the ideal sponsorship package for you.
  6. You can help shape the conference. We are always open to ideas and feedback from our community. It is still early days, which means SaaStock18 is malleable to make it what you want it to be.
  7. You get the headspace to figure out how best to impress the 3000+ attendees joining us in 2018.

In short, signing up early gives you a mental calm.

A dozen other sponsors, all returning from last year, have followed suit early on. We asked them why they did so early.

We’re completely on board with the SaaStock team’s mission to nurture a wider SaaS community this side of the Atlantic, and for that reason, we’re more than happy to renew our commitment right away for next year’s conference,” Nick Franklin from ChartMogul told us.

Why wait, when you already know?

The thing with packages is that they are all limited in number. Even if you do not feel like signing up this early, your peers may. There may not be any spots left in the tier you desire if you wait.

Some of those coming back are doing so with a bang and an upgrade.

Being a startup sponsor boosted our brand visibility and pipeline. It was a great way to get direct validation from the market and create business opportunities; so much so that we decided to upgrade to silver for 2018,” Gideon Pridor from TravelPerk told us.

In addition to the regular packages, we also offer alternative options. As such they are bespoke and come in quantity of 1. Think Welcome Party, or 3000+ lanyards with your name on it, or your brand gracing what matters most at a conference - the cups of coffee…

Join us for SaaStock18 as a sponsor and help us create the most extraordinary showcase of what SaaS has to offer. You will get plenty of practical ROI. And it will feel right. The SaaStock shop is open.

We are offering a special 20% discount on all sponsorship offers if you commit before December 24th.

Get in touch today!

P.S. You can take your brand global by getting involved with SaaStock on Tour. This is a mini-SaaStock in 6 cities across the world commencing in early 2018, which can give you an unmatched exposure to local markets.