It’s hard to work within the SaaS space and not have a tendency to geek out a little over data. Behind the scenes at SaaStock, we’re no different and always find it fascinating to delve into the stats behind the events we curate.

Our handpicked speakers are fantastic, but it’s the atmosphere and insight provided by our audience that makes SaaStock events really special. Our flagship event in Dublin this coming October will be no exception.

In order to shine a light on the incredible diversity of our audience, we dug into 2019’s attendee data. Here’s a quick rundown of 25 companies travelling to join us from all four corners of the globe, bringing a truly international flavour to this year’s event and showcasing some true SaaS chops.

The Antipodeans Turning Accounting On Its Head

🇦🇺 Zivora 

Traveling halfway around the world to be with us at SaaStock19, we’re honored to welcome Zivora to Dublin. Hailing from down under, they offer beautifully designed accounting software, crafted to appeal to freelancers and bookkeepers alike. The platform offers several really handy features above and beyond many of their close competitors. We especially like the chat function for internal and external contacts, enabling the user to place ‘post it’ notes on certain data points to easily bring others into the contextualized conversation.

The Hills Are Alive, With the Sound of Hiring

🇦🇹 Firstbird 

Hiring can be a huge challenge within the SaaS space, and it’s no secret that some of the most successful new recruits often come about as a result of internal recommendations. With unrivaled experience of the culture and demands of your company, by incentivizing your employees to become talent scouts, Firstbird makes referral management and reward a breeze. A fantastic timesaver in terms of ensuring a higher number of suitable candidates from the outset of each new listing.

CRM Software Without The Waffle

🇧🇪 Salesflare 

With a slick product squarely aimed at smaller businesses looking to simplify their CRM process, Salesflare join us from Belgium. Simplicity is the name of the game with their platform. A big selling point and time saver is the automation of contact and company info, reducing time spent on data entry by more than 70%. Several well-executed integrations mean that calls and meetings can be automatically logged as Salesflare syncs with your phone and calendar. Drag and drop functionality is also a real boon. Well worth checking out if upkeep of your CRM is currently a time sink!

Utterly Brazilliant Customer Communication

🇧🇷 Zenvia 

In a competitive market where customer experience is everything, Zenvia, who’ll be traveling SaaStock19 all the way from Brazil, offer a conversational customer communication platform that incorporates SMS, voice, email and messaging applications. Their chatbot, Zenvia Flow, in particular, has shown some really great lifts in conversion for customers, with Fast Shop has achieved 40% of its customers after implementation.

Network management for MSPs, eh?

🇨🇦 Auvik Networks Inc 

Joining us from across the pond, Canadian Auvik rides to the rescue of beleaguered managed service providers everywhere. They offer cloud-based software that promises to reduce the complexity of managing a network to a series of simple, automated steps. As more applications and data exist in the cloud, networks are increasingly the gateway to everything employees need to do their jobs; failure is not an option. The fact that so many aspects of their management have traditionally been somewhat arcane (command-line interfaces and tracing wires by hand, anyone?) shows the value of Auvik’s forward-thinking offering.

Say Halumi to Startup Success

🇨🇾 Exerte Partners Limited 

Hailing from sun-soaked Cyprus, we’re delighted to be welcoming Exerte Partners to Dublin this October (definitely pack a coat, guys…) They offer a full spectrum of mentoring, advice and strategy services to help businesses of all shapes and sizes. From startups looking to launch to established enterprise looking to go global, their experienced team is on hand to help find the perfect solutions to help you scale and succeed.

Send Your Customers into a Bohemian Rhapsody

🇨🇿 SatisMeter

With customer retention repeatedly shown to be cheaper, easier and more broadly beneficial than acquisition, NPS can be the make or break in today’s competitive market. Travelling from the Czech Republic, SatisMeter offer a sleek and effective in-app NPS survey tool that integrates with the tools you’re already using to get the needle moving in the right direction for customer approval. Happy clients report 30% increases in their average score of NPS ratings per month, 15% of detractors turned into happy customers. and 3x increase in our reviews across the board on sites like Trustpilot, Capterra, and G2 Crowd. 

Estonia SMS, And I Like It

🇪🇪 TextMagic 

TextMagic is a business text-messaging service for sending notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations and SMS marketing campaigns. With the huge rise in conversational commerce, and shifting customer service expectations across all sectors, their Two Way Chat SMS feature looks especially useful. Voice of Customer research could also be leveraged with their SMS Surveys helping to improve customer experience and get valuable instant feedback on your services. For anyone with a service-based business model, we’d strongly recommend checking out their feature-rich product.

Plan Trips You’ll Never Want To Finnish

🇫🇮 Doerz 

Our Scandinavian friends from Doerz will also be in attendance this October, and represent a really fun angle on the P2P sharing economy. Summed up well by their short and sweet tag line, “Do Stuff With Locals,” they offer the chance for travelers to get authentic experiences beyond the usual tourist traps and Instagrammable cliches. Write and record your own song, go mushroom picking or learn how to bake traditional rye bread. The premise is wonderful, and their well-designed platform sets everyone up for success.

Je ne regrette my business spending

🇫🇷 Spendesk 

Expenses. Purchasing. Accounts payable. They may well sound sexier in French, but they’re hardly words to get the pulse racing faster. Spendesk are here to provide a smarter, more efficient way to pay at work. From effortless subscription management to virtual cards and expense reports that whirr happily away on autopilot, their intuitive and feature-rich software has the potential to be a colossal time saver, and shine a light on where your business’ cash is going in real-time.

Berlin-style meets German engineering

🇩🇪 ChartMogul 

Joining us from Germany (and the rest of the world as they are going fully remote), ChartMogual come riding to the aid of subscription-based businesses everywhere. An analytics platform offering real-time reporting on your most crucial metrics, they offer the kind of slick dashboard and UI that you’d expect to see coming out of design-savvy Berlin. This makes tracking and analysis in one central location a joy – “no spreadsheet expertise or programming languages required.” Data import is simple with multiple turnkey integrations available, as well as a CSV upload tool and Import API. Native integrations include Stripe, Paypal and Shopify, with Billforward and ChargeOver represented in the third parties. 

Turn your developers into integration ninjas

🇭🇰 TORO Cloud

Another long-distance traveler who we suspect will need to take full advantage of the coffee on offer at SaaStock, TORO Cloud joins us from Hong Kong. The team behind it offers a beautiful (and low code) solution for assisting in your digital transformation, solving enterprise integration problems faster. A huge timesaver for any businesses looking to implement workflows, build-out services, work directly with APIs, transform data, log transactions, and create reports, their product removes the need for endless cookie-cutter code, automating much of the grunt work of integration.

Spice Up Your Automated Billing Subscriptions

🇮🇳 Chargebee 

Chargebee will be sending some of their Indian team along to SaaStock ‘19 in October. With a huge rise in subscription-based businesses in recent years, they aim to help deliver the best billing experiences to customers across all recurring revenue models. Specializing in SaaS, Subscription eCommerce and Membership Services of various sizes, simplicity, and efficiency is the name of their game, with no developer dependency 99% of the time, and end-to-end subscription management capabilities which have the power to untangle “spaghetti billing” from companies of all shapes and sizes.

Local Heroes Of Customer Service 

🇮🇪 xSellco 

Winning the smallest carbon footprint award, xSellco join us from Dublin itself! With a suite of dedicated solutions to help online retailers support quicker, grow faster, and sell more, they offer a range of exciting propositions, particularly for those working within the eCommerce space. Their eDesk, in particular, provides a customer service hub that’s been built specifically for online retailers. Additionally, their Repricer tool helps maintain your competitive edge on Amazon. Their Feedback functionality automates intelligent feedback requests on Amazon, eBay, Trustpilot and more.

For Expert Implementation Strategy, Go Dutch

🇳🇱 SunData 

Heading to the Emerald Isle from Holland, SunData bring their implementation expertise to SaaStock19. With the enormous rise in the sheer number of tech solutions in the solar monitoring sector, experts like those at SunData can provide a universal, hardware-independent solar management platform in order to reduce service handling by 80% & improving the uptime of solar installations. From procurement and installation, right through to activation and adoption, they’re on hand to help ensure your solar PV installation investment gets the best returns and you’ll maximize sustainable energy production.

Ensure there’s Norway or you’ll miss out on sales

🇳🇴 Recheckit

The automation wizards at Recheckit, joining us from Norway, have developed a unique technology that increases the conversion rate on your website. Each solution is customized to meet the exact requirements of the customer, but leverages behavior-based tech to serve up relevant and persuasive messaging according to each visitor’s behavior. The result? Significantly improved conversion rates, as well as higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. Average Order Value also sees a boost!

Add a Little Polish To Your Packaging

🇵🇱 Packhelp 

With minimum orders as low as 30 pieces, Polish packaging experts, Packhelp, are here to help you and your product win the unboxing experience. Custom packaging has never been easier, as you create and produce boxes, mailers, bags and more in one streamlined online process. It’s not just eCommerce based businesses that can benefit from their offering; check out the inspiration galleries on their website to see how startups within the SaaS space have been utilizing their products for offline engagement, events, influencer kits and more.

When In Romania, Nail Your Online Recording

🇷🇴 Pipe 

Recording over the web; one of those things that really feels like it should be easier in 2019? Our Romanian friends, Pipe, are here to make the dream a reality. Trusted by AirBnB, Pepsi, Samsung and more, they handle recording, processing, managing and even playback. Meaning you’re free to focus on the things that matter (like your business.) Built for developers, Pipe is exceptionally easy to integrate, offering HTML and JS Embed Codes, as well as REST and JS APIs.

Singapore some sugar on your hard-working staff

🇸🇬 Perx 

Jetting in from Singapore, we’re delighted to welcome Perx to Dublin! Since 2015, Perx have been helping businesses of all sizes – from startup to global enterprise – reward over 1.2 million staff. Their platform is built to be intuitive and easy to access, and the concept is a smart one. Instead of offering the standard vouchers and discounts as a way of incentivizing staff, Perx provides pre-loaded cards that can be used anywhere you see the Mastercard acceptance mark.

Don’t let your IT infrastructure Slovenia you down

🇸🇮 Diventic 

Joining us from Slovenia, the Diventic Breeze platform enables you to connect your IT infrastructure to the cloud and mobile clients. Their Microsoft .NET-based server technology enables access to a variety of business data sources (SQL Server, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint etc,) which is transmitted to cloud users or mobile clients via advanced web services security policies. We’re delighted to be welcoming them to SaaStock ‘19 this year.

Full-spectrum software development from the Rainbow Nation


Founded in 2005 in South Africa, SYW is a software service provider with a vast range of industry experience. If you’re in the market for high-end bespoke software development, their expertise spans financial services, education, publishing, media intelligence and much more. They’ve also developed a number of Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms fit for purpose in the Disaster Management and Fire & Rescue sphere.

Say Hola to a Brand New Skill

🇪🇸 World Mastery 

Flying in from Spain, online education platform, World Mastery, will also be joining this October. The SaaS lifestyle can be fast-paced and relentless, but services like the one that they provide offer the opportunity for us to hone extracurricular skills wherever we find ourselves. Brush up your Tennis abilities with Toni Nadel, learn to cook with Paco Roncero or undo the damage of the latest long haul flight with a yoga lesson from Xuan Lan. 

A Swiss Army Knife For Recruiters

🇨🇭 JOIN Solutions AG 

Helping to streamline and optimize the taxing process of recruitment, JOIN offer the chance to build well-designed and compelling job listings and post them to multiple platforms with ease. 80% of employers who post over JOIN get applicants within the first 24 hours. Recruiters are able to post for free on multiple platforms like Linkedin, indeed and Xing, and Premium ads can be purchased with a single click.

United Behind a Great Cause

🇬🇧 Homeless Link 

We’re honored to have Homeless Link joining us from the United Kingdom. They are the national membership charity for organizations working directly with people who become homeless in England. Working on a wide range of campaigns, research and national projects, they also offer their own software solutions, such as In-Form, a complete client relationship and service management system for housing and homelessness organizations.

Improving the State of Expenses

🇺🇸 Expensify 

A service that we’d be willing to bet a significant proportion of our SaaStock ‘19 audience will be using on their trip to Dublin, we’re very happy to be welcoming Expensify along in October. They offer a sleek solution to the grim task of keeping track of your business expenses, because, as they reason “you weren’t born to do expenses.” Say goodbye to the piles of crumpled, faded paper receipts in your wallet stacking up as you travel!

– – – – –

If you’re traveling to join us at this year’s SaaStock19, whether it means a longhaul flight or quick cross country train, we can promise you a very warm welcome and, as this article has shown, some excellent and highly diverse companies. Find out more about the event and reserve your tickets here.