In just a few days we’re bringing together the SaaS leaders of Europe, Middle East and Africa for SaaStock EMEA Online: four days dedicated to helping SaaS companies adapt to the changing landscape, survive these tough times, and thrive again in the future.

For SaaS startups, we know this has been a particularly challenging time, which is why our Startup Program and Startup Pass are highly sought-after, by startup founders looking to meet investors, showcase their brand, generate new leads, and most importantly, connect with other founders to share their experience.

We’ve put together a list of 25 of the hottest startups joining us at SaaStock EMEA Online.

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Blendr is a powerful, hyper-scalable and secure integration platform (iPaaS) for SaaS companies. It empowers SaaS companies and agencies to build integrations in a scalable and secure manner, up to 10 times faster than “classic” development.


Ciara is a digital conversation assistant that helps sales professionals around the world improve sales calls and productivity. It is easy to set up, use, and adapt. Named as one of the Top 50 Digital Startups in Europe by TechCrunch, Ciara offers ongoing innovation, superior call guidance, and seamless integration to the most popular business applications


Harvestr provides product management software for customer-driven teams. Its platform helps companies leverage customer feedback and data to build amazing digital products. Harvestr is about making every company customer-centric, for real.


KISSPlatform provides the tools you need to quickly connect your best idea to your market, and beat the competition. It allows you to compare your idea to discover its uniqueness, connect your idea to the right business model, market, and buyer persona, and beat your competitors to market.

Oyster HR

Oyster makes it easy to hire, pay, and give great benefits to your globally-distributed team. With Oyster, you can hire remote full-time employees anywhere in the world, provide fully-compliant payroll, and give your valued remote hires around the world the benefits and perks they deserve.


SyncSpider is a universal marketing tool that helps you synchronize your web app data across 100’s of channels and platforms. From your customer data, sales, inventory, tasks, support tickets to everything else – simply update your data at one place and SyncSpider will sync it with all your active platforms in seconds. is an all-in-one marketing automation platform aimed at boosting engagement and improving conversion. It provides a single data source for your customers and reaching them through a wide range of communication channels: email, live chat, chatbot, push notifications, dynamic page content, and many more. It’s a single platform providing robust tools for marketing, sales and support teams.

Delta Protect

Delta Protect offers the best cybersecurity solutions for companies in Mexico and Latin America. It is a cybersecurity company focused on providing comprehensive solutions to act and respond before, during, and after a cyber attack.


DragDropr is the first “what you see is what you REALLY get”​ visual editor, which lets you create well-designed website content. It lets you create, edit and design the content for your website, webshop, or any other web content by simply dragging and dropping. It doesn’t matter which CMS you use – DragDropr fits them all.


FROGED is the best tool to create your onboarding and retention processes to scale your business. It has been designed to improve your Customer Success and Support processes by nurturing your customers throughout their entire lifecycle, to help you increase engagement, retention, and reduce churn. 

Incipient Corp

Incipient a full service software development company providing strategy, design and technology services to propel its clients to the forefront of innovation. It has helped its clients successfully identify, plan for, and capitalise on digital opportunities wherever they may present themselves.

Ivory & Gold

Ivory & Gold (Aphrodite) started out as a consulting company and now specialise in digital advertising. Digital ads are a black box: Facebook, Google, and Amazon hide your ad ROI. With APHRODITE™, they bring it front and center. All your live data, reimagined with a dashboard that focuses solely on finance.


LinkedCar is an innovative startup creating a world-class Customer First Mobility platform for the automotive industry, based on trusted Salesforce technology. Their platform shifts the automotive industry to a loyalty driven mindset with a focus on interactivity and customer experience.


Loyalytics offers a comprehensive suite of AI driven SaaS applications and solutions to transform your retail business. Their products cover customer engagement, social media management, business intelligence, and automated store audits, to help customers transform their retail business.


TestRevolution is innovative software for conducting automatic tests without the required knowledge of programming languages. It provides software for testing and support for the software tester: the tool learns from errors and supports the tester in the process of identifying the causes of failed tests.


Usercentrics is a market leader in the area of enterprise consent management platforms (CMP) and empowers companies to obtain, manage and document the consent of their users across platforms. It helps the world’s leading organizations to implement a transparent Consent Management Platform and achieve GDPR compliance. Their mission is to help companies achieve compliance in harmony with their marketing strategy.


Appvizer is a software comparison platform for professionals. The B2B application database covers 506 categories and references more than 10,000 software packages and programs.


Calqulate’s financial analytics platform helps SaaS and subscription companies understand their current and future business performance to achieve faster growth.


Eposly provides a Point-of-Sale Solution that sits natively on the Salesforce platform, suitable for many verticals and industries, from field sales to high value retail store use.


HiddenApp is an antitheft and security management solution for Apple macOS and iOS devices. It protects your Apple devices and keeps your data secure.


Landbot is a platform that helps companies to create conversational experiences. Boost customer engagement with human conversations, at scale.


Lilo is the next generation translation platform, offering full transparency in the translation process by connecting you directly with translators in lightning speed.


Ogustine is an all-in-one marketplace designed for home services companies. Its mission is to help service-based businesses go through their digital transformation.


ProjectSet is an online internships platform that connects university students in the UK from a variety of backgrounds with startups and graduate employers, to get real-life experience.


Substly helps companies save money & time by gathering subscription based services, users and costs in one place.

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