Some of the leading CMOs in SaaS came together at SaaStock Blueprint Series: CMO today to share their experiences, their knowledge and their top tips today. Here’s some of our highlights:

⭐️ ️ Brian Kardon, CMO, InVision discussed how in the 1990s, everyone called themselves a ‘Dotcom’ company. Now, everyone’s a Dotcom company. In the 2000s, everyone talked about being a cloud company. Nowadays, everyone’s a cloud company. In the 2010s, everyone talked about big data. Brian predicts that very soon, everyone will fully focused on ABM. After all, “ABM is just good marketing.”


⭐️  Latané Conant, CMO, 6sense, posed the question: why do so many companies allow their prospect customers journey to be so negative -putting them face-to-face with forms, emails, and cold calls? Prospects are future customers, yet so often, their initial dealings with a company leaves them feeling anonymous, fragmented and resistant to buying into the product.


⭐️  Kipp Bodnar, CMO, HubSpot sat down with Vidya Peters, CMO, Marqeta to talk about increasing non-paid visitation. They focused on the importance of community, with Kipp encouraging companies to “be the voice of your community”, and Vidya explaining how Marqeta “creates connections for their customers with other customers, so they can be resources for each other.” Both Kipp and Vidya also pushed the importance of using video in your communications and marketing, as people’s attention span is very small, so using catchy, easy-to-digest content is key.


⭐️  Elias Rubel, Marketing Advisor to Dropbox, Loom & Calm, shared his growth levers, and touched on an age-old issue that’s more relevant than ever: keeping your sales and marketing aligned. It’s is a no-brainer, so teams should set weekly lead quality review meetings, to keep the communication open, clear and flowing, and most importantly, the leads strong.


⭐️ Anthony Kennada, CMO, Hopin, and Ryan Bonnici, CMO, Whereby, dove deep into how to empirically measure brand. Anthony spoke about the emotive concept behind brand, and said from a B2B perspective, a lot of it comes from what sort of thought leadership you’ve created: more specifically, the way you get your belief, your perspective, your why, out into the world in a way that your audience understands. Anthony and Ryan also delved into what B2B can learn from B2C. Anthony spoke about how on the consumer side, brand is everything: brand is existential to a B2C company’s ability to hit revenue targets. Yet in B2B, brand is perceived to not matter as much. If we expand the definition of brand to be more than just awareness and sentiment, brand is a huge driver of demand.


Gutted you missed it? Don’t worry! We’re putting together a workbook with all the videos from the live event PLUS key takeaways from each session, all about what the world’s best CMO’s are doing to stay ahead of the game. Register your interest for the workbook and we’ll let you know when it’s ready 🔥