SaaStock has always been about taking things to the next level, be that connections, knowledge or fledgling enterprises. Startups are the lifeblood of the SaaS space, and every year we’re floored at the initiative and creativity of the new businesses that flock through our doors.

At the heart of our Dublin event is our Startup Program – created to present an opportunity for the most ambitious and determined of these new ventures to get involved in our flagship annual event. Successful applicants enjoy boosted visibility through exhibition space, and a specially curated program of highly tailored content, delivered through a series of hands-on workshops.

In addition to this, we matchmake all startups with our dedicated program partners; a series of highly experienced and extremely well-connected individuals ready to mentor, guide and propel the chosen few to the next level of success.

Here’s a rundown of twenty of the most exciting startups to have taken the leap and joined our 2019 cohort. We’re looking forward to welcoming them to Dublin next week!


Printers, hoverboards, the inexplicably unresponsive motion sensors on taps. There are a few things we thought would “just work” by this point in history, and yet here we are. Screen sharing has often fallen into this category of frustration – clunky, lagging, unintuitive – but Demodesk is here to change all of that. They’re a fantastic example of a startup that solves a simple problem, experienced by many different users, really well. With no downloads needed, compatibility with any browser, automated scheduling and real-time sales guidance on offer, they offer a really elegant solution to anyone looking for sleeker onboarding, sales demos or support sessions. We anticipate plenty of interest in their offering, so do reach out and book some time with them ahead of the exhibition.


Products live and die on their in-app experience. Userpilot have helped hundreds of  teams to increase user adoption by enabling them to trigger the right in-app experience “to the right persona at the right stage of their user journey.” And it’s code-free. What’s not to love? Their product experience layer integrates easily with your existing native UI, and goes on to build contextual product experiences that snap into action based on conditions such as user persona, stage of the journey or even mouse clicks. If you’re looking to onboard new users at scale, or are generally looking to increase your adoption rates across the board, book in some time to speak with Userpilot to see how they might be able to help.


Is there a better feeling than the satisfaction of finding a valid discount code moments before you check out? Everyone loves a bargain, and AppSumo are here to bring that feel-good factor to the world of software. By finding and partnering with the hottest new offerings in tech, they negotiate incredible deals that are then delivered fresh to your inbox. You can then trial the latest and greatest products risk-free, with an industry-leading 60-day money-back guarantee. In the game since 2011, they offer incredible insight into the best stack strategy, so we highly recommend dropping by their stand to get the latest insight into the next big products headed down the line (or, of course, to let them know about your own game-changing offering!)


Connection is absolutely key in the world of SaaS, and CloudEcosystem are here to make things that little bit easier for those plying their trade in the digital economy. Their goal is to provide a space to pool resources, share knowledge and generally help to develop wider community standards. Three main projects help them achieve this. Certified Cloud, the leading quality certification for SaaS and IaaS solutions, helps identify high-quality cloud vendors. Smart Business Cloud acts as a magazine-type space for all things cutting-edge and cloud-based. Finally, the Open Integration Hub is a vendor-neutral open-source framework for easy data synchronization between any software applications. If you’re in the cloud game – and honestly, who isn’t these days, beat a path to CloudEcosystem posthaste.


As more and more of our lives are lived online, security is everything. The careful protection of identity, one of our most important and treasured assets, is becoming increasingly crucial. Confidence in a site or app’s ability to guarantee total safety in this respect can make or break a business. Thankfully, Passbase are here to help integrate seamless, bank-level identity verification into your website, app, or checkout with just a few lines of code. They offer an identity engine with multiple points of proof, from facial recognition to ID authenticity check, all compiled onto one simple dashboard, making the management of verifications a breeze. We’re delighted to have them joining us as part of the startup program this year, and know this will be a sentiment shared by anyone else looking for faster, sleeker onboarding and verification of new users.


You’ve got the product, you’ve got the ambition. We all know that hiring can often provide the biggest stumbling block to progression. Prolancer aim to help fix this perennial problem, by offering an intuitive and well-resourced platform for finding, comparing, managing and hiring top talent within the Software, AI/ML & Advanced Programming space. Their database is amazingly well-curated, setting you up for success and increasing the odds of a perfect-fit hire from the very moment you place your (free!) job listing. If you’re looking to add to your team in the near future, would like to know more about remote opportunities or are just looking for a better collaborative workstream, Prolancer should be at the top of your ‘must meet’ list for SaaStock 19.


So much more than just “another account mapping tool” Boxxstep aim to reflect the changes seen within the modern B2B buying world. From helping to improve buyer team management and enhancing buyer team navigation, through to team coaching and boosted opportunity qualification, their suite of helpful tools can improve opportunity forecasting, boost deal reviews and ensure the momentum of your sales meetings is maintained through access to the most vital information. Buyer relationship management will never be the same again.


Innovation is a word splashed liberally across the landing pages of almost every new SaaS-based venture we come across, and with good reason. The ability to innovate really is crucial to the progression of our industry, and the biggest blocker to success here is the stagnation of excellent ideas that fail to get the chances they deserve. SimplyDo is a platform that leverages cloud-based technology to empower organizations across the private, public and third sectors, helping them to realize the untapped potential of early-stage ideas in driving innovation. If you’re at all worried about your own organization sleeping on untapped potential, SimplyDo are a simply must.


They say the devil’s in the detail, and Scoop digs right into that. By using machine learning to uncover the hidden secrets of successful sales calls, they offer the chance to benefit from the lessons we could be teaching ourselves. Developed with the sole purpose of closing more deals, their product offers laser-focused insight for everyone from business managers through to reps. A raft of excellent integration partners, including Zoom, Drift and more, combined with a sliding scale of subscription plans means that 

Mandarin Solutions

Full-spectrum security is something many seek but costs can quickly mount up. Mandarin’s juicy offering promises an affordable cloud-based solution to those looking to visualize, exercise control and ensure the security of their whole network. From optimizing network traffic through to extending technical functionality, they work with a broad range of clients, including IBS Datafort, Wildberries and Expobank. With a number of in-house solutions such as TrafficDirector and Web Watch 360, they have a really broad spectrum of applicable use cases, all geared towards reduced costs and easier implementation. Joining us all the way from Russia, we’re delighted to have them joining us in Dublin this month.


The rental and hosting economy is here to stay and increasingly bolstered by a raft of smart tech that’s helping to optimize the experience for guests and hosts alike. Syncbnb offers a smart solution to the thorny issue of lackluster or double bookings, offering property owners the chance to boost their bookings by synchronizing your calendars across 200+ channels. Advanced AI and real-time sync are both put to great use, and a well-designed dashboard keeps all of your rentals in one clean and clear place.


Offering headless CRM for sales, support, and customer success, Funnelfox is already beloved of many big-name clients, including Hootsuite, Codeship, and Botify. Promising more value from your customer interactions and sales capacity increased by 15%, Funnelfox works server-side and can prove a huge time saver. The ability to integrate your sales stack with FunnelFox Data Capture ensures you eliminate data silos, and all your CRM updates are captured automatically, meaning your sales reps can focus on selling. There are so many positive testimonials and case studies supporting this excellent product, we highly recommend checking it out for yourself at SaaStock19.


Fresh out of the blocks, Ciara are a newly-minted startup, founded in 2019 and already making a great name for themselves. Billed as “your all-in-one conversation assistant” they enable silky-smooth personalized talk tracks, seamlessly synced CRMs and even automated note-taking. A winning feature for many is their real-time objection handling; an answer for every doubt, at your fingertips right when you need it most. In short, Ciara promises to prove an absolutely invaluable wing-woman of the future – make sure sure you get an introduction as part of our Startup Program.


While we’d all love fleet of personal PAs to help keep each of our highly talented (and highly paid) team on the straight and narrow, it’s sadly not on the cards for most businesses. Matterway offers another opportunity; a digital assistant to help simplify your employees’ day to day tasks, minimize unnecessary clicks and generally reduce digital friction. Their product integrates with various procurement systems, eliminating duplicate data entry and tedious lookups, meaning it can benefit a full spectrum of teams and use cases. It’s this myriad of mini-wins that helps to smooth the path to smashed KPIs, supercharged efficiency and boosted speed.


Fairwai offer simple and secure instant messaging for businesses to keep in touch with your prospects and customers. One-click conversation can be initiated, sharable through email signature, documents, social bios and more, and instantly creating the human connection that enables relationships to grow. With a raft of helpful integrations, and the ability to learn from the data gathered, analyzing stats in real-time, Fairwai has huge potential for a really broad range of use cases. We’re really happy to see them as part of this year’s Startup Program.

The best sales team in the world will still underperform with the wrong toolset. Bonjour are here to offer a best-in-class experience in terms of sleek demos and product engagement. With a “show, don’t tell” mentality, they’ve addressed every element of the pipeline, from the optimization of demo scheduling right through to managing your team’s performance at scale. They are part of eFounders who have created companies such as Aircall, Spendesk, Mailjet and more, so they have the perfect backing to make it big.


We all strive to create world-leading customer-centric products, but how many of us have total faith in the tools we’ve selected to help us achieve perfection here? Harvestr offers a superb suite of product management software, helping you really drill down into feedback, figure out your roadmap and work out how you should be prioritizing features. Whether you’re a startup, a user researcher or a product manager, they offer incredibly valuable insight into the future of your product and all the potential that it could hold.


User testing; love it or hate it, it needs to get done. Norway’s Teston are here to help make the process slick, efficient and enjoyable for all parties involved. In terms of defining a target audience, users can recruit their own panel or have Teston handle things. Once your testers are on board, simply define your task, hit publish and let Teston work its magic. Within a few hours, your results videos will start arriving, ready for assessment, analysis and fine-tuning of your product or service. A huge time saver, and a resource that many UX teams would bite your hand off for!


We all know the value of data by now; the lesson many of us are still learning is the importance of its storage and management. Siloing is a huge issue for many scaling businesses looking to leverage the power of a lot of important information. OhmyLead aims to take away this issue from lead management by connecting over 400 lead generation and marketing tools to one unified solution. By bringing everything under the same roof they enable the collection, nurturing and qualifying of leads all within the same space. Meet them at SaaStock to learn more about their upcoming mobile app and more.


If there’s one thing we love at SaaStock, it’s a disruptor, and are upsetting the status quo across multiple industries with their groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence solutions. Next level document data extraction, 100% accurate intelligent data and process automation and the creation of digital agents able to chat in natural language are all on offer. Their proprietary algorithms are the stuff of legend; to find our more we strongly recommend securing some time with them at SaaStock to discuss the power of their product and what it might be able to bring to your own business in 2020.

That concludes our rundown of twenty startups we’re delighted to have welcomed onto this year’s Program. We’re expecting great things from in the year to come, and we know that if past years are anything to go by, SaaStock will be providing a launchpad for a lot of those exciting developments.

Find out more about the Startup Program, or our Pitch Contest (which several of these startups will be participating in), and come meet all our Startups at SaaStock!