The startup world is booming with new SaaS companies looking to make their mark. This year, our Startup Program has welcomed some of the most exciting and innovative European SaaS startups that are poised for rapid growth. 

From companies revolutionising how businesses operate to ones disrupting traditional industries, these startups have fresh ideas and ambitious plans to scale up quickly. We’ve handpicked the rising SaaS startups in our program that you should keep an eye on in 2023. 

These startups are leveraging the latest technologies and creative business models to provide solutions for modern business needs. They span various sectors from marketing automation to cybersecurity to recruitment. While still in their early stages, these startups have already demonstrated impressive traction and have raised significant funding to fuel their expansion. 

In this blog, we dive into what makes each of these startups special. We’ll cover their unique value propositions, how they plan to disrupt the status quo, their most impressive metrics so far, and why they’re poised for a breakout year in 2023.

From innovative platforms to forward-thinking teams, these are the rising SaaS stars to watch as they scale to new heights this year. Read on to learn more about the future titans of the SaaS world before they hit it big.



Airrange turns Excel into the most powerful no-code platform on the planet: Build web apps with Excel logic, automate reports, share selected workbook areas with full functionality, and manage users and activities.

  • Founder: Stephan Methnar
  • HQ: Munich, Bavaria
  • Vertical: IT Services and IT Consulting
  • Employee Count: 2-10



Collaborative CRM for modern GTM teams to accelerate revenue across the entire customer lifecycle.

  • Founder: Chris Moen
  • HQ: Norway
  • Vertical: CRM & Sales
  • Employee Count: 11 – 50


Damson Cloud

Damson Cloud helps customers achieve success with Google Workspace, working with key stakeholders within businesses to ensure their workforce remains productive, ready for growth and ensuring that their data remains secure. Whether migrating to Google Workspace or utilising Damson Cloud as a Google Premier Partner with an existing setup, Damson Cloud have been helping businesses achieve their goals for the last decade and a half with our dedicated Operations and Customer Success Services teams.

Change management is a big part of our ethos. This includes the executive sponsorship, communication and training within a project. This is where we help your organisation break apart old ways of working and bringing everyone together to a new way of working using Google Workspace as the catalyst. Your business will then see the benefits of true collaboration within the Google Workspace environment. We don’t just provide the tools to your users. We take them on a journey.

Part of our dedication to providing customers with the very best in Google Workspace practices has been our successful YouTube channel that has over 5000 subscribers and our videos have been viewed over 1,000,000 times.

  • Founder: Donal Murphy
  • HQ: Dublin, Ireland
  • Vertical: Cloud
  • Employee Count: 11-50



Eurekos is a Danish SaaS company which originated as part of a consulting and training company in 2013.  In 2019, Eurekos was spun off as an independent software company and has transformed into a leading customer education LMS globally.  Today, Eurekos has customers throughout the EU, UK, North America and Asia. 

Eurekos is purpose-built LMS that rapidly onboards and continuously engages customers and channel partners. It includes an integrated suite of tools for certification, eCommerce, branded portals, mobile learning, and rapid content. Eurekos makes it easy to deliver product training that retains more customers and transforms channel sales partners into advocates.

  • Founder: Nick Etlar Eriksen
  • HQ: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Vertical: Ed-tech
  • Employee Count: 11-50



With FlowMate, we solve one of the biggest problems for SaaS providers: integrations.

Through, SaaS providers can easily integrate any SaaS solutions to expand their integration offerings quickly. FlowMate integrations are embedded directly into their solution to boost revenue by adding significant value. Just as Stripe is a platform for billing and payments, FlowMate is a platform for integration and automation.

After launching FlowMate in May of this year, we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the SaaS community. We acquired our first paying customers in the first few weeks after launch, and our sales pipeline is filling up every day. After our successful launch, we are now planning our 3m seed round.

  • Founder: Frank Tuerling
  • HQ: Germany
  • Vertical: Developer Tools
  • Employee Count: 1-10
  • ARR (in USD): $101-250K



Giyst generates automated AI-powered video summaries to drive, discover and enable efficient consumption of the essence of content. We work with marketing teams, content creators, communication teams and L&D specialists to:

  • Drive Content Engagement
  • Drive Content Discovery
  • Repurpose Content at speed and scale

We work with a wide variety of clients ranging from Healthcare companies to Media Organisations who use Giyst to communicate more effectively with employees, customers, partners and audiences.

  • Founder: Colm Murphy & Avril Power
  • HQ: Cork, Ireland
  • Vertical: IT
  • Employee Count: 2-10



Guideflow, the interactive product demo platform. Show don’t tell: capture, customize, share & analyze interactive demos in seconds!

  • Founder: Geoffroy d’Halluin
  • HQ: France
  • Vertical: CRM & Sales
  • Employee Count: 11-50
  • ARR (in USD): $11-100K



MySalesCoach provides personal 1:1 expert SaaS sales coaches as a subscription service, coaching SDR’s, AE’s, Leaders, and CS teams at the likes of Deel, Klavyo, Cognism and SaaStock.

We match every individual to an experienced expert coach based on role, aspirations and coaching goals, who has walked in your shoes and experienced coach, available to book as a cadence, and in moments of need for 1:1 coaching sessions on-demand.

Group coaching sessions see small cohorts of like minded peers share best practices and tips on almost 100 topics – from LinkedIn VoiceNotes, Cold Call breakdowns, Discovery tips, running a PiP and using SPIF’s.

Launched in January, we have just passed $500k ARR. Fun Fact: Kevin’s co-founder, Mark is best selling co-author of Problem Prospecting?! and a star of ‘Come Dine With Me’ with officially the 2nd most funny moment on the programme, when he almost choked on a sardine.

  • Founder: Kevin Beales
  • HQ: United Kingdom
  • Vertical: CRM & Sales
  • Employee Count: 1-10
  • ARR (in USD): $501-1M



Payemoji is a service of Message My Customer Ltd, a conversational commerce company based in Dublin, Ireland. 

Payemoji enable businesses to engage with customers, sell products & services, accept digital payments, book appointments, provide any customer and employee journey, all through everyday messaging apps like WhatsApp. With Payemoji, businesses and organisations can provide a better customer experience, without the complexity and cost of a mobile application. 

  • Founder: Mick Higgins
  • HQ: Ireland


RevOs is a revenue operation system – we’re revolutionizing the revenue operations space, making the processes of sales, marketing, and customer success smarter, faster, and more efficient.

Founded by a serial entrepreneur with a history of disruptive ventures, RevOS is more than just another tech product; it’s a new way to redefine the way businesses understand and optimize their revenue.

Fun & Key Facts:

✅  Beginnings: The company was built by experienced SaaS/B2B founders after successful exit 

✅ AI-Powered: The core AI of RevOS is build on top of 10+ years of data and experience from application and data integration

✅  Success Stories: A reference model for Customer Health Score we developed is the most widely used in the industry with 1000+ downloads

  • Founder: Renat Zubayrov
  • HQ: Germany
  • Vertical: AI & Machine Learning
  • Employee Number: 1-10
  • ARR (in USD): $101-250K



Scytale helps SaaS companies streamline security compliance through automation so they can boost customer trust and sell more.

  • Founder: Meiran Galis
  • HQ: Israel
  • Vertical: Security
  • Employee Count: 11-50
  • ARR: $1-3M


Swag Hut

At Swag Hut our mission is to make it easy for companies to strengthen relationships with their customers and employees worldwide through sustainable and meaningful branded gifts. We know that sourcing swag can be difficult. Spending endless hours searching and comparing products and suppliers, understanding the variety of printing methods, managing multiple lead times and trying to organise distribution and deliveries – it’s a lot right? We know.

Swag Hut was started to help businesses improve their promotional merchandise process and make it simple. We design your swag packs and then arrange kitting, storage and shipping to your customers and employees. It’s never been easier to create beautiful unboxing experiences.

20 People on the Team

150+ Happy Clients

2,000 Projects Completed

180 Countries Delivered to

  • Founder: Tom Ryan
  • HQ: Dublin, Ireland
  • Vertical: Adtech
  • Employee Count: 2-10



UserGuiding bridges the gap between end-users and core value of web applications by enabling product teams to create, customize, personalize, and deploy interactive in-app experiences, without coding.

With UserGuiding, you can create product tours, tooltips, hotspots, in-app surveys, announcement banners, and more on top of your app; guiding and communicating with users at every stage of their journey.

Segmentation capabilities of UserGuiding help you tailor the experience of each user while its robust analytics and user identification features enable you to improve your content with data-driven insights to improve activation, adoption, and retention.

  • Founder: Osman Koc, Muhammet Enginar
  • HQ: Turkey



Valuecase empowers tech sales and customer success teams to manage, standardize, and accelerate deal execution. From resource sharing, over mutual action planning, to business casing and quoting – Valuecase combines everything revenue teams need to engage their prospects in one place, readily accessible via a microsite.

Up until today, tens of thousands of opportunities have been managed through Valuecase – from first call, over signing, to onboarding and beyond. The platform powers some of the most ambitious revenue orgs across Europe.

  • Founder: Lennart Prange & Jan Niklas Wick
  • HQ: Hamburg, Germany
  • Vertical: IT
  • Employee Count: 11-50


There you have it – the top rising SaaS startups to keep on your radar from our Startup Program this year. From AI-powered solutions to vertically focused products, these companies represent the vanguard of creative thinking and sheer ambition in the SaaS sector.

While still in their early and growth stages, these startups have enormous potential for the future. We’re proud to have provided resources, mentorship, and opportunities to scale to this new class of startups.

If you lead a promising SaaS startup, we invite you to apply to join our upcoming cohort of our Startup Program at SaaStock in Dublin next month. The program will connect you with funding sources, industry experts, media coverage and more to help propel your business to the next level.

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