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As we have showcased in previous pieces, there are many reasons to be excited about the Latin American SaaS ecosystem. Not only is the region producing superstar SaaS contenders, but the interest from local and international VCs is increasing. The space as a whole has churned more IPOs in the last 6 months than the previous 20 years combined as a result.

However, our interest goes beyond the current state of SaaS in Latin America. We want to understand the future generation of SaaS leaders and help them grow.

We had a closer look at who the young upstarts of Latin America are in search of the most exciting Latin American SaaS startups. With them in mind, we have created our Startup Program, tailored especially for SaaS startups. We will run the 1-day program on April 23rd, the day before the official SaaStock LatAm conference kicks off. The Startup day will offer mentoring, coaching, pitch practice, a masterclass and many other essentials to the success of any SaaS startup.

We are excited to aid the future generation of Latin American SaaS trailblazers and to be part of their journey of success. Here are the most exciting Latin American SaaS startups that we cannot wait to meet in less than a month. If you are a startup looking to gain more traction and growth, you can still apply for the Startup Program until March 28th. Don’t hold back, this is a rare opportunity.

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Elevator pitch: Construct develops a field communication platform for construction projects. Its platform enables engineers, architects, and project managers to communicate and collaborate in the construction supply chain network.
Founders: Drew Beaurline and Patrick Albert
Founded: 2014
Based in: Belo Horizonte
Funding to Date: $636K


Elevator pitch: GoCache provides CDN-based products that help protect and accelerate websites. In addition to cache static files, the platform stores and accelerates the delivery of dynamic pages of websites, blogs, and e-commerce stores. Its network is capable of absorbing common DDoS attacks such as SYN / UDP flood.
Founders: Guilherme Eberhart Jorge
Founded: 2013
Based in: São Paulo
Funding to Date: Undisclosed Seed round


Elevator pitch: dLieve helps retailers, e-commerce, logistics providers with a real-time tracking system (a full delivery management platform) and, above all, provides an ETA for end customers that want to know when their purchase will show up, improving the customer experience during the delivery process.
Founders: Patrick Rocha
Founded: 2017
Based in: São Paulo
Funding to Date: $500K

Pin People

Elevator pitch: Pin People believe there is a silent but huge problem within every organization: the employee experience gap. It happens because it is difficult to keep clear communication, good practices and a bit of personification throughout the employee journey when your company has more than a few dozen people. Pin People solves this by helping organizations manage the employee experience at every stage of their journey in the organization. They start by focusing on the onboarding. Through automated content and survey delivery, we improve and accelerate the process of integrating, developing and acculturating new employees. To date, they have captured more than 1 million responses of nearly 100,000 employees within dozens of organizations.
Founders: Frederico Lacerda
Founded: 2015
Based in: São Paulo
Funding to Date: $200K

Árvore de Livros

Elevator pitch: Árvore aims to solve the literacy problem in Brazil. With more than 30k books and newspaper, the company has built a custom digital library platform for schools, businesses, libraries, and public and private institutions. It offers a large collection of e-books consisting of various genres and categories: from classics to contemporary, bestsellers, new releases, and books to suit all tastes and types of people.
Founders: Joao Leal
Founded: 2014
Based in: Rio de Janeiro
Funding to Date: N/A


Elevator pitch: Digital entrepreneurs have many daily tasks that consume time and energy. Metatext offers a solution to help SaaS entrepreneurs to automate business processes such as customer services, marketing and insights. The startup is comprised of expert researchers from academia and financial markets.
Founders: Rafael Sandroni
Founded: 2018
Based in: São Paulo
Funding to Date: N/A

CRM Educacional

Elevator pitch: According to research that CRM Educacional has conducted, only 50% of seats are filled at the beginning of a course and 40% of the students dropout before the end of the program. They solve that by using both their AI-enabled platform and automation for engagement with leads and students The platform is already used by more than 150 Higher Education and k-12 in Brazil.
Founders: Daniel Antonucci
Founded: 2015
Based in: Belo Horizonte
Funding to Date: N/A


Elevator pitch: Deskfy is a platform that allows marketing teams to work together in the management, distribution and personalization of digital and printed marketing assets.
Founders: Lucas Braum
Founded: 2017
Based in: São Leopoldo
Funding to Date: $150K


Elevator pitch: NEO MED is a marketplace aiming to simplify the relationship between Clinics, Laboratories and Hospitals that need medical reports and the to physicians writing these reports. By reporting exams online, physicians earn additional income, while organisations have a way of minimizing their backlog of reports.
Founders: Bruno Farias de Souza
Founded: 2017
Based in: São Paulo
Funding to Date: $647,600


Elevator pitch: Digibee connects enterprises to the world 10x faster with #NoCodeIntegration platform, Don’t mind developers anymore. Digibee enables less technical users to connect systems, services, and apps to deliver new digital products to the market.
Founders: Rodrigo Bernardinelli
Founded: 2017
Based in: São Paulo
Funding to Date: $1,5M


Elevator pitch: Fhinck analyzes thousands of daily routines that employees execute at the operational level. Their solution, installed on each employee’s computer, maps and tracks activities and gives insights about focus, best practices, processes deviations, and training needs. Using artificial intelligence on top of that, the platform identifies operational and productivity gaps and shows where improvements are needed.
Founders: Paulo Castello
Founded: 2015
Based in: São Paulo
Funding to Date: $270K


Elevator pitch: Small and Medium business strive to make their business agile. For most what is needed is a radical culture change to adopt new working practices as Scrum. And they do need support for it. ScrumHalf is a complete and easy to use tool that helps companies adopt the Scrum framework. leading the team to a smooth agile transition.
Founders: José A. Rodrigues Nt
Founded: 2016
Based in: Rio de Janeiro
Funding to Date: N/A


Elevator pitch: Rabbot offers intelligent software automation for mobile businesses that need to manage and control in a scalable way their fleet journey.
Founders: Bruno Pelikan
Founded: 2016
Based in: São Paulo
Funding to Date: $600K



Elevator pitch: Brandtrack is the most high-tech background music platform for commercial spaces. Our powerful algorithm tracks various consumer patterns to create a soundtrack that enhances the customer experience. With the Brandtrack App, business chains can develop a unique, yet unified brand identity through its music. Brandtrack offers the ability to access smart playlists offline, insert promotional voiceovers, and monitor unexpected changes in in-store music through one control panel.
Founders: Santiago Lagier
Founded: 2014
Based in: Buenos Aires
Funding to Date: $700K



Elevator pitch: DataCue improves the conversion rate for any e-commerce website by personalizing the entire shopping experience. E-commerce retailers typically feature their best sellers, which alienates their customers by giving them a one size fits all experience. They use big data and machine learning to understand what each visitor wants and automatically change the banners, product recommendations and even on-site notifications.
Founders: Shahram Anver
Founded: 2018
Based in: Santiago
Funding to Date: $100K

WhatElse SpA

Elevator pitch: WhatElse is a business productivity solution, that helps users to save more than a day per month from searching for data across various apps to help a customer, before, during and after a call. With one free day per month, employees can achieve 5% more goals per month.
Founders: Pooran Prasad Rajanna
Founded: 2018
Based in: Santiago
Funding to Date: $100K

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