SaaStock LatAm Online has been planned and developed in collaboration with SaaS leaders from the region and internationally, designed to help the SaaS community of South America refocus priorities, overcome new obstacles, and help their companies gain traction, growth, and scale. 

We’ve hand-picked some of the hottest sessions for SaaS founders and leaders looking for intensive knowledge and actionable insights across seven different challenges. Check out these can’t-miss sessions, and book your tickets now to join us on 31 August – 1 September.

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For Sales teams

Async Communication, Empathy & Upselling: The Secret to Selling in Remote
– Renata Centurión, Winning by Design

As the world of work goes remote, face-to-face buyer decision making is in the distant past. In a landscape of tightened budgets, customers are also increasingly cautious to acquire new, or renew, existing products. So, what does it take to sell in the new normal? In this session, Latin America’s best and brightest sales leaders will share their secrets.

For Revenue generators

The End of Predictable Revenue?
– Aaron Ross, Predictable Revenue

Whatever projections you had at the start of the year have been proved wrong. But with world economies still reeling from the long-term effects of COVID, how can you prepare your SaaS business for an unpredictable future? In his keynote, Aaron Ross, CEO of Predictable Revenue, will unpack what it takes to build an anti-fragile revenue engine. You’ll learn how to build resilient sales and management teams, and leave ready to re-think and reset, again and again. 

For Product teams

Low-touch, high-growth: Prepare for a Product-led future
– Alejandro Vazquez, Nuvemshop | Tiendanube

In difficult times, your product is your safest investment. But, what does it mean to be truly product-led and, how can you in practice, implement a low-touch, low-cost and high-growth model? In this discussion, commercial and product leaders will share their secrets to capitalising on one of the most important innovations in SaaS growth strategy: product-led growth.

For Customer champions

Customer Centricity: How to lead customer first
– Maíra Gracini, Zendesk

In the current climate, your customers are your greatest asset. But, how can you build a SaaS business firmly focused on their voice? In this session, we’ll unpack what it means to be customer centric from various perspectives: sales, marketing and product. You’ll learn how to create loyalty through designing & marketing for the customer; best practice for implementing customer feedback across all facets of your business; and how different teams can collaborate to deliver a seamless UX.

For CEOs going global

Global X Glocal: Should you win locally first or go global from day 1?
– Diego Gomes, Rock Content

Going global or staying local is one of the most critical decisions for founders in Latin America. But, is there a ‘right time’ to internationalise? More to the point, once you ‘go global’, how do you find PMF in multiple markets? In this session, 3 founders will share their stories of going global, from winning local and regional markets first, to selling to the US from day 1. We’ll be bringing different voices to the stage to help you find the model that’s best for your business. 

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For Founders looking for funding

Pitch Perfect: How to find funding in the current climate
– Rodrigo Baer, Redpoint Ventures

As the market realises the impact of COVID, the most influential VC’s in Latin America will explore the investment landscape. In this session, they’ll provide the playbook for securing rounds in the current climate, and forecast the future of funding in the region.

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For Managers and Team Leaders

Rework: Start an Emotional Revolution in your Workplace
– Rui Brandão, Zenklub

2020 has been characterised by isolation, anxiety and loss of general routine. So, amidst the chaos and ‘uncertainty’, how can you and your team find focus? In this keynote, Rui Duarte Brandão, CEO & Co-founder of Zenklub, will unpack what it takes to be an emotionally intelligent leader. From open communication to compassion and empathy, he’ll share his experience of building a team united by a singular mission. You’ll discover how implementing an emotional health strategy can transform your business output, and leave raring to craft resilience into your company culture. 

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