SaaS Revolution Show

The 6 pillars of effective content marketing

This week’s guest, hailing all the way from Brazil, is Diego Gomes, CEO of content marketing platform and SaaS-enabled marketplace Rock Content. Alex and Diego, who is one of many excellent speakers we will host at SaaStock LatAm, talk about the content marketing strategy the company has executed for their blog to reach 2 million unique visits and 50K new subscribers each month. and help the company on the way to $12mm ARR.

An entrepreneur by heart, Diego started Rock Content with two other co-founders, nearly six years ago. At the time they had no idea they were building a SaaS company, what made a subscription-based company successful or who else was building SaaS in Brazil. What they knew was to blog about marketing. Marketers became their core audience.

As they built the content marketing strategy they included the entire customer persona lifecycle of a marketer, from the moment they graduated university all the way to becoming a CMO. That full lifecycle focus has been in the centre of the success that Rock Content has managed to achieve. Currently, at $12M in ARR, the company employs 300 people and has been profitable for three years in a row.

Diego has managed to replicate a similar success with content marketing for his personal blog and project SaaSholic, which aims to help SaaS founders in Latin America. Running it for the past 3 years, he has managed to build a healthy community of thousands of SaaS founders and has made many friends along the way.

Listen on to learn:
  • How the customer acquisition strategy is reflected in the content marketing of Rock content
  • What are the pillars of a truly successful content marketing strategy
  • Whether you should be worried about the over saturation of content

As a speaker at SaaStock LatAm on April 23-25th 2019 in Sao Paulo, Diego will be joined by Renata Centurión, from  Winning by Design who will help you make sales a team sport within the organisation, Lauren Vaccarello, VP Marketing, Box who will share how to do marketing at scale, André Baldini, CEO, Superlógica Tecnologias who will walk you through how to grow 10x in three years and reach profitability and many others. Grab an Early Bird ticket before February 15th to get the best price.