From the SaaStock 2022 Scale Stage: Godard Abel (Co-founder and CEO G2) discusses surviving and thriving in a downturn: his lessons learned weathering economic storms over 25 years building SaaS leaders.

“Software is eating the world” I love that quote from Marc Andreessen and he said that in 2012. We are all creating SaaS apps to automate every part of every business, every industry, and I think companies are going to keep investing in digitisation and I think we’re so far from done, AI, data – we’re all just at the beginning. So there’s a massive longterm opportunity for us, and I think if we just adapt and use this downturn to get smarter and get more efficient, we survive it. What I’ve always seen, ultimately, is the sunshine does return and maybe we’re in a bit of a blizzard now and we hunker down, but the sun does always come back, and we can use this time to get better and stronger together, and ultimately we can all achieve our dreams together.

Godard shares what it takes to weather economic storms and market downturns as a SaaS leader. Surviving the downturn and thriving to success can be done. Join him to hear the lessons learned from over 25 years of working to stay ahead of the game.

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