Announcing: The State of SaaS: LatAm 2020-1 Survey1 min read

Survey - state of SaaS LatAm

SaaStock is mapping the SaaS community of South America, and we need your help.

We’re looking for SaaS founders, co-founders and executives to complete our ‘State of SaaS’ survey. It asks a range of questions covering various aspects of building a SaaS company: funding and investment, sales and marketing channels, company size, and common SaaS growth metrics.

We believe this is the first survey of its kind, looking at the current SaaS ecosystem in Latin America. The survey aims to create a credible benchmark for all players in the LatAm SaaS ecosystem to understand:

  • Company profiles
  • Distribution strategies
  • SaaS metrics
  • SaaS funding benchmarks

Sound like you? Start the survey now 👇

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Completing this survey will help us put together a detailed report into the state of SaaS in Latin America. For SaaS leaders in the region this will help you understand how your company measures up against your competition, and give you some regional benchmarks to measure your progress, rather than comparing your company growth to US or European companies.

I know that completing surveys takes valuable time out of your day, so as a thank you, everyone who completes this survey will receive 1 month’s access to SaaStock.TV, home to exclusive videos from top names in SaaS – from Eric Santos and Patrick Arippol, to Nathan Latka and Tricia Gellman.

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