The top mistakes first time founders make when scaling – and how to avoid them, with Shelley Perry, Scalelogix Ventures1 min read

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Shelley Perry, Managing Director of Scalelogix Ventures, joins Alex Theuma on The SaaS Revolution Show. Shelley is an investor, board director, and advisor and specializes scale-up stage – a unique growth stage for any SaaS company. She joins The SaaS Revolution Show to share the top mistakes she sees first-time founders make when scaling their company. Shelley is one of the speakers at SaaStock’s brand new Blueprint event, taking place on December 15, to provide the Blueprint to help SaaS CEOs go from good startup to great scaleup.

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Listen on to learn:

  • What are the top mistakes that first-time SaaS founders make?
  • What is the product-market fit pause (and why is it important?)
  • How to understand what you need when planning your next executive hire
  • How to evolve from a management role to a coaching role

Watch now, or listen to the audio-only version below:

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