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When Jack Beaman, CEO and Co-founder at Syft, decided to disrupt the temp worker industry, he didn’t expect it would disrupt him too.

He started off with a clear idea — create a marketplace where hospitality industry employers and temp workers would be able to find each other. What he didn’t suspect was that the rise of flexible workers would be so substantial amongst it’s clients looking to employ their own flexible workers directly (as much as a 400% increase) that they would also look to Syft for new efficient ways to manage them. And they would need new efficient ways to manage them.

An invaluable opportunity to create a SaaS platform they were prepared to pay for presented itself on a silver platter. Entrepreneurial Jack jumped on.

Jack had nurtured his entrepreneurial skill by jumping on the startup bandwagon cheap viagra sales straight out of university as employee number 3 at Fuse Universal. His transition to Syft happened in late 2015 after a growing frustration of working with Temp agencies. Now in beta as a SaaS offering, he finds himself in a fairly unique position of having both a marketplace and a SaaS model.

Jack has also experienced the crazy growth in his own employee count, going from 30 to 75 in the span of two months, which in itself has been a massive learning experience.

Listen on to hear:

  • How to sell and get customers in traditional industries
  • What has helped with adoption of tech
  • Does traditional advertising work in SaaS

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