In this episode of the SaaS Revolution Show our host Alex Theuma is joined by Eynat Guez, Co-founder & CEO at SaaS unicorn Papaya Global, who discusses how she scaled the company beyond $100 million ARR.

So, thinking on scale and thinking of really, really good processes and infrastructures is very important at this stage because otherwise you’re just going to find yourself in an endless loop when you are trying to catch up people; we are trying to understand what they need. And obviously, I mean, this will impact their ability to grow, this will impact their ability to meet their targets. And then you’re going to find yourself in the second loop, which you’re constantly replacing people and training new people, but then you are not changing the narrative or changing the problem that you have.

Eynat shares:

  • Growing the business 300% YoY since year one
  • How keeping a lean team helped them scale quicker
  • Raising $5M in their first three years, and $445M in the following five
  • The importance of choosing the right clients at the right time- in the early days, focus on those with standards and needs you can meet vs the ‘big-name’ logos
  • Why the first $1M needs to be sold by the founder, not a salesperson
  • Their initial struggle around training infrastructures

and more!

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