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On this week’s episode of The SaaS Revolution Show, we take you to the SaaStock on Tour New York stage for what was one of the most entertaining and well received panels on the day.

Ben Hindman, CEO of Splash talks with Tomer Tagrin, CEO of Yotpo and Alexis Le Quoc, CTO of Datadog about some of the fundamental challenges they have faced in the course of growing their companies and how they have addressed them.

Ben is no wallflower. Neither are his panelists. All three come from highly successful companies with impressive ARRs, numerous funding rounds, staff, hustle and lessons learned behind their backs.

In their highly engaging chat, the three openly share the things they still haven’t quite figured out and a plethora of things they have. They debunk the myth that the team is the most important thing for a company and instead shed a light on what must be the focus.

What sticks out is Ben, Alexis, and Tomer’s humility, honesty and ability to not take themselves too seriously despite all the success and the high stakes. As all three agree that is the key to staying sane on the journey, which can see any founder have 5 ups and downs a day.

Listen on to hear:

  • What is the right set up for scaling a company?
  • What is the main job of the leader of a scaling company?
  • How to fundraise and stay frugal at the same time?

We will be back in New York for another SaaStock East coast conference on June 4th-6th and will have many similar talks on growing and scaling your SaaS business from honest and successful founders and executives. Have a look and grab your ticket.