In what can be rightfully deemed the era of the entrepreneur, we often gravitate towards glorifying founders; their successes and lifestyles. Yet it is becoming increasingly clear that in a lot of cases, the life of the founder is anything but spectacular. Their struggles are often unspoken and largely remain a personal ordeal.

We have been trying to negate that from SaaStock’s inception by creating a platform and a space that is safe for sharing failures and difficulties. Our ethos has never been about just chest bumps and high fives alone, but rather real and authentic stories and experiences that deliver real insight and a touch of closure.

That holds particularly true with SaaSociety, our intimate gathering of founders built for conversations, connections and shared exclusive experiences.

SaaSociety has been a signature part of SaaStock since the first conference in 2016. In that time it has evolved its shape and form, arriving at its optimal formula in 2018 where we gathered 50+ founders from companies such as Pipedrive, ProfitWell, Chargebee, Leaddesk, Influitive, Peakon, Moveable Inc, and more at a 5* hotel in the lush Irish countryside for interactive workshops, high-impact networking, gala dinners, and a whole lot of fun. We are now bringing that special experience to each of our SaaStock global series events.

Who attends SaaSociety

The invite-only event has only one prerequisite: SaaS founders need to have achieved either $3M+ in ARR or have secured Series A funding.

What happens at SaaSociety

Away from the crowds for two days and nights, founders exchange stories about their journeys, the triumphs, failures and the challenges of scaling a SaaS business. They unwind in beautiful surroundings and connect with their peers through immersive experiences: content sessions, networking dinners, drinks receptions and outdoor activities.

Here is what Martin Henk, Co-Founder of Pipedrive, had to say about the experience:

I fell in love with SaaStock because of the high quality of the attendees. Everyone is interesting and more importantly, relevant. SaaSociety turns this experience up to eleven. On the one hand, it’s highly entertaining whether you’re destroying clay pigeons or the golf course. On the other hand, it’s incredibly educational, during both the content part as well as the random conversations with fellow attendees. Add to this the therapeutic side of the gorgeous location and being surrounded by great people that all go through similar struggles and you’re left with the absolute best SaaS founder event in the world.

SaaSociety at our global events

We are bringing the SaaSociety experience to our global series events, starting with SaaStock LatAm on 24th-25th April. Smaller at scale, bringing 20 founders together, it will be an even more intimate experience for attendees.

Why you should attend

Aside from the fact that SaaSociety LatAm will be hosted at the luxurious 5* resort Palácio Tangará (worth the visit alone!), there are so many other reasons this retreat is critical for founders:  

  • Re-charge. Become immersed in a place where you don’t just share business challenges, but also personal ones. Keeping setbacks and failures private doesn’t have to be the way. Not only is this detrimental to physical and mental health but it also deprives you of the opportunity to seek help and advice. By openly sharing with fellow founders, challenges transform into teachers and become catalysts for change. We have created the intimate, supportive and therapeutic space where you can safely share your struggles and get advice from those who have already been there.
  • Make friends. For most founders, growing and scaling a SaaS company can be a lonely journey. Through the founders we have met, interviewed and had on stage, we have seen that many of the obstacles are common for everyone. In dealing with them, you are not alone. At SaaSociety, you’ll meet a group of future friends and build a secure network that you can always reach out to in the future.
  • Foster lifelong relationships. Human relationships, personal and professional, need care and genuine attention. They won’t stay functional and harmonious without us putting work into them. Perhaps you know some of the founders attending or have them in your network. At SaaSociety you get the chance to nurture those relationships by both opening up about your challenges and having fun.
  • Ignite strong partnerships. The intimate and distraction-free nature of SaaSociety allows you to engage in longer and more personal conversations. Those can be the breeding ground for potential business collaborations. We all have heard the saying “people buy from people.” Whilst the primary goal of SaaSociety is not to build such commercial opportunities, a lot of business avenues can be fostered naturally as a result of like-minded people coming together and sharing their challenges.
  • Tailored content for the scale stage. While our SaaStock main conferences rock, they are designed for a wide range of SaaS stages, from traction to growth and scale, as well as areas of interests such as Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and many others. The content sessions at SaaSociety are tailored towards founders who are scaling. We already have Patrick Campbell, CEO and Founder of ProfitWell, Mark Organ, CEO and founder of Influitive, and Aaron Ross, Co-CEO of Predictable Revenue confirmed as speakers. They will be talking about balancing the work-life dynamic, cultivating well-being, thriving both personally and professionally, and other pressing topics that are becoming critical for growth, both personal and professional.
  • One more way to enjoy beautiful São Paulo. If you are a founder traveling from abroad, SaaSociety provides one more way to experience the beautiful surroundings of São Paulo after SaaStock LatAm.

Apply for SaaSociety LatAm to make sure you are one of the 20 founders that will reap the benefits of the best SaaS founder-only retreat.  

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