Javier Darriba, CEO and co-founder at Bloobirds is this week’s guest on The SaaS Revolution Show.

Javier is a serial entrepreneur: he previously co-founded UserZoom, one of the most successful SaaS companies to come out of Spain – and is now looking to repeat that success with Bloobirds. Sales is his specialism, so this is a must-listen for any sales leaders (or aspiring sales leaders) in growing SaaS companies. In this episode he shares a wealth of sales expertise, from how to build out your sales team to why every startup needs a sales playbook.

Listen on to learn:

  • Why Bloobirds’ first sales hire was an SDR
  • Where to start when building out a sales function in your startup
  • The importance of the strategic side of sales
  • Understanding what type of sales people you need in your team
  • Why your company needs a sales playbook