We like to think of SaaStock not just as an events company but as Europe’s foremost embodiment of the global SaaS community. SaaStock showcases best practice and emerging trends of this dynamic and rapidly growing ecosystem.

We welcome all groups of SaaS stakeholders: from founders and execs of SaaS startups and scaleups, to SaaS investors of all flavours. Whether they are angels, VCs or corporate investors, we proudly host and aid those funding and supporting the growth of these incredible companies.

This year our investor team has carefully thought about how to optimise SaaStock’s value proposition for investors. With a feedback driven approach, we talked to many investors about what they want and need from events. Here’s what we came up with:

1. Investors love two things: Dealflow and catch-ups.

While dealflow is an obvious one, the value put on catch-ups was a bit of a surprise to us. Turns out, just like founders and executives, investors too need the space and time to catch-up and talk about the challenges and wins they have. That is why, this year we’re introducing Investock, our first investor-only event!

Taking place on Monday 15th, the day before the main conference kicks off, Investock will be the day to calmly network, before back to back meetings with potential investees begin on Tuesday. We will gather 200 fellow SaaS VCs and some LPs to network and connect over carefully selected content that addresses some of the most pressing issues that investors face.

Some agenda highlights include:

  • Panel discussion on portfolio value-add with different perspectives from EQT’s Ali Mitchell, SVBs Martin Afshari-Mehr and Notion Capital
  • Software 2018 a state of the market and cloud talk with Battery Ventures’ Logan Barlett

Other sessions include:

  • What do LPs look for in VCs?
  • How think about portfolio Exits and Merger or Acquisitions

After that more serious part of the day has concluded, we will loosen ties and grab a perfectly poured Guinness with some of the most exciting SaaS investors attending. Investock Pub Crawl will take you through the cobbled streets of Dublin en route to SaaStock’s infamous opening party. You will be in the company of the likes of Ben Blume from Atomico, Alexandra Kurmulisfrom Perpetual Investors, Hans Janssen from BFly Ventures, Joe Knowles from Smevdig Capital, Johannes Rohde from Capnamic Ventures and Rita Lei from Torch Partners among many others.

And as for the dealflows, we have redesigned SaaStock to allow for even more productive meetings and opportunities. Because as we further found…

2. Investors don’t have time to mess around.

We start by collecting a wide range of data, helping investors with their homework. Expect to see key SaaS metrics such as: ARR/MRR, % Growth, CAC, Per Customer Revenue. Alongside those you will have at your disposal fund raising stage, vertical/industry, location, employee and customer numbers and customer base.

With all this information we aim to build the most comprehensive picture of early stage and growing companies to best inform your decision on who to meet. We want to understand better what companies you are interested in meeting, so get in touch and email tom@saastock.com.

Indicate the funding stage, ARR, ~growth, industry, location and team size of startups you are interested in.

3. Investor-founder meetings are most productive when private and concise.

Since SaaStock16 we have known that having a designated zone for investors meetings makes a huge difference. We are making that area bigger and better than ever this year, offering seclusion and privacy for the all important conversations that determine the future of SaaS.

Both Investors and founders want to meet as many top quality candidates as possible. Meeting slots are no longer than 30 minutes, instigating founders to be concise and speak on point. With everyone speaking SaaS and with the homework done by us, both sides of the table can get to the most important thing — telling their stories, filled with potential, grit and panache. For many founders who have attended SaaStock before, these meetings have been the beginnings of fruitful relationships with investors that have led to funding rounds.

Who is coming to SaaStock?

The SaaS community is global, and so far we have investors coming from more than a dozen countries. Top countries include:

  • UK
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • France
  • USA
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Finland
  • Spain


We’re welcoming 400 VCs to SaaStock this year. The investors attending thus far, are majority senior or executive directors or partners at top VC funds.

  • 29.8% GP
  • 22.3% Principal/Associate
  • 14% VC
  • 9.9% Managing Partner
  • 9.9% Executive/Director
  • 8.3% Co-founder

To put names to these statics, we have Dharmesh Thakker from Battery, Jos White from Notion, Nicola McClafferty from Draper Esprit and Laurel Bowdenfrom 83North. If you want to see further, read our first highlight of attending VCs.

To show our appreciation for the contribution investors have on the development of the entire industry, we have a special discount code for you, valid for a week. Register for SaaStock and Investock using INVESTOCK10.

Another perk of signing up early is getting featured on or showcase articles.


This year we are very excited to be working closely with our Investment Partners: 83 NorthBattery VenturesSalesforce VenturesDraper EspiritEQTIndex VenturesNotion Capital and OpenView. We are also delighted to have all these logos:

Join us as we create the biggest and most eclectic gathering of SaaS investors and potential investees in Europe. Use a 1-week 10% discount code INVESTOCK10 valid until next Friday, 24th August. Enter the code at checkout for SaaStock + Investock ticket. If you already have a SaaStock18 ticket you can get an upgrade for Investock.

If you have any questions or would like to know more information contact me at tom@saastock.com or alternatively, book a call.

I’d like to especially thank Markus Grundmann from Senovo, Roel de Hoopfrom Prime Ventures, Louis Coppey from Point9 and Martin Afshari-Mehrfrom Salesforce Ventures for all the insightful discussions and tips! I look forward to seeing you at both Investock and SaaStock!