“SaaStock in one word? EPIC.” – Ari Salafia, Founder & CEO, TaxTaker


Hell yeah! Our very first SaaStock USA event took place in Austin, Texas earlier this month. We’re SUPER thrilled to have seen so many SaaS founders, investors and their teams join us as we brought Europe’s hottest SaaS festival to North America. 

400+ founders, 100+ investors, 60+ speakers all in one place can only mean one thing – plenty of conversation and fun!

We couldn’t have done it without our incredible speakers, sponsors, and startups – thank you ALL for making our first SaaStock USA event worthwhile. Y’all ROCK!

Oh and what song, you ask? The SaaStock USA Anthem featuring the #SaaStockCat! Give it a listen…

Here are some of our top highlights from SaaStock USA, in case you missed it or just want to re-live the best moments.


Founders from over 25 countries

We had 25+ represented at the event with 87% of attendees coming from across the US, 4% from the UK, 2% from Canada and the rest from all over the world. For our inaugural SaaStock USA event, we’re delighted that SaaS enthusiasts from across the world chose to come together at SaaStock.

From Chad’s (B2B SaaS Sales Trainer, Winning by Design) inspirational talk, Maxio’s cash grabber at their booth, to Alex David (CEO & Chief Operating Officer, Corrily) winning our first ever SaaStock USA Global Pitch Competition, and Matt Cretzman throwing a stuffed cat toy into the crowd to end the show – we had a blast!


40+% booked meetings on our networking app

60% of attendees used our event app to (pre-)book meetings, create their personal schedule across the event days, and make the most of their time onsite. Over 40% of app users scheduled meetings with fellow founders and investors throughout days 1-3 of the conference, driving meaningful conversations and building long-lasting relationships.



60+ SaaS legends & Speakers

The speakers who graced our stage at SaaStock USA (the main conference, SaaS.City, Startup Day and Investor Dinner) filled the rooms with inspiration, encouragement, excitement, and also tears. 



The buzzin’ expo floor

With such a high concentration of people in SaaS all in one place, at the main conference the 2-day expo floor kept conversations rolling on a constant. Founders met with other founders, investors sparked conversation with the next startup to fund, partners met with their ICP, speakers met with entrepreneurs who are on their journey to $10M ARR, and so on. These relationships are forged for life.


Partner with us!

Achieve your marketing and growth goals, meet top-tier attendees and founders, and be amongst the highest concentration of SaaS decision makers.

“A lot of SaaS conferences are diluted: you’re not going to run into a lot of founders, you’re going to run into salespeople. The reason we sponsor SaaStock every year is because we know we’re going to meet a lot of top-tier founders.” – Nathan Latka, CEO, Founderpath



Over 790+ leads (already) generated 

Our partners had the opportunity to meet and greet 800+ SaaS founders and their teams, and generate 20+ leads per partner across the main conference, pre- and post-conference networking events.


Networking at NightStock

Attendees came along to our after-hours events to have a glass or two, and break the ice with friends, old and new. From our Official SaaStock Opening Party on day 1 to multiple partner-hosted happy hours and networking drinks until day 3 – our attendees were floating from one place to the next to build connections and just have a great time!


Let’s let social media do the talking

Our goal for SaaStock USA was to bring the SaaS community in North America together just as we do in Dublin, in hopes that we’ll create conversation, connections and contacts. We wanted to help founders meet other founders who are going through the same journey, help investors meet other international funds, and most of all help founders meet their next investor (and vice versa). 

From looking at all the buzz on social pre-, during and post-event, we think it’s safe to say that: we did it.


Our very first SaaStock USA conference and we’re taking away a whole bunch of learnings, great feedback and new connections built.


From the team at SaaStock – THANK YOU! See y’all at SaaStock USA in 2024!

We feel better equipped to bring an even bigger and better festival to Austin, Texas next year (May 13-15) for an even greater impact. Come and meet your clients, partners, and friends in the industry at SaaStock USA 2024 to: network and learn from the best minds in SaaS, meet the hottest SaaS Startups across the globe, and have one hell of a time doing it.


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