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Dear community,

SaaStock, like many other businesses with a duty to its customers and employees, have worked on how we can continue to deliver our value in both short and long term online, in the face of this crisis and uncertainty.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been speaking with other event organisers, conference venues, customers and keeping abreast of the daily news to help inform our decision making.

From what we learned, we believe large events will in many cases not be able to return safely and with certainty in 2020.

If we move our SaaStock conferences online, and we do this early, we can provide a safe alternative that mitigates the risk of months of uncertainty.

And we can start planning again which will enable us to have the events the best that they can be, so we can continue on our mission to make a real difference to the lives and businesses in our community.

Given the latest scientific and government information, we believe that our in-person events should all be postponed to 2021. That will be the safest thing for our customers and for SaaStock.

Therefore we will be taking the following measures to ensure the safety of our community:

  • SaaStock LatAm 2020 will take place online, [DATE TBC].
  • SaaStock 2020 will take place online, on 12-14th October.
  • SaaStock APAC 2020 will take place online, on 24th November.
  • Our events will resume in 2021 in a Hybrid Model.
  • SaaStock in Dublin will return in person on the 11th-13th October 2021.

Our colleagues have been in touch with customers who were on the agenda for in-person events that have now moved online.

Next up is our first online conference, SaaStock Remote, which will connect 3000+ members of the global SaaS community on June 10th and 11th, focused around the three pillars adapt, survive and thrive in the years to come. We are extremely bullish about the value of online events and the value that SaaStock Remote will bring to our community.

We hope you understand and support this decision and whilst we will miss meeting the SaaStock family in person this year, we will meet again, just online for now.

Alex Theuma

CEO, SaaStock

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