For the last five years we’ve made it our mission to help the SaaS community gain traction, grow, and scale. In the last few weeks we’ve been closer to our community than ever, and one thing is clear: the need to keep learning, innovating, and building businesses is stronger than ever.

We know it can be tough to keep motivated on your own, so we’re here to help! As you can’t come to us, we’re bringing SaaStock to you. 

You’ll join the industry’s leading luminaries and the rising stars of SaaS to share stories and strategies in an online environment. SaaStock Remote is taking place across two days (June 10-11), and across multiple time zones, to make it accessible to as many members of our global community as possible.

Alongside learning from visionary speakers, you’ll take part in collaborative problem-solving sessions, and uncover the tactics you need to build and scale your company through actionable content that’s laser-focussed on your growth stage.

Now’s the time to bring the SaaStock experience to wherever you are and connect with the global SaaS community. No borders, no barriers, just bandwidth.

Meet our speakers

We’re putting together a line-up of game-changing SaaS speakers – here’s just a handful of the speakers we’ve already got confirmed:

  • Tomasz Tunguz, CEO, Redpoint Ventures
  • Christoph Janz, Managing Partner, Point Nine Capital
  • Tricia Gellman, CMO, Drift
  • David Skok, General Partner, Matrix Partners
  • Elizabeth Yin, Co-founder and General Partner, Hustle Fund
  • Mark Roberge, Managing Director, Stage 2 Capital
  • Jaleh Rezaei, CEO & Co-founder, Mutiny
  • Bill Macaitis, Advisor and Board Member, Macaitis Advisory
  • SC Moatti, Managing Partner, Mighty Capital

What’s in store?

We know how valuable it is to learn from the best and brightest speakers in the industry. But we also know that one of the most valuable parts of the SaaStock experience is providing the opportunity to meet, network with, and learn from other founders going through similar experiences to you.

Which is why SaaStock Remote will include:

  • Dedicated networking opportunities
  • Interactive workshops, roundtables, panels & more!
  • Virtual 1:1 coffee dates with your personal SaaS heros 
  • Follow-up office hours, giving you the opportunity to ask questions to some of our top main stage speakers
  • Actionable content to inspire and un-stick you when you’re working on your business (more on that below 👇)
  • A virtual exhibition hall, giving you a direct line to some of the most sought-after SaaS brands and products

And much more. 

The actionable content you need right now

We’ve worked closely with the leaders across the industry to identify the key trends, obstacles, and innovations in the SaaS ecosystem right now. These conversations have helped us create an agenda that will inspire, educate, and challenge you in equal measure.

At SaaStock Remote we’re bringing a combination of the SaaStock content you know and love, plus an exploration of how the current global situation is transforming our industry, and how the SaaS community can learn, respond and thrive.

We’ve broken down our agenda into specific themes that align with the key trends. These themes will help you navigate the content sessions with ease and clarity:

The Evolution of work

The workplace has changed dramatically in this new normal – and will continue to do so. The question is: how can your business prepare for a remote future?

Future proofing

The future feels uncertain and out of focus, but one thing is clear: it’s time to harness the power of connectivity to bring us closer together. We ask the critical questions that matter to the future of the SaaS industry.

Customer centricity

Ensuring your customer feels heard and valued is one of the cornerstones of commercial success. We decode the tried-and-tested customer success models that SaaS businesses can leverage, to place the customer front and center.

Pricing & positioning

We’ll explore strategies to tap into the right markets with the right price point to reach and retain your ideal customers.

Measure what matters

We’ll examine how to accurately predict and measure your recurring revenue, and the levers you need to do something to to drive incremental revenue, grow your revenue. 

Product levers

Growing a product that ‘sells itself’ means lower customer acquisition costs, a lower touch sales model, and a product team that’s more aligned with your customers’ voice. We’ll look at how to build product differentiators to help you establish and maintain a competitive edge.

Sales models

How do you create the sales model that works for your team, customers and market? SaaStock will unpick methods to build better sales experiences and benchmark the business cases for inbound and outbound sales.

Brand & marketing

How can you align the leadership team around the needs of your customers, and bring product and sales together to ensure your go-to-market strategy is successful? We’ll provide some first-hand insights from expert marketers to help you shape your teams, targets and timelines.

Crafting the company

We examine strategies for managing growth: how to structure the business; how to make critical hires; and the difficult task of letting go of people who no longer serve you.

Going global

Different cultures embrace innovation, SaaS operations, and product distribution differently. We’ll dive into how to navigate these differences, in order to win in an overcrowded and competitive industry. 

Funding & investment

From how to raise and who to raise from, we explore the strategies available to your business; breaking down the types of capital you can receive, and interrogating the makeup of your board.

Will You Join Us?

SaaStock Remote brings the SaaStock experience to wherever you are, to connect with the global SaaS community. We live and breathe SaaS, and make it our business to ensure that every part of the SaaStock experience adds value to our attendees. 

Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of it! If you’re excited to join us from the comfort of your sofa/desk/kitchen table, you can find out more or book your tickets here