You can start a SaaS company anywhere in the world. You can grow and scale it even from your bedroom. Which is great but it creates a slight problem — the ecosystem is very fragmented. This has been very much the case in Europe. Building a community and bringing the pieces together was one of our main goals for starting SaaStock. After the first year, it was clear one event was not enough.

Why tour, we are not a rock band?

A roadshow hitting a city near you could fill the void and the blank spaces. We would get boots on the ground and rack up some air miles on the way. So following the main conference, we went on a tour around seven European cities. This way we could further bring the community together and give everyone an equal chance to learn in person from SaaS leaders and bond with fellow founders and operators. As we have found, even within the same city, SaaS founders and executives rarely know each other.

Over 600 people joined us, learned together, and shared great evenings in the seven cities. For a few hours, the grind was left to the side. We showcased what we are trying to create the atmosphere at the global conference in Dublin.

As we welcomed people coming from as far away as Brazil, Singapore and South Africa at SaaStock17, we realised the fragmentation is a problem that exists across the world. The need for belonging is universally human and transpires borders. The special atmosphere we manage to create with our attention to detail and humans in mind was the antidote to fragmentation. All attendees wanted more of that, not just fellow Europeans.

We had to go bigger.

The 2018 tour

This year, we are making SaaStock on Tour truly global. We are hitting 12 cities on 4 continents, starting off in London on March 21st. Throughout the year we will have five European stops — Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Helsinki and Warsaw. The dizzying round the world part of the journey will have stops at Tel Aviv, New York, Singapore, Cape Town, Sydney and Sao Paulo. Along the way, we plan to bring together a total of 3000 founders, executives, corporates and investors for full 1-day events at each location.

Each tour stop will host multiple keynotes, panels and fireside chats. Each session will be interactive and will help you learn new things about how to grow your SaaS business. After each one, you will have the opportunity to ask those that are ahead of you on the journey all the questions that have wrecked your head. International speakers and local heroes alike will talk about building better companies and scaling revenue.

Each stop will provide an opportunity to network and interact with experienced and exciting founders and executives. And all that will be topped with lots of fun and banter.

A number of partners will be exhibiting in designated Software City areas. They will be there to connect and engage with each local ecosystem.

For each occasion, we will create an equally intimate setting, optimised in a way so you can learn and network with SaaS leaders. It is what we have done successfully at two global conferences and, seven tour stops already.

Together, we all rock

The scale is bigger, but the purpose remains the same — bring the experience of togetherness to a city near you. You don’t have to go through this excruciatingly difficult ordeal alone. We surround you with great minds and kind souls, to learn together, inspire each other, and bond with one another.

We are delighted, thrilled, and more than a little scared to have such a big hairy audacious goal for our Tour. We have raised eyebrows before. Our goals have caused us many sleepless nights, trust us. But that is the only way we know to be. It’s scary. Screaming at the top of our lungs makes it a little less so. Visiting you in your own playground, hearing your stories and helping you write its next chapter justifies the fear.

We may not be a rock band, but we can rock SaaS together.


If you are a B2B SaaS Founder, Exec or Investor in one of the Tour cities, then come and meet us. Come and meet your peers. Meet with and listen to the great speakers we’ve lined up.

Is there a city we should visit? Let us know.