By all accounts, SaaStock 19 was our best SaaStock yet. We were delighted to welcome superstar speakers like Dan Martell, Patrick Campbell and Nathan Latka to the stage, along with 200+ other speakers sharing their knowledge, insights and learnings with the SaaS community.

We know this is a tough time for a lot of you, and we wanted to do our best to help. After all, SaaStock is all about building and helping our community.

That’s why we’ve pulled together all the amazing sessions from SaaStock 19, ready to watch right now.

That’s 99 videos packed with provocative opinions, hard metrics, implementable strategies, and actionable content. This is your chance to learn from some of the best-known leaders in SaaS, covering the biggest challenges and sharing the insights you need to help your SaaS company grow.

Our mission is to help SaaS companies to gain traction, grow, and scale. We hope that these videos inspire you to keep building your SaaS business – even in the current challenging climate.

We’ve got dozens of sessions from amazing leaders like:

Dan MartellNathan LatkaSydney SloanSteli EftiMaddy CrossPatrick Campbell

And if you’re thinking about a particular business area, here are a few recommendations across seven different areas:


Building a Brand to Generate Demand – Alison Murdock

Bulls and bears: Category creation – Mark Organ, Elias Torres, Alon Waks, Dan Steinman


The biggest sales mistakes you make as an early stage startup – Patricia Duchene

Customer Success

Using customer success for growth – Ravinder Dhaliwal

Crafting a metrics-driven customer success engine – Alexandre Prot


A Playbook for International Expansion – Dave Grow

US market entry demystified – Alex Kayyal & Poppy Gustafsson


Reverse freemium scaling product from enterprise to pro to free – Alex Kayyal & Michael Litt

Company culture

Creating an actionable and authentic company culture – Andrea Long

How to align a growing team when you gain traction – Jan Marius Marquadt


The 7 deadly lies founders tell themselves and others – Steli Efti

Death is inevitable: Building a business that outlives you – Patrick Campbell

But that’s just a handful of the amazing sessions we’ve lined up for you. So grab some snacks, a notepad and pen, and jump right in!