This is a bonus episode on The SaaS Revolution Show, in light of the crisis ongoing in Ukraine.

Yesterday, SaaStock’s Alex Theuma was joined by Max Pecherskyi, CEO & Co-founder and Val Grabko, COO & Co-founder of PromoRepublic, who together discussed the unjust attacks on Ukraine by Russia. Max and Val proposed ways in which SaaS companies and the community can coordinate and support Ukraine, together.

Max and Val are both Ukrainian SaaS founders, with Val based in Ukraine. They share the their views on the “full-blown military operations” taking place in Ukraine, and share how we can help make a change.

Ukraine is smaller than Russia but the world is bigger than Russia.

Here is what you can do and how you can help the people of Ukraine:

  1. Concentrate on one specific way you can help.

It’s easy to do a little bit of everything: send some emails, donate etc. However, what you should focus on is one thing and follow it through, i.e. Max gives an example of how he has been trying to reach out to supporters of the war within Russia, through alternative channels, and convince one or two of them how they are oblivious to the propaganda within Russia.

2. Email outreach.

Answer every email you receive by spreading awareness about the situation in Ukraine with a call to action on how the community can help.

3. Investors & VCs.

VCs should think about how they can support their portfolio companies and how they can invest now in SaaS companies in Ukraine right now, help the business sector, which in turn helps the people of and families within Ukraine.

Existing investors can provide accommodation for the families of these businesses, and support evacuation of your teams’ family members who are within Ukraine. That shouldn’t be viewed as a donation, it’s an investment in the companies who are tough enough to go through this challenge.

4. Networks & resources.

Finland has created a network of organisations who are coordinating more structured aid to ensure the aid is being delivered to where it is needed most. Create and join these initiatives in your countries – even one hour of this can make a huge impact.

Listen to the full episode or watch the video below, and take action now.

SaaS Supports Ukraine.

Though business continues as usual for those of us fortunate enough, we are acutely aware of the events currently taking place in Ukraine. This month, we will be doing minimal promotion. And as a company, we will be donating 2% of every SaaStock 2022 ticket and every partnership deal signed in the month of March, to help defend and care for the people of Ukraine.

As a SaaS community, let’s band together. If you are fortunate enough to donate, please take meaningful action by donating to the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund

SaaStock stands with Ukraine.

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