SaaS customer acquisition is a complex process that requires a lot of effort and planning. In order to stay ahead of the competition, it’s important to be aware of the latest trends and changes in this area. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the top SaaS customer acquisition trends for 2023, based on expert opinions. Stay tuned for more information!


As SaaS businesses continue dialing in their content marketing and organic search strategies, marketers are looking for ways to stand out. 

Joining private influencer networks is a growing trend. Within a network, marketers promote each others content in their guest posts and engage with each other on social media. You can also explore other content channels like starting a podcast, YouTube channel or TikTok to get in front of new audiences. 

A group of likeminded marketers can go a long way together when everyone focuses on quality content and engagement.

Ajay Paghdal, Founder,


SAAS businesses will utilise affiliate and referral marketing more than ever before in 2023. Since this marketing strategy only pays for performance it is a cost-effective channel that brands will utilise more, especially with the current economic situation.

Ashley Howe, Content Strategist, Tapfiliate


As the SEO head of Dukaan, a reputable SaaS platform, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of SEO. The importance of SEO in generating exposure for your business is well known, but it is also crucial for building a successful sales funnel.

Shortening your sales cycle and optimizing conversions are possible with SEO. Create blog posts with buyer intent keywords. Value-based posts like “”Best XYZ alternatives”” and “”Best XYZ Platforms” draw in the right audience and perform much better than simple guide-like posts.

This strategy brought us clear results in the form of visibility, customer acquisition and new leads.

Piyush Shah – Head Of SEO at Dukaan


SaaS companies are forever exploring new ways of customer acquisition and retention. In 2023, new leads will come through from lead-gen classics, like landing pages and pop-up forms, but SaaS companies are exploring new ideas like webinars and quizzes that can keep users’ attention and lead them towards their ideal pricing tier or tool.

But leads are not important if the churn rate is not as low as possible. In 2023, we’ll see most SaaS companies engage their users continuously with notifications about new features and exclusive offers, discounts, and annual billing being more prominent than it was.

We’ll also come across personalized tutorials and onboarding sequences, funnel-based FAQs and human-like chatbots with a fun element. Referral marketing attempts are also top of the list, as they’re a fantastic lead-gen channel and a great retention method, so long as there are incentives for the users as well.

Virginia Zacharaki, Manager, Marketing Projects, Moosend


Acquiring and retaining customers for SaaS businesses in 2023 will all be about providing a stellar customer experience. Customers these days value their experience with a brand more than anything, which is what businesses need to focus on if they want to acquire and retain them.

For starters, instead of conventional product tours, SaaS companies can focus on building interactive product walkthroughs that are personalized based on the user’s needs and their use cases This makes products very appealing to new and existing customers.

Apart from that, asking customers about the problems they face through on-site surveys is arguably the best way of enhancing their experience with your brand.

Brands can use an online feedback tool to conduct NPS, CSAT, and CES surveys to ask customers about their overall experience with them, the improvements they want, and what changes can make them renew their subscriptions. 

This will help them fix existing product problems and simultaneously boost retention.

Anurag Pandey, SEO Specialist at Proprofs,


One of the best ways to acquire and retain customers for SaaS businesses is to do SurroundSound marketing. By implementing SurroundSound marketing to their outreach process, businesses can increase their brand visibility and brand awareness. In order to implement SurroundSound marketing to your campaigns, you can get your products included in listicles and acquire brand name mentions. It is also a great way to track customers to your website and increase the traffic of your website. 

Tufan Erdogan, Outreach Coordinator,


The best strategy for SaaS companies to acquire and retain customers is to look at your current processes, practices, and business strategies in order to optimize them. Optimized processes are inflation-resistant strategy for any business. Inflation is a fact of life, so it’s more important than ever to put in place efficient processes that minimize profit loss and cost-cutting solutions like cutting employee headcount or cutting off essential tech that helps your business thrive. Businesses use labor cost calculation to line it with other business metrics.

Tech platforms have the ability to significantly increase the profitability of any business by optimizing the labor required to sell, produce, and charge for the business’ products and services. Automation reduces the labor equity requirement, which helps organizations keep expense growth lower and simultaneously allows the business to focus on high value tasks, including growth promoting and brand awareness in order to capture more market share. 

Samantha Avneri, Marketing Director,


SaaS business will look at innovative ways to get new customers in addition to relying on traditional digital marketing approaches. Businesses will continue to optimize the marketing channels spend to accelerate the customer growth. They will focus on channels that bring more quality leads with lower CAC.

In 2023, SaaS companies can retain their existing customers by providing proactive services and personalized support. SaaS companies will continue to invest in their customer success teams and tools to help their existing customer derive more value out of the product and help their customer succeed in their role.

Saravana Kumar. Founder, Document360


The cost of ads and driving inbound traffic has sky rocketed and it is out of reach of most companies that are not funded or heavily profitable. This leaves outbound as the most viable option for SaaS companies trying to break into a market. 

Retaining customers will require a customer success mind set throughout the company: everyone from marketing, sales, engineering to customer success teams have to think how they are solving the customers problem at every level. With the amount of competition, customer success mindset will trump other means to retain customers. 

Suprej Venkat, Director of Churn360


I honestly feel that with the help of technology and evolution happening around the world saas business can acquire more buy targeting the right audience by using the right platform 

Deepyanti Advani, SEO Specialist, Engati

Leveraging a holistic inbound marketing strategy is the best way to acquire SaaS customers in 2023. Whether you’re doing SEO, YouTube or LinkedIn, the more great content you create, the more traffic you will get to your SaaS. It’s best to start with one strategy and double down to gain as much traction as possible.
Nathan Gotch, St. Louis SEO Consultant, Gotch SEO

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