Re-runs of your favorite TV show, lost pets, high-quality boomerangs. The best things come back, and this is certainly the case for our returning flagship SaaStock partners, all of whom played a vital role in last year’s conference. We’re delighted to be welcoming them back to Dublin this year for SaaStock19.

As our friends from ChartMogul just wrote, conferences are becoming an increasingly important part of running a SaaS business. They are a chance to meet existing and prospective customers, learn about new trends and topics in the industry, and — above all — get inspired.

They are also a place to see some of the best SaaS companies out there on display. Below, we walk you through the modus operandi of the key players that include SaaStock as part of their growth plans. You’ll see some common themes emerging – assistance for subscription-based business, ambitious venture firms, some true giants of the SaaS industry and a strong focus on data-driven product insights. Largely though, what’s remarkable is the sheer range of expertise, experience, and ambition that this line up represents. We’re incredibly proud to be able to call them our Partners, and delighted to be welcoming them back to SaaStock19 for another year of collaboration. We still have a few slots available so have a look at our Partner prospectus or get in touch by emailing [email protected]


A real poster child of SaaS success, Zendesk is a name that needs little introduction. Now entering their twelfth year of operation, countless organizations including the likes of Uber, Shopify, and Slack rely on their software and platform to improve customer engagement and better understand the people that they serve. Founded in a small Copenhagen loft, Zendesk soon took their place amongst the big hitters of Silicon Valley, and today are headquartered out of the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, where they’re involved in several ongoing philanthropic initiatives. Their products focus on ease of use, giving their users flexibility, and the opportunity to move quickly, focusing on innovation. They also help us make SaaStock and the SaaS industry as a whole more diverse and inclusive through the TakingStock Programme.


One for all the subscription service and recurring revenue models out there, ProfitWell offer subscription metrics, aggregating financial, usage, and attribution data to provide clarity and insight, in one helpful bundle. Their platform itself is completely free; once you’ve used the software to identify opportunities or issues, ProfitWell offer paid services and products to help optimize your monetization and retention. It’s a smart proposition and one which more than 8,000 subscription companies are already availing themselves of.


With an impeccable pedigree and a history reaching all the way back to the decade of disco, Gartner are a leading research and advisory company serving every conceivable market and industry. Their insights, advice, and tools are delivered across three main lines of business; research and advisory, consulting services and conferences. A trusted and well-used resource for more than 15,600 organizations in over one hundred countries, Gartner regularly publish fantastic tech and digital sector research, so are well worth adding your bookmark bar if they haven’t already taken a seat there.


Software selection and investment can be a drawn out and worrying process. Based out of Chicago, G2 are here to help businesses lose a little less sleep over the matter, by providing a platform for users to share business software reviews in real-time. Leveraging more than 425,000 user reviews, they enable companies, investors, and analysts alike to zero in on the best software and services for their unique requirements, based on peer reviews and synthesized social data. For those looking to limit risk, and save time and money by making the right choices the first time around, the insight they offer could prove invaluable.


Another industry heavyweight, Salesforce is, of course, best known as one of the world’s leading cloud-based CRM systems. Their product portfolio has expanded rapidly since their foundation in 1999, and now includes a broad range of tools to assist with marketing, customer service, online collaboration, analytics, commerce and more. Today, with over 150,000 businesses using their services, we’re delighted to welcome them back for another year of partnership with SaaStock, where they’ll be able to share their significant insights and experience with our audience.

Silicon Valley Bank

For 35 years, this investment bank has worked with technology, life science, cleantech, venture capital, private equity, and premium wine businesses. Providing a range of banking services to companies at all stages of growth, SVB position themselves as operating “at the intersection of innovation and capital” and provide products and services to assist with starting up, gaining traction, building for scale and taking things beyond with private equity and venture capital.


Phone support can be a clunky affair. Aircall offers an advanced cloud-based phone system for modern businesses looking to “bring value to voice.” Their call center software provides a feature-rich solution, with a huge range of integrations (including our friends Salesforce and Zendesk.) Set up is instant and hardware free. For companies looking to scale with minimal headache, new numbers, teams, and workflows are instantly produced. It’s great to see a company bringing the latest tech and analytics capacity to a medium that’s all too often neglected or dismissed.


Built in Dublin and grown in San Francisco, Intercom provides communications technology that connects businesses with their customers throughout the acquisition, engagement and ongoing support. Aiming to make every customer connection count, Intercom connects tools and workflows to ensure communication flows naturally and productively, familiarising customers with familiar brand touchpoints through the medium of messaging. Known for their impressive chatbot capacities, they’re well worth checking out if you’re looking to land the right leads with the minimum input.


Cyclr are here to end your SaaS integration woes. Another fantastic time-saving opportunity, this low-code developer platform allows companies to rapidly create, manage and deliver integrations directly from within their own SaaS product, making over 200 integrations to popular apps and services available to your customers. With a constantly update connector library, all updates are handled by Cyclr, and their drag and drop designer makes building and publishing new integrations child’s play. Their approach of viewing “connectivity as a service” is something that will make a lot of sense to businesses already comfortable with outsourcing time-sucking tasks such as billing and helpdesk.


Pendo are on a mission to improve the world’s software experiences; they provide a raft of cloud-based tools that enable product teams to explore and better understand user insight, guidance, and communication. As a “product cloud” everything needed to build and maintain fantastic product experience is brought together under the one comprehensive roof. Founded by alumni of Rally, Google, Cisco, and Red Hat, Pendo provides something that product managers have been wishing for years — a simple, precise way to comprehend and act on what truly drives product success.


Gainsight aims to reduce the distance that the digital age, for all its benefits, has arguably placed between businesses and customers, bringing back some of the individuality and trust of yesteryear. A customer success company, they help reduce churn and increasing upsell, whilst driving customer advocacy. This is achieved by bringing businesses’ customer-facing teams and data together into actionable dashboards and playbooks so that the right actions at the right time are easily implemented. Their product is well worth exploring by any business looking to fully orientate themselves around their customers.


Based out of Philadelphia, SGEP (Susquehanna Growth Equity to their friends) invest in growth stage technology companies within the software, information services, internet, and financial technology sectors. Billed as offering “the most flexible capital for software and information services companies in the industry,” entrepreneurs, founders, and operators are better positioned to decide the timeline and future of their companies. Those looking for rapid but flexible capital would do well to explore their offering.


Another company riding to the aid of subscription-based businesses, ChartMogul is an analytics platform offering Real-time reporting on your most crucial metrics. Based out of Berlin, they offer a typically design-savvy dashboard and slick UI that makes tracking and analysis in one central location a joy – “no spreadsheet expertise or programming languages required.” Data import is simple with multiple turnkey integrations available, as well as a CSV upload tool and Import API. Native integrations include Stripe, Paypal and Shopify, with Billforward and ChargeOver represented in the third parties.


It’s not often a cloud-based company can claim to have been founded in the actual clouds, but that’s exactly the case for Leaseweb. While still working as professional pilots, their founders took the initiative twenty years ago, appreciating, perhaps more than most, the importance of reliable global connections. Today, Leaseweb offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions to a wide range of industries, including SaaS and ISVs. Known for their impressive network uptime of 99.999%, their success rests on the three key company pillars of empowerment, connection, and reliability.


Looker aim to bring clarity to data for your whole business; a big picture that everyone can clearly see and respond to. Driven by a sense of exploration and curiosity, and the desire to see this optimized within their client base, unlocking the full potential, their offering centers around the idea that data is “the place where ideas originate.” Companies that currently find the state of their data somewhat bottlenecked (only accessible by analysts) or chaotic (everyone has access to some of the data, meaning no one gets a full, trustworthy picture) should find Looker’s balanced approach here of great interest. Google did and as a result, acquired them for the impressive $2.6B


London-based Paddle sets out to remove scaling pains from subscription-based SaaS businesses. Payments, subscription management, manual invoicing, sales tax, financial compliance and fraud are all consolidated to one well-designed platform, that has the ability to grow alongside the most ambitious of companies. By shifting the heavy lifting to this third party, businesses are freed to focus on what really gets them going; awesome products that their customers love using.

FE International

Established for close to a decade, FE International provides merger and acquisition advisory services for mid-market SaaS, e-commerce and content businesses. With a well-deserved reputation for their top class brokering skills, they leverage an extensive network of pre-qualified online investors to ensure that 94.1% of the sites that they list to sell. There’s a strong internal focus on the client experience, with a preference for long-term, profitable relationships that see everyone involved mutually benefitting. If you’re looking to sell or buy a site, seek them out at SaaStock.


Created by salespeople, for salespeople, Salesloft promises an engagement platform that will forge true engagement, stronger relationships, and impressive revenue growth. With a recent independent impact study showing an average of 329% return on investment and a doubling top-of-funnel sales prospecting activity. Recognized as the #1 place work in Atlanta for two years running, Salesloft were also the seventh Fastest-Growing Technology Company in North America by Deloitte.


OpenView is a venture firm ready to hold the hands of companies entering the nerve-wracking, but crucial, expansion stage. Acting as something of a matchmaking service, they leverage their extensive network of experienced industry veterans to act as guides through the thorny processes of hiring, scaling, pricing and more. There’s an attitude of all-levels assistance that still keeps founders in the driving seat, and with a healthy acquisition portfolio, the model certainly appears to be working.

Fáilte Ireland

Fáilte Ireland is the National Tourism Development Authority. Their role is to act as ambassadors to the tourism industry, promoting Ireland as a high-quality tourism destination to international audiences, bringing more visitors to the famously hospitable emerald isle. As part of the work they do, a range of practical business support is provided, with the intention of helping tourism businesses better manage and market their products and services. As SaaStock returns to Dubin, we’re sure they’ll be helping all our visitors get the maximum out of their trip to this wonderfully welcoming country.


Receptive are here to remove the guesswork from growing your SaaS business. A combination of customer demand data, automation, communication and smart segmentation are deployed to provide intelligence to software companies, enabling insight-driven product decisions. Recently acquired by fellow SaaStock partners Pendo, Receptive is currently being integrated into their Product Cloud – watch this space!


Another name that needs little introduction, PwC are a giant of the accounting world, providing a broad range of tax, HR, transactions, performance improvement, and crisis management services. Essentially omnipresent in terms of the industries that they serve, their client base ranges from aerospace and defense through to healthcare and hospitality. In FY18, PwC firms provided services to 429 of the Global Fortune 500 companies, and more than 100,000 entrepreneurial and private businesses.


With a huge rise in subscription-based businesses in recent years, Chargebee aims to help deliver the best billing experiences to customers across all recurring revenue models. Specialising in SaaS, Subscription eCommerce and Membership Services of various sizes, across the globe, Chargebee stands out with its offer of custom fields, domain support, mobile compatible check outs and API extended flexibility. Simplicity and efficiency is the name of their game, with no developer dependency 99% of the time, and end-to-end subscription management capabilities which have the power to untangle “spaghetti billing” from companies of all shapes and sizes.

IDA Ireland

IDA Ireland are an inward investment promotion agency, responsible for the attraction and development of foreign investments in Ireland. With the country’s committed stance on Europe, and their status as the only English speaking country in the Eurozone, we’re sure their phones have been ringing off the hook in recent times. 2019 marks their 70th anniversary, with foreign direct investment forming a keystone of Irish economic policy since their foundation in 1949. If your organization is on the lookout for a new European base, you could do a lot worse than booking in an (Irish) coffee with IDA Ireland.

Notion Capital

Notion is an entrepreneur-led venture capital firm focused on high potential businesses in the Cloud Computing and SaaS markets. Typically investing in European enterprise tech start-ups, growing fast with $1m+ in revenue, they look for founders and entrepreneurs with the same burning ambition to build at a fast-paced and global scale. They currently have an estimated €350m under management, across 55 investments.

Salesforce Ventures

As the name somewhat suggests, Salesforce’s strategic venture division. This investment group, which turns 10 this year, is laser-focused on creating the world’s largest ecosystem of enterprise cloud companies, and with 300 technology startups under their wing since 2019, we’d say they were well on their way. As you might expect, their portfolio companies have access to an enviable line up of innovators, veterans, and executives, not to mention the incredible amount of in-house cloud computing expertise.

The European Commission

Responsible for proposing legislation and implementing decisions within the European Union, the Commission counts growth, investment and the digital single market amongst its chief priorities. This includes crafting rules that match the pace of technological innovation, and an action plan around the future of FinTech. They’re also promoting the Investment Plan for Europe (the so-called Juncker Plan) which has three objectives: to remove obstacles to investment; to provide visibility and technical assistance to investment projects; and to make smarter use of financial resources.

If you’ve perused our list and can see your own company sitting well alongside these illustrious ranks, we’d love to hear from you. We offer a broad range of partnership opportunities to ensure a perfect fit between your brand and the outcomes you’re seeking from participation – and we hope that this list of satisfied, returning Partners is a testament to our capacity to get this right! Whether you’re seeking new leads, facetime with your current client base, or the chance to make product announcements, we have scalable options that can be perfectly tailored to your needs. With our flagship event, SaaStock19, coming to Dubin this October, now’s the perfect time to start defining your participation. Have a look at our Partner prospectus or get in touch by emailing [email protected]