From the SaaStock 2022 Scale Stage: Des Traynor, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Intercom, discusses reacceleration: how SaaS companies can find and build new engines of growth for the years ahead.

Building everything for someone is, generally speaking, better than something for everyone. The only caveat is, if you have something for everyone, you’ll be able to get into any business out there but you’ll probably struggle to stick. If you build everything for someone, you’ll have a very specific market so most of the people you have nothing for but for the people you have built for, you will stick like glue. 

After a turbulent couple of quarters, startups realise that sitting on their hands and waiting for another bull market to make everything right again is not a strategy. Instead, they must control their destiny, find new revenue growth engines, and ultimately push their business forward. This talk is based on conversations with dozens of startups of all shapes and sizes and is all about how to find the areas within your business where the massive opportunities lie, and how to exploit them.

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