Can software make work feel less like work? with Rahul Vohra, Superhuman1 min read


Rahul Vohra, founder and CEO of Superhuman, is this week’s guest on The SaaS Revolution Show. At the time of recording, Superhuman had over 250,000 people on its wait list. The secret of their success?

Game design.

Rahul talks about how most of us treat emails as ‘work’, but at Superhuman they asked one important question: how can we make software feel less like work and more like play?

Listen to learn:

  • How Superhuman use game design in all areas of their product design
  • The differences between game design and gamification
  • Rahul’s advice for SaaS startups looking to use game design theories when building their products
  • The importance of goals and emotions in game design – and how both drive product usage.

Want to learn more about game design? Rahul also recommended the following:

📖The Art of Game Design – Jesse Schell

💡The Junto Emotion Wheel

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