In this episode of the SaaS Revolution Show our host Alex Theuma is joined by Todd Olson, founder & CEO of Pendo, who shares his lessons in building Pendo well past $100M ARR.


“I would say we’re more aggressive than the average company. First off, there’s rules. We are not a custom software shop, I do not build things for one customer. However, if there’s something on our roadmap anyway and it’s, I don’t know, let’s say, 12 months from now, and this prospect needs it now or sooner, I am willing to rearrange things. As I tell my prod teams “don’t get married to your roadmap”, married means you have emotional attachment to it and that you can’t move things around, because what better proxy for prioritisation than speaking with the customer and them saying “I will buy now if you have it now”.


Todd shares:

  • Pendo’s founding story
  • The greatest signal of prioritisation a business can have
  • His philosophy of ‘hiring for pain’
  • The impact active coaching had on his team
  • Their two year journey from $1M-$10M ARR: tripling growth rates and a high percentage of inbound demand
  • The three strategic anchors Pendo uses to make decisions, incl. being ‘bold by choice’
  • How they’ve dealt with company growth often outpacing human and professional growth

and more!


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