Patrick Arippol: The global fundraising landscape is changing: Communicate the metrics that matter1 min read

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Patrick Arippol (Founding Partner, Alexia Ventures) leads an informative conversation with Thomas Preuss (Partner, DTCP), Michiel Kotting (General Partner, Northzone) and Pascale Diaine (Principal, Storm Ventures). This talk was recorded at SaaStock Remote.

Watch now or listen to the audio-only version below:

As more and more investors look into SaaS than ever before, especially in light of the current crisis, what are the steps you need to go through in order to prepare for your next fundraising round? What are the benchmarks to measure whether you’re being offered a fair price, and what is a ‘fair’ price in today’s uncertain environment? How do you evaluate this to determine the validity of an offer? Should you hold in and cash out, or should you continue to retain control of your company and grow your businesses through alternative capital?

If you’re an early stage startup looking to secure your series A from the growing number of local investors eyeing SaaS, how do you secure an initial or another round of investment?

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