Despite signs that things are on the up for SaaS, it’s still an unpredictable market for companies to operate in. 

Buying habits are changing, access to capital remains a challenge, there’s more competition, and AI continues to disrupt almost every SaaS vertical. 

With this in mind, we’ve been busy making sure SaaStock USA is set to help founders, executives, and investors navigate this “new normal”. 

Below are three key challenges for SaaS in 2024 and the content and networking opportunities at SaaStock USA that will arm you with the knowledge and connections you need to overcome them.

Let’s get into it.

1. Balancing growth and capital efficiency

Investors still expect high growth from SaaS companies – but you can’t do it at all costs anymore. And so, with capital efficiency top of mind, SaaS leaders are forced to look at more sustainable growth strategies. 

Growth strategies that will set your SaaS on the path to profitability. 

This includes:

  • Using retention and upsell strategies to grow with your existing customers.
  • Reviewing spend and margins to maximize your bottom line. 
  • Understanding how to navigate different stages of growth.

SaaStock USA sessions to help you grow more efficiently: 

  • 5 key moments to drive revenue growth and customer retention 

Xero’s Ashley Grech will discuss how to identify the key moments that really matter for revenue and retention. Sitting across your sales cycle and customer lifecycle, these moments include: first impressions, conversion, establishment, growth (cross-sell and upsell), and when something goes wrong. 

Speaker: Ashley Grech, CRO, Xero

  • You’ve reached PMF, now scale: Insights from a $5M – $100M ARR journey 

Jason Cohen has built four different tech startups to more than $1M ARR. Using insights from his career to date, he’ll discuss how SaaS companies should be navigating the scale phase, unveiling how to keep hitting the next milestone and building on your current success.

Speaker: Jason Cohen, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, WP Engine

  • Are you really optimizing your operating margins? Strategies to enhance your bottom line 

While the adage of “do more, with less” still rings true, what dials should you be turning to improve your operating margins and boost your bottom line? Ben Murray is joined by Philip Watson to share where your attention should be to optimize your margins.

Speakers: Ben Murray, Founder, The SaaS CFO and Philip Watson, CFO, Paddle

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2. Funding and fundraising options

After a slow 2023, there are signs capital is returning to the market: 

The difference now though is the expectations VCs have on the SaaS companies looking to raise and what founders need to prove to secure investment. While access to capital remains a challenge for growth-stage companies, there’s also a move towards VC funding alternatives, like M&A.

SaaStock USA sessions to help you secure your next investment:

  • A comedy of ARRs: How to approach fundraising in the profitability over growth era

Drawing from his experience in technology investing – and in comedy – Brandon Gleklen reveals how today’s founders can deliver a pitch that stands out, through defining how your team problem-solves, demonstrating an ability to iterate, and showcasing a unique perspective.

Speaker: Brandon Gleklen, Principal,  Battery Ventures

  • Lessons from over $50B in exits – what makes a business worth more? 

FE International’s Thomas Smale offers behind-the-scenes insights into which business models lead to the biggest exit prices, the business types that are most popular with buyers, and how you can build a high-value business poised for a smooth exit.

Speaker: Thomas Smale, CEO, FE International

  • Inside a multimillion acquisition: How Beamer and Userflow joined hands 

A connection made at SaaStock USA 2023, between Satya Ganni and Esben Friis-Jensen, resulted in a deal that saw them join forces to solidify their position as a leading provider in the no-code product engagement market. With bullish sentiment for this space and market growth forecasted to reach $29B by 2030 [Gartner], they’ll share the in and  and outs of the acquisition and why the best is still to come.

Speakers:  Satya Ganni (CEO of Beamer & Userflow) and Esben Friis-Jensen (Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, Userflow)

Connecting founders and investors 

A huge part of securing funding is finding the right investors for you, and your stage of business. At SaaStock we facilitate networking between founders and investors and provide space for new opportunities to be found. 

Pre-Seed through Series C Founders can meet investors through our dedicated networking area or book meetings ahead of time through our event app. Early stage startups can also join our Startup Program and get their company in front of investors in our pitch competition.

Find out more about investor networking at SaaStock USA.

2. Staying ahead of competition

There are at least 30,000 SaaS companies globally. A number that’s growing and likely already much greater when you factor in AI SaaS startups. 

Competition is more fierce, companies HQ’d in different continents can sell locally to you, and AI is leading the way for product innovation.

Understanding where you fit in the market, how you differentiate yourself against the competition, and also how to develop your product to stay ahead of the pack is more crucial than ever.

SaaStock USA sessions to help you rise to the top

  • How to Build a Game-Changing Sales Pitch

Author of the best-selling book, “Obviously Awesome,” April Dunford delves into the art of positioning and the future sales classic, “Sales Pitch”. In this session, she’ll be sharing her sales pitch secrets to help you craft a sales narrative that highlights your product’s competitive strengths and wins more deals.

Speaker: April Dunford, Founder and CEO, Ambient Strategy

  • 3 hidden AI levers that your competitors aren’t pulling and why you should

Generative AI was the generational meteorite that took 2023 by storm. But are we really pulling all the efficiency levers that AI has to offer in 2024? Investor-turned-founder, Michelle Valentine, will share her superb insights on the deeper (and less-obvious) ways that AI agents can transform the way you run your company.

Speaker: Michelle Valentine, Co-founder & CEO, Anrok

Building relationships and spotlighting SaaS disruptors

SaaStock USA is here to facilitate connections between you and your peers, prospects, and customers – and give you the chance to showcase your SaaS as a leader in the space.

We do this through content sessions, workshops, and roundtables, dedicated time and space for networking, and initiatives designed to showcase standout companies. Some examples include:

  • SaaS.City: A series of topic-specific bootcamps for SaaS CEOs, sales, revenue, and marketing leaders. A real opportunity for practical learning and sharing experiences with your peers. 
  • The SaaS Revolutionaries: Awards celebrating game-changing companies across six categories including fastest growing and best AI startup.
  • The global pitch competition: A chance for early-stage startups  to showcase their product in front of investors and conference attendees (and be in with a chance of winning a $200M dollar investment).

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