We learned a lot about online conferences in 2020. As we pivoted from our traditional in-person conferences, we started with what we knew, and tried to recreate many aspects of our physical conference as an online version. A year down the line, we’ve changed our approach. 

Networking is still one of the most important parts of going to a conference. There’s no better way to meet new people, make new connections, and build your network. For founders wanting to find funding, conferences like SaaStock are the places to find investors. But how you do that at an online conference is very different to how you’d do that at an in-person conference. Although we love the buzz of seeing you in person, being online actually gives you more opportunities: to grow your network, streamline your experience, and get exactly what you need in order to grow. Here’s everything you need to know about networking at SaaStock Remote. 

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1) Dedicated Networking Days

For the first time ever, we’ve created dedicated times solely for networking. No distractions, just meetings. On 3-4 March, from 2PM-6PM GMT, you’ll be able to fill your calendar with meetings: whether you’re looking for a new hire, or the right investor to help you raise capital, everyone will be in the same place (online), at the same time.

2) Pre-book meetings

In addition to Hopin’s inbuilt features, we’re using a smart networking tool. Before the conference,  you’ll be able to pre-book meetings with the people you most want to meet at SaaStock Remote. Here’s a top tip: with this tool, you’ll be able to filter based on who you’re looking to meet. Looking for Investors? Simply filter for ‘Investor’ or ‘VC’ personas. Looking for fellow marketers? Filter by industry. The community’s at your fingertips. 

3) Get chatting (video or message)

During the conference, you can interact with other attendees with the global instant chat. Share your thoughts and ideas, ask questions to the speakers, and stand out from the crowd. You can also request video calls if you’d prefer to speak ‘face-to-face’.  

4) Direct messaging

Prefer to message people before you chat? We know that video meetings may not be everyone’s first choice. On Hopin, you’ll be able to browse the list of attendees, find the people you want to know, and send them a message to introduce yourself, 1-on-1.

5) Dedicated networking area

Even though we have dedicated networking days, you’ll still be able to network during the content session days (24-25 February). If you have a few moments in between a keynote or a panel, pop over to the networking area to meet new people. Use the networking area as you please: you can find out how your fellow founders feel about securing access to capital in a hybrid world, or deep-dive into which virtual sales techniques are performing best for your peers. All you need to do is make the time to be there, we’ll organise the rest. 

6) Deep-dive workshops

On 23 February, you’ll be able to join your peers in a structured learning environment. Head over to our deep-dive workshops to take part in in-depth discussions, and leave equipped with practical frameworks, methodologies, and solutions to tackle any obstacle.

What are you waiting for?

SaaStock Remote will kick off with Workshops and Content Sessions on 23-25 February. The dedicated Networking Days for SaaStock Remote will run 3-4 March 2021. Tickets are selling out quickly, so get yours soon!