In this episode of the SaaS Revolution Show our host Alex Theuma is joined by Jonny White, founder & CEO at Ticket Tailor, who shares their story of moving from a lifestyle business to a growth business.

Who are you afraid of failing in front of? Confidence has definitely held me back over the years, and this question really put it into perspective of, well, why I’m afraid of failing. And it’s usually to do with someone else’s perspective. And when you ask that question, you can really break it down and think, actually, do you know what? I’m not afraid of failing in front of anyone.

Jonny shares:

  • Why he chose to bootstrap Ticket Tailor
  • The anti-climatic reality of getting acquired (and why he bought Ticket Tailor back!)
  • How they got from $2K MRR to over $5M in revenue
  • Why they moved from a lifestyle business to a growth business
  • How working with a coach helped propel the business
  • The importance of keeping a lean mindset and strategically building out the team

and more!

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