From product / market fit to business model / market fit with Mikael Johnsson, Oxx1 min read

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Mikael Johnsson is General Partner at Oxx. Oxx backs Europe’s most promising B2B SaaS companies at the scale-up stage. In this episode of The SaaS Revolution Show he joins SaaStock’s Alex Theuma to give a detailed look at the types of companies Oxx invests in, the one common theme he sees in companies that have found product/market fit, and what the next stage of growth – business model / market fit – looks like.

Oxx is partnering with SaaStock for SaaStock EMEA, taking place on 12-15 October. Find out more about the event, or get more information about partnering with us.

Listen on to learn

  • What type of company Oxx invests in
  • The one common theme Oxx sees in companies that have found product-market fit
  • How Oxx defines “business model – market fit”, and what that looks like
  • The leading indicators Mikael looks for in a startup pitch deck
  • Advice for companies looking to achieve long-term sustainable growth

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